Safe Racism Issue

Safe Racism when you got good and bad things to SAY ABOUT A NIGGA! and you got some good and bad things to say about WHite Trash and you know something that you realy only know shit about Africans and Europeans and it would be someone that more cultured that would fuck you up like someone from new york city that have carnal knowledge of europeans , africans , latins , arabs , asians , and indians it would be a more multi cultured person that would fuck me up but get bent i don't live in NYC i live in cincinnati and this as cultured as it gets in this part of the world. here. Like in Cincinnati ALL we know about are Africans and Europeans and Africans the bad guy. Even africans in Cincinnati know africans the bad guy. Ever been to Hyde Park in cincinnati, HYDE PARK it's a place where thugs allergic to step foot. Like in NYC i just imagine i am in one of those group settings at a coffee shop where like 7 people chopping it up and then I make a STATEMENT like one of those things that supposed to be judged by the group like apex show and tell and since I'm in NYC 6 people in that group present there child hood calculus equations that were apparently prepared for just that moment like in NYC i make my apex statement about HIP HOP like i present my definition of what it is and like all i remember is hearing someone go OH HELL NO! and it like my most intelligent thing to say and like they keep me in my seat for the education process that i have to endure. Like i know i am smart enough to be educated for the rest of my life in NYC. Like there just something about me some people cry their eyes out watching The Passion of Christ. I cry my eyes out laughing. Just something about me. Like I saw saving private ryan in the theatres and i was with maria and it started with a simple joke at the screen and the next thing i new as a teenager i was in a theatre full of 4 start vets that lived and lost family members in World War two and me and my date were crying laughing cracking jokes at of all movies Saving Private Ryan like we were bleeding from the eyes laughing watching it like it was the funniest thing we ever saw. It was a good date with my best friend's girl friend. Muffucka's what am I trying to say. I'm trying to say I'm not qualified to be president alright. I'm not cultured enough. At the apex of my cultural studies i flat line at RACIST like the President needs to be the MOST CULTURED person. There. This is a commentary on how when I max out my intelligence I'm not qualified for president. The president needs to be the person that when they max out their intelligence they make sense to every man woman and child and they the most CULTURED person. I think that's what a president is. The person that can make a statement that ZERO people can fuck with. NOT an easy thing to do.


Analysis of "Western Logic" from Nicholas Lawson of Nicholas Lawson dot Com

It starts off perfect. Just simple design elegant and and in use of the CSS that encapsulates the entire ideas that are at hand there. I started off my style gentile with academia in mind. My quals for being any way I want are at the bottom. Hidden. You in this if you do not scroll to the bottom and work your way up are attacked viciously like something off of CNN or MSNBC or better yet FOX NEWS you are grabbed and stabbed with Street Knowledge and the reason that street knowledge is there is because after years of trying you get colder you think cold thoughts because the way it's set up the cold thoughts are the thoughts that get you paid. Being poor and broke and asking someone for some bread doesn't cut it THEY HAVE TO GET A TRADE YOU HAVE TO TRADE like there ain no choice but to make trades so sometimes you trade your soul. That's what this is, someone trading their soul for something they want.

The top part of this is street knowledge the bottom of this is academic knowledge. Then there the resume's and the portfolio writing. This is speaking to the difference between someone at work and someone that have work to do. There a difference here where at the bottom with my gentile I am prepared to work for someone else and bow my head and forment my posture so that I become the willing subject of massa. The top portion of the writing is where I am the massa. It's the style of me that has a backbone. See there two versions of me. There me with a back bone and there me spineless. Massa want me spineless but being a massa require me to have a spine. World full of massas and people with massas. My father has a massa. Everyone in my family has a massa cept the women in my family. The women in my family massas. I'm the first man in my family to be a massa. I put my fut down to my mother and bought four steaks. It was over four steaks I was told I could not buy at the grocery store.

This is considered version 0.0 because this is the prototype. This is what I can build for you. I only build for myself but if you ask I will build for you.

This has been a five paragraph essay.

Now it has.

The End

The Sequal Performance to "Western Logic" the TL;DR of "Western Logic" ! Mi Website Es Su Website sort of

Western Logic

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In this issue come from Standard Design Studio's Productions I want to take time as the editor of this work and point out that I think Ohio has some amazing talent and stand outs that go to show just how impressive Ohio is in the art. I would like to state that Nas has released an album that alludes to the fact that Hip Hop is dead and like all things that make their way to Cincinnati, I think after jPhunq retires I think Hip Hop will be dead in Cincinnati, too. I just think Cincinnati has some things to say about Hip Hop and as a thing to do Hip Hop is so elegant and simple to do. You need a rhyme and a hook and you need a mic and a stage and you're good. It's the bare essential of business hip hop is.

Hip Hop as I understand it started off on accident by a man named Kool Herc in New York City. He took some turn tables at a party and let people rhyme over the top of his record collection and in a place where there is nooooooooooooooothing to fucking do like the middle of a city Hip Hop took off. Let us not forget just how boring and filled with nothing noooothing noooooooooooooothing to do there is in a city.

The show is important to the city. The show is all the city has. If you want to know what there is to do in a city. The answer is go to the show. That's it. That is the sum total of what there is to do in the city. Go to the show. It's all there is. It's people performing for people who have nothing to do. There is nothing to do in the city there is nothing you can do in the city. It's not a wasteland there are too many people for that but it is always looking for something to do and the show is what there is to do.

The show is timeless. It's ancient. Now we have the internet which is still taking you to the show. No matter how you slice it the pathways of information in the city lead you to the show. You start off doing small gigs, you work your way up to doing theatres, and the people that have the love go on to do tours, and then they go on to do stadium shows of some kind or another oh and there are the festivals. The city. The place that, I mean think about it, what is the city without the show? I mean even the book store is a place where you pick up a show. Like what is a book but a show you can take with you and experience whenever you want. A book is simply a portable show.

What is the show?

The show is the most extravagant thing there is and it the apex of it. Maybe you can also play a game of pool but then you are putting on a show for your opponent. So even playing a game of pool is a show. A good bar has a lot of customers putting on a good show. It's show.

Your finance institutions downtown are putting on a show. They like to see a good show involving numbers. The butcher down town might not be putting on a show he might be doing something real but most of it a show. Just from one show to the next. Just people doing shows. Some people riding bikes. Some people taking photographs preparing for their photography show. You have shows in the City. I don't really know wht they do in the country but I know when someone that don't know much about shows comes into the city it can seem confusing.

Gain a understanding of the show and the city makes perfect sense. Like this my show. It like a talk show in a box. I have these business cards that I buy and I put on a little show for everyone that gave me cigarettes for the last 3 years in Mount Healthy and now I got something for them. I got a show for Mount Healthy. Technically 7 Billion People can see my show but 6,999.999,000 people don't know about my show so it's technically underground. I got an underground show and I ain no leech. I'm simply showing you Ohio and putting my work in context.

I included all of these artists to increase the level of entertainment value that Mount Healthy can experience. I happen to know a lot about Ohio art and performance art at that and I am sharing what i know about Ohio art in one place. Like I think a big part about being a web master is staying the fuck where you are. If you a musician technically I think the same thing true. I do think if a musician smart they set up a gig at the closest bar that they close to and they just do shows every week. I think tours are out. I did my tour. It was cool. I lost the urge to tour. Now I just do the convenient thing that take hours to do. It takes hours to prepare a site like this. Iterations, trials and errors, CSS attempts and fails, scouring the internet for the right widgets. It's just a time consuming then.

Now it's time to let people into my box. I got the 500 business cards it takes to get the ball rolling that ain't going to be enough. I need like 10,000 business cards and i can only buy them 500 business cards at a time. You might like this website. You might learn something from it. You might realize that that guy that asks you for cigarettes is not stupid he just poor and working on it.

This Mount Healthy. I'm from North College Hill. I want to buy a house in North College Hill and be able to say I traveled the world and ended up living a block from my folks place. I want to live within walking distance of my folks. I want to live within walking distance of the grocery store. I want to pass out business cards in the Mount Healthy, Colerain, Finneytown, North College Hill area and I want to be a new source of news for them. Not something your typical let's say stuffy news outlet would cover but the news in art and literature and show and theatre and that ends up online. Something someone new can do that someone old can do too that just isn't. I can do this. So this is what I am going to do.

nigger African Waldo USA

Lawsonna River. It just that easy to rename property in 2016 you take your family name you put it on something, you put the thing online and you just renamed it. It used to be the Ohio River now to readers of Nicolas Lawson Dot Com it the lawsonna river. when you know how stone cold stupid simple donald trump's business plan was.

lawsonna river

Basically to sum up my thesis in a too long didn't read style TL;DR to quote unquote quote reddit is was Bozo the Clown a Notorious Chicago Shot Caller? I rest my case.

like naw my website ain the space craft that took out the death star my website the bald eagle that fucked up an intake in a dog fight at top gun and i'm playing it off even though i breed bald eagles on the sidewalk right outside top gun like a bald eagle took down a f - 14 and i breed eagles and i take care of the only eagles in the area and i stone cold go for the MVP of the playoffs and act like i ain got shit to do with it the down fall of the police i ain got shit to do with putting all the police officers in prison and releasing the criminals and switching up our legal system to Gangster Law like if you been in prison for 20 years you can be a chief of police is all i'm saying like you get the idea like i ain put the police is prison but i showed this website to someone and since no one gave a fuck about my website i showed this one thing to someone and they just know the fuck to do with the rest of their life and it ain that i was the messiah but i showed the messiah how to build websites that's all the fuck i am saying ya'll either start acting straight or acting like you got some cents on your or something or it ain that there gonna be a holocaust it that there gonna be one and ain shit gonna happen to me

Nigga this thing pans out a certain way like it ain even that we gonna start putting less people in prison we only gonna put more like when you kill someone nigga your entire economy going to prison like everyone gonna end up representing something and entire representations can go to prison if someone in the representation fuckes up because that representative of the representative and entire economies going to prison over some shit like if you want to deal with the police you gotta break through that THAT WASN'T ME shit they live breath eat shit and die like the police need to understand that uniform they wear be fucking with people if you just regular people then wear regular da fuck clothes like everyone single police officer is a representative of the whole police organization like they all representatives of the whole and when you talk to them they act like it just individual people doing individual things like they deny the fact that they an ORGANIZATION THAT REPRESENTS ITSELF AS IT DOES IN THE COMMUNITY like they take social math and equate themselves as individuals wearing uniforms and it just don't work like that like when police officer 00000 tortures me police officer 00001 gonna hear about it and they both in it together and every single other one of them every time you talk about your history with a police officer they open and honest it wasn't them when they really don't even know for certain they just assume it wasn't them and make an ass out of me and them they need to understand that they wear a uniform and that they looked at like a military force and they in the early stages of a civil war and they act like this shit isn't going to follow them home when like in 12 years it starts to follow them home they ain good mathematicians and their revenge mathematics is non existant they go to work and fuck people over and then act like they can leave their work at the office NO NIGGA that shit gonna follow them home and they gonna lose the war. Like ain it fucked up that a police officer ain afraid to go to sleep at night ain we dealing with people too stupid to know they should be afraid to show themselves around other people every day all day like the fact that the police quote unquote brave let's me know they stupid there like i don't think this is real on some matrix shit because i don't think there some people that in the quote unquote real world that this ain't could muffuckin survive with their to quote reddit karma i don't think if this was the real world the police the bank the grocery store i don't think damn near any of this except pop music has the karma to survive well this like pop music the only honest business i ever seen and like the lot of this needs to burn in hell and it's about time someone pointed out roughly how far in karma debt this planet is this planet got love staring it in the face and it acting like ain shit going on

Ain this some shit. 5/3rd's call center just robot called me about eliminating debt and i have some debt so i was like fuck yeah i want my debt eliminated since i qualify and then the call rep asked me if i had a credit card and i was like no and he was like fuck off and hung up. i was like on a day when i am balling mightily on the internet i get a fuck off phone call from someone that apparently called me to tell me to fuck off little things like that let me know this thing is responsive and it's testy about changes being made this thing like muffucking museum and here i am trying to get my exhibit ready and prepped and ready for historic existence down the line like long after i been here like i might even have to switch from Nicholas Lawson dot Com to something else so that people feel comfortable working with me like we making A name not MY name type thing.

Like fox tails cool for playing on like a golf course you can use a soccer ball too. Like if you want to play fox tail golf you get yourself a fox tail and you get yourself a golf course and you play golf with a nice professional fox tail and like you got a soccer ball with you and like when your fox tail get on the green you put a soccer ball where the fox tail ball is and you putt with a soccer ball. you can also play putt putt with a soccer ball at putt putt courses and on golf courses you just walk from green to green and you put your soccer ball at the fringe of the green whereever you think you got a good chance and you putt from the rought with a soccer ball you can mix it up too where like you choose where your opponent starts their soccer ball off on a golf course and like they choose where you start on a golf course and like if you a dick and start them off 500 feet from the hole they gonna be a dick and start you off 1000 feet from the hole or something like that something where you can put the soccer balls anywhere you want for someone but then they get a chance to put your's anywhere or not depends on comradery of the players if you playing with a supreme ass hole picking starting points for people ain gonna be no fun but if you got a good relationship with someone it adds some spice but you CAN play golf with a fox tail just it and like you kick the fox tail around on the green and sans the soccer ball like i can think of all kinds of shit to do and i can sell people on golf courses if you never had a reason to play now you do on one maybe if for people picking each other's starting places you start off at the same time and you eyeball each other the whole time you working on picking a competive advantage but not disadvantageous place for yourself like if for soccer ball golf if two four people if everyone starts off at the same time placing soccer balls on each green location like you can check someone that heading for the sand trap and you can put them in the sand trap too or if you see someone taking your shot to the furthest point from the hole you can put theirs in the sand trap too or if someone giving you a solid shot you can give them a solid shot it really depends on how playful and honorable your players are that you have a fun game and not a fuck you session from hell be playful

Then there's the day you fucking play golf with a bowling ball for charity. The Bowling Ball Charity Event and you fucking bowl your way throught a golf course. You bowl on the green. Bowling Ball Golf and they said I wasn't a genius.

I'm like a nigga thinking about what he needs and it's always the same thing a solid down low hoe woman to share a ring with and a solid muffucking man to share a chain with like that all I need just more than anyone ever asked for in the history of man that's all i need just a man to share a chain with an do business with and a woman to share a ring with and if they fuck i'll fucking help raise the child might want that situation anyways way things are might just not want to nut 14 times in three hours to have a child might be aout how much fucking pain I go through nutting in a bitch it ain a massage nut it's an exploding nut i ain trying to have for real and the ever present fear that my kid be lame the fear that no matter how hard i try as a parent that i can't convince my child he a god like the fear that i would give birth to how do i put this employees and not kids that down to ride

Like with this one bitch I had a nut so NUTTY that I looked down to see if my dick was flayed I was like DA FUCK KIND OF NUT IS THIS? it was like the nut from hell i was like this do not happen with my right hand nigga but like maybe it because the build up so long like when i nut with my hand it take 7 minutes tops when I gettin head from a woman it takes like 25 minutes and then maybe just the build up give me the exploding nut i wouldn't recommend the exploding nut it's frighteningly painful like ask a doctor da fuck wrong with my nut painful happened to me twice the gotta ask a doc da fuck why my nut so nutty? da fuck?

Like if Shared a chain with my wrestling partner like whoever won the last wrestling match get's the chain and mofucker if i pin your ass down repeatedly like every 5th time i pin your ass ima give you a kiss on the cheek and just leave you with there nigga you fucked up now i gave you the kiss of death nigga kiss of death be fucking people up. then with my bitch that i'm sharing the ring with last person to do dishes get's to wear the ring and we just roll like that naw we ain need a ceremony we just need to live together.

Naw with my bitch to last person to pin someone down get's to wear the ring nigga i wrestle with my bitch too. We just be wrestling like we wrestle for like four hours nigga we DO NOT CUDDLE like we straight up try fuck each other's shit up and to make it special for her with my bitch like i bite the shit out your ass when we wrestling like when i'm wrestling with my bitch i will bite your flesh. Like other shit i do with my bitch is play sock wars that's where you put one sock in another sock and have a kind of weapon of some kind like a ghetto fox tail looking thing and then we just bow try and fuck each other up with a sock in a sock. like i be fucking hating motherfuckers that don't listen to me and to an extent at least play along with what i want to do nigga i worked in games research like all i do is think of cool shit to do that make money like 90% of what i'm into is platinum and white gold on youtube and television and film like every moment of my life is either a music video a television show or a cinematic experience like all i do is live out media studies and incorporate leading archetypes into my soul.

In my sock fighting career it started in London with Adam Nazarenco and we were swinging socks at each other and then I did this reverse windmill with my sock and the end up it came right up underneath his chin and i knocked him the fuck out the other highlight of my sock fighiting career with this black guy named Marcus Evans and I did a somer sault and the sock came up a certain and clocked him upside his head and he was knocked out cold for like 5 minutes and this other time i was with this bitch i met off ok cupid and we fought over whether or not we were going to have sex or not and i swung it around and clocked her upside her head and she was obliged to suck my dick and like i gotta solid history with sock fighting three sock fights and this other time with Marcus Evans I muffuckin picked three random people off the street to judge a rap battle between us and i won unanimously after two rounds we went and this other time i was at a party and won a rap battle at this nigga's home turf at his apartment i beat him in a rap battle and like long time ago i used to love playing dodge ball with little hand sized red bouncy balls and like this one time i led someone with a red gym ball at top velocity and they ran straight into it and got kncoked the fuck out i done fucked some people up in the sports where you could fuck people up i wish i owned a gym i would how community dodge ball tournaments but like real cool ones where their ain many rules the random team leaders we pick from a hat get to pick their teams and like we just out there simple like if you get hit with a little ball you out if you catch it they out and there like 20 balls and we just kicking it throwing balls at each other like if i was a gym teacher for adults and there was a community gym and it was just me coming up with games we could play in a gym and i wrote at night i would feel cool like nigga ima call north college hill school next week on monday and ask if i can be a over 18 gym instructor and explain that i wanted to go to school for gym instruction but they said i was too smart but now i could very easily admin a game of dodge ball or basketball or soft ball or any number of sports really if i was the community gym leader i would have us playing games of dodge ball and adults could come into this community center and we could play dodgeball and random people could wrestle random people now that we older who wouldn't you wrestle now that you an adult?

Photo I found of Eric Smith Looking Hot on Facebook Hottest Photo of Anyone I Have Ever Seen Just a Hot Photo Like if I was working with a production company this head shot of Eric Smith so hot I would cast him in a lead action movie like I would have him in a solid action role like some kind of detective role like he would be Dick Tracy like it's like when you casting you look for stuff like this on social media when you casting from the talent ocean nigga ALWAYS BE AUDITIONING ada the ada theme song is Audition Audition Muffkcing Audition

sort of in a marilyn manson way i think michael jackson would have been cooler as a person to me if when he held blanket out the window if he just dropped that baby the man that everyone said loved children more than anything ended up dropping his own child 40 stories down and it landed on the concrete side walk and disintegrated that's the michael jackson i know and love the one that loved children and then when he had the chance he dropped one out a window of a sky scraper that's how I WANT to remember him but i can't because he didn't drop the baby!

Growing up with my brother Adam I would be like hey let's wrestle and we would wrestle and try and pin each other and then there was the day Adam was like naw naw I don't want to wrestle with you anymore. We never wrestled again I was like wrestling the greatest thing that two people can do and I was a little sad and confused that we were not wrestling anymore. Greatest shits I ever experienced where moments when I was wreslting like when in Chicago in a hotel room on a high school field trip eric bendict and nicholas lawson muffucking wrestled for like an hour and i beat the ever loving shit out of him like i'll be honest with you as a man i would marry another man if he was going to be my wrestling partner for life if he wants to stick his dick in my ass he can get bent but I would marry a man that's my business partner it would be ideal to me we would adopt a child have girl friends on the side and in the center of it all would be our wrestling matches. that might be a hot book to write a stone cold straight man writing a love novel between two men that came to the agreement that instead of having sex they would wrestle and to curb their romantic urges they would just massage themselves in the show just two men that didn't need to do much more than massage themselves and their love story was told through their wrestling matches in their wrestling room in their house like they would invite their girl friends to come over and wrestle with them and they didn't have huge orgies with their girl friends they just had major wrestling matches and then they made out after wards with their girl friends and each other's girl friends like i'd marry a man so long as he knew i was going to have a girl friend and a woman to have a child with and i mean if I had a man to wrestle with i would marry him and we would comingle our assets into our personal business interests. i think wrestling with a man is hot i wouldn't mind marrying a male play date in theory. like if i had a girl friend a husband a slave and a gardener and a pool boy like if i collected the entire set what more could i want?

Like marilyn manson more a christian artist than DC Talk like Marilyn Manson the breakthrough Christian Aritist of the Year EVERY YEAR for real like if Marilyn Manson ain a christian artist who is? just sayin

For real white power got more to do with shit like this to me than burning crosses. Like white power like this is sort of what i am down for.

Like can do something real cool and like post your resume's and your photos and and your phone numbers and your email addresses like if you send in a photo i will post the photo for you like compared to a lot of sites you would be surprised what i can do with just an index page like i know how to work an index page now and it's surprising what can be accomplished like i can just do the dynamic scripting shit well myself instead of letting the computer do it i can just do it myself now what nigga 40% of your time was spent doing something people don't need done like you had X number of years to live and you did what you did with 40% of them so like it's how you spent your time that you ended up being the next to fail the test

Like is there the opposite a true albino like a true albino so albino it look like it made of photoshop and then does an albino have an opposite like a nigga so black you can see him but he look like he ain there like that black like can we take a photograph of them hugging naked?

As head coach of my team over the last 36 years I was sloppy. From day one October 1st 1980 I been fucking up. Like I let my moms beat me I let my dads become a surgeon illegally I let my brother get into the military I let my brother adam leave cincinnati i let my sister leave cincinnati i let my cousin become a dyke i ain start planning family reunions from day one i ain make enough phone calls I ain write enough letter I ain send enough cards I been a sloppy family head my whole LIFE like I could have overseen a billion dollar empire but i was a $5 kid i even let my other cousin mary a fucking albino da fuck am i doing why are people not listening to me anne marie comes to me and is like i'm about to parry a bline albino jesuit professor that JUST got his phd my response would be like BITCH ARE YOU CRAZY heeeeeeeell no no no no no fuck that here's OKCUPID saving people from albino's every day like that's not even an option on a dating site like ARE YOU AN ALBINO? like even the federal government doesn't recognize them as people and you know what's spooky about albino's i have no opinion of them like they fly right under my radar like they like invisible to me for real spooky that i just don't have an opinion on albino's like i don't know nearly enough and like when i see an albino i'm like hell no you AS foreign as it gets nigga get the fuck out of here i know you ain white i don't know what you are nigga cut your self what color is your blood albino's and my cousin married one and he was in a militia and tryed to take over a city one time da fuck like fucking the albino che guevera is my cousin's baby's father like is this a joke like is someone attacking my family? Like my cousin's and albino husbands lil girl ester is like the first thing i legit fell in love with like i know boys sposed to want boys but like when i'm a around a little niece or nephew in my family and they like a toddler like there a cutest a thing called a girl will ever be and it has to be when it's like young like i would give a little girl my mercedes just if she would just stand there and be a little girl toddler thing they just stand there and stare at you and the next thing you know is you're in love happened to me naw i ain know kids could do that just look at you and have you falling in love happened with me and ester my little cousin's girl my niece in law or something i don't know i just know i love her and i ain know you could fall in love that fast with a toddler girl i just really ain know i would make her wishes come true what would i do for ester since i fell in love with her i would get her a baby weasel you'd be surprised get that little thing a little pet that won't hurt her and give little ester a weasel to play with and when she older a pygmy goat not a pony a pygmy goat might get ester a pygmy goat cuz she helped me understand love more just this little thing when you sitting in a chair looking at something you ain know you was going to love but she shaped a certain way just this little thing and you over here old and ugly and been around the sun more times than she done fell down and like from time to time you fall in love and sometimes it surprising what you fall in love with that's all and like if there was a movie about albinos like ALBINO the movie that was just a movie starring like 500 albino's in it like an all albino cast and it was an action movie thriller like a group of albino's had to decide what the races of the world were going to be at the beginning of time like clearly albino's are the prototype humans like adam and eve were albino's i'm certain of it like an albino pop star would be cool or an albino rapper would be cool just sayin they cool people some of them joing militias and try to take over small cities and then become jesus professors at jesus universiities

Religion about stuff like this for real. Like this a mild religious experience but religious experiences similar to moments like there. Like a real religious experience is typically planned out in advance.

Like mark zuckerberg got a dog name beast and a watchdog named beastly he doin good with the dogs. what if that was my brand nigga like what if beastly productions was just a bunch of shit under the beastly bannner that i think facebook should be doing to make money like alright facebook got a website i gotta website now let's play whose got the most revenue streams with revenue coming in in 20 years and let's be honest it's not where it is today it's where it is a fortnight from today all day every day

My lil brother that i got along with best went to Ohio State on a full ride and everything was paid for which is cool but like if he had gone to Uc we would have been like the boondock saints of business in this city like I lost a lot of money because my brother moved to columbus like our family business shut down when we all split up to go to university. funny thing about that. you start off in a family and then your careers separate you from each other. like my younger siblings and myself could very easily have started a firm we could have been business consultants. we could have been project managers. like the four of us could have been a think tank. we would have had quite the reputation. Like my lil brother adam and me what the fuck would you do? what would you do if it was Nick and Adam ya'lld be fucked. my lil brother a beast he just missing that older brother insight on all this. like big families i don't know it's up to you but like families built to work together like they say don't work with family or friends ma nigga who you sposed to work with your enemy's like it set up to make it seem like being an employee the only way to go like the powers that be so certain of their superiority that they don't think unless let's say they get the vote or they got the money anyone else can do what they do they a little full of themselves in this aristocracy in that they prom like some people have super powers when really it just politics something innate to human biology would love to read an essay from mark zuckerberg or a white paper from facebook on let's say their future plans like if Mark Zuckerberg could just I don't know open a website and personally write some special content that explains facebook's plan's to it's users and maybe if he writes his vision for facebook out. like nigga i'm talking about I want to read Mark Zuckerberg's Manifesto he is required to write one and release it to the public it's not like he sells cheerios.

When they young enough to have a skill at something but don't realize the reason they have that skill at something is because it's the learning the skill that prepares you to kill.

I mean realistically the University should be a place where like let's say there's a school in the university you get into like not a gen ed school let's say or let's say you're just that much of a fan of a design school okay so like let's say you get into this specialized school i think they should recognize what they are working with and be like alright you're done just basically do your work and build your career in our studios from here to well the day you die. like businesses should be able to approach design schools and like entire classes should be geared towards getting their design done and like oh yeah it will be experimental none of this play it safe shit like that's what happens in design school you mofo push the limits of what you can say with colors and shapes and lines and photographs and sight you push the limits of what is seeable.

If I was a basketball coach at practice we would be practicing fouling the other team. Like you get 5 fouls. Like we be practicising fouling. We figure on the TEAM we have like 60 fouls. OUR GOAL is to use all our fouls every game. Like in a basketball game one team is trying to get the most points the other team is trying to get 60 fouls in as few seconds as possible. We foul out of every game. Naw naw. I put one man on the court and his job is to uppercut someone for the 60th foul. For real like WWF Basketball or some shit. Two games on court. Let's get ready to rumble. You don't know what my goal is. It might be to have one of the Mayor's Fingernails so that I can put it in a box. You don't know maybe that's what I call victory when you have one of the Mayor's Fingernails and now he knows someone has one of his fingernails. I'm talking VOODOO NIGGA I BE USING VOODOO on these bitches. VOOOOOOOODDDDOOOOOOOOO just sayin.

there was like a solid month where I was like dom mazzetti's biggest fan like for like a month where like every day i gorged on dom mazzetti youtube videos like i ain never cried laughing like this guy had me being for some reason. the reason might be because i just before dom mazzetti had never seen a human at full power like i just never saw that before like there was a day when i was like he's going to be a hollywood star like i just figure dom mazzetti goes on to hollywood like he's working on his character now and i think he's a blockbuster movie star i think he's a hot star and if you binge on him and watch all of his videos he's annoying as fuck but when you first get into dom mazzetti it's an act of curiosity

Keys like went in on Nikki Minaj in a serious way. Like I think keys hot. Like the Afc North doing solid like baltimore got keys and like pittsburgh got mac miller cleveland got MGK and like cincinnati got nick lachey so like the AFC north is solid lyrically just sayan

I remember the first day I felt like a big boy. It was the day I wore my first shirt to school that didn't have a cartoon on it. Like i had this speckled colorful shirt I wore to school and like it was just a shirt it wasn't like a shirt with a decal on it like a reds player or a super hero or a cartoon on it. Like there was the day I wore my first nice shirt to school. I felt like a big boy that time. First time I felt like a big boy.

Like to the best of my knowledge there like 5 9 12 19 news shows in Cincinnati and they all come on at the same time like I think they would be better off if they staggered their airings of the news everyone would get higher ratings. I think it would be cool if they each picked their own niche too. Like that's almost 24/7 local news. Like if our news programs were 24/7 local news programs I think that would be cool. same basic idea just always oovering the news and always interviewing people and just there. like if think if our news stations worked together if there four of them the each only have to cover a 6 hour a day segmnet and half of that commercials. so four news stations have to each come up with 3 hours of footage day and that's their day. seems doable.

Like a nice religious ceremony would be like in a church with pews and like people there for an open mic and there no host like it's a congregation hosted open mic like someone want's to perform they just get up and perform until they do their set and then like someone else walk up and like everyone kind of host a bit like if there was an open mic without a host i think that would be cool.

Like if you an author on amazon have your bank set up your account so that when you die your book sales keep going into the bank account forever and it's a living thing like it's infinite money at that point for the system. Like amazon make more money off it's authors with ebooks on a long enough timeline than anyone else on their pay roll.

One time someone acussed me of not being street and i snapped and was like STREET! NIGGA STREET! I'm so street like i got away with it by blaming it on the asphalt. Like nigga I tappoed the ass in asphalt i'm so street. Nigga i'm so street i got my own street sign street. One time someone say i ain got my own street sign and i was like bow and threw up the Candalabra and was like It's Power Grows and like the nigga understood and I was like there and he was salty dog he was salty that I showed him a gang sign he ain never see before and he banged up becasue I called it my street sign that he said I ain have. THere.

What if the United States builds and alien looking space craft and lands it in Omaha or something and like we get CNN to cover a live sequence of events where aliens have landed and like it picks up an insect and goes back in it's space ship and leaves like that's what it came here for an insect.

Like at my brother's wedding in nashville the brides father and me and his son were sitting upstairs and he dropped this on me he was a radar reader on an AWAC which is one of those planes with the fat ass disk radar dish on top and like his commanding officer told him not to look at his screen for five minutes he stared at it the whole time and like he saw alien space craft doing maneuvers only an advanced civilization could do one more so than our own and like he told me there aliens and they been here and they here and they been doing it for a long time like i was told there are aliens by the air force like there there aliens there like how you think you find out like i can introduce you to the man that said there aliens and he can let you know there aliens too like there aliens and it known there aliens and this is what we do i'm just saying i think there a finite number of souls in this universe and i think i'm the only one on this planet just saying like i'm earth's soul or something like i'm the only person that has vision the derision i feel skiddering this elation is like you ain never seen time travel station we alive and the sky is like we taking our time we been floating through this miracle and any day we know we can die but does every cell in my body have other places it can go i'm just saying reincarnation exists or it doesn't muffucka like i'm just sayan there aliens nicholas lawson told you there aliens and what i want to know is how deep does that sink in to you. Later I realized it was a dick thing to do and that I should get him court marshalled for disobeying orders my brother's father in law fuck that son of a bitch fuck him fuck him into the eternal abyss of nigga i ain got shit to do with knowing there are aliens nigga not following order lookin son of a bitch looking da fuck you doing getting your rocks off telling me there aliens da fuck i need to know that for.

What about Groundhog's Day the Movie like a reamake of it but it done with an ant from an ant's perspective instead of bill murrays. Like if reincarnation real I wonder if bugs reincarnate and i wonder if cells do to. What if like I don't know do cells reincarnate? Like what if an an ant has to avoid getting stepped on or something or taken out with a magnifying glass like all i am saying is that kid's don't use magnifying glasses anymore and like nothing i just ran out of things to say.

Like naw I'm an earthling like I basically take you as you are I work with the evidence presented to me I don't make shit up like even my fiction based on something like it ain directly out a psychosis like i don't write my psychosis like it's always inspired by something like I'm an earthling like I just look at most of you like I heard this was a hot spot to visit like but this my home and you aliens ain fucking welcome here I could imagine you wanting to see the show but you best get the fuck up on out of here alien looking muffuckas like i can imagine you would want to listen to Adele sing but like you muffucka's ain welcome here you that landed on this planet from another planet and you need to get the fuck up on out of here. It's 2016 Niggas and you got to be up on your alien politics like when the aliens come and they hella intelligent and like they get interviewed on C Span or like Fox in the Morning just a muffuckin alien talking to Sheila Grey about how yeah we just wanted to see the show like they got a fat ass space craft in a field and they hitchhiked to down town cincinnati and they was just like yeah yeah we're not from this planet we wanted to hear your singers sing we'll pay for the show with some technology just we just want to go on tour and listen to your singers sing and i'm like alright if you like that they might want to watch a football game or a basebell game the aliens like there some things the aliens might want to do on this planet like stephen hawking make like we should be afraid of them but i'm like they might want a puppy or something or a kitten to take home with them like there a lot that they could be that ain got shit to do with the military. Like what if aliens be like we need your diamonds and we like we need our diamonds and they like givs us all of them and we'll give you this ruby and the ruby all glowing and they like it's a material you have never seen before that would exist on this planet and here's the document explaining how to synthesize it and we would probably give them all our diamonds maybe since we muffucking can't think of anything cooler to do with them them tip blades with them like i don't know is there an exotic thing you can do with the hardest material i mean anything? i don't know like i'd give the aliens the diamonds and take the glowing crystal.

Sometimes I have thoughts like muffucka do you KNOW who I am muffucka I am Nicholas Lawson muffucka it ain that you don't know who Nicholas Lawson is it's that you don't know shit about Nicholas Lawson because when you know shit about Nicholas Lawson you just walk differently okay that's that's all I am saying I am just saying there was the way you walked before Nicholas Lawson told you something and there is the way you walked after Nicholas Lawson told you something. That's all that's all the fuck I am saying. - Kevin Hart.

Like I want to be like I had to publish it. Like I had to. Like to get that utility qual. To get it so that you a utility. Like I want to get it so that if it comes in I have to publish it and like that's a Utility. Like that's why I be trippin on facebook and twitter and shit and a lot of this internet because it's not taking the internet to the level of utility like it's not like the electric company and slick it's like average internet like you can't do advanced mathematical moves on this internet and it's basically not on like humans have to be much more sensitive now that they live with the internet and i want to be a utility and offer the utility of of if you email me it it get's published and i provide that utility for you. Like i need to be able to appear in court and state firmly that as a utility i did what i did and that's providing a utility you can't do shit about someone providing a utility you can do shit about facebook.

I'm not a muffucking genius I just got a schedule God can work with. What you want to ask me is where do I think these thoughts come from? I'm not really an author I'm more like the first person that sees it. I'm impressed. No I don't know where my writing thoughts come from. Not really. That's why I'm cool because I do something I can't comprehend.

Like I want to take it too far I want to take some of these sentences and frame them on canvas and give them a frame and start I don't selling descriptons of paintings instead of paintings themselves. That's art to me right now.

I've seen the discovery channel and national geographic like africans hella impressive we over her in manhattan been building sky scrapers and in mogadishu they be working on their grass huts it's the contrasts that fascinate me the most like THAT africans have not perished in africa is impressive to me compared to their asian and european counterparts i don't know much about latins but like asians have a civilied society australians do europeans do and like africasn eating mosquitos out the air they caught on a net like i don't know what it is about africans or like why they special unless it the fact that they still here.

Like i think slavery is a good show like i'm like you inferior mongoloid gape toothed 3/4th's of a person female hygiene problem having nigger and like i say that stuff with you on stage then i give you like $25 after the show like what about racism the show? like white guy and black guy and basically the way the show works is whoever is the one getting insulted is the one getting paid. Racism is not a bad show to me.

I think a nigga's best move is to invest in fucking radar cuz they need a headquarters and you know it ain a headquarters unless it got fat ass radar dish on the roof.

Like when you think about dogs and animals in general like is it right to domesticate an animal like is that right? is that just? does not an animal have the right to be wild?

A real russian roulette can only be played like every 100 years like in real life the real russian roulette game is like it ain to be fucked with.

Wanna know how to get it to look like someone comitted suicide and you killed them it starts with russian roulette like only you pack the gun with bullets and have them go first because you know they give less of a fuck than you and when they pull the trigger you just leave.

Like I'll make a deal with a woman like i'll take your photograph 25 times a day and upload it to my website and write on the magazine like when you with me you my model and like my website need a model and like if you want to be a model for a magazine like the only model for it that does all the modeleing you want to be with Holy Codex

Naw man it has to like Lantana or like Sum Bodie like we need some africans miming like you can do serious damage to a city if you get it used to miming like you can build who infrastructures around miming like no you ain hearing me you just want a smart phone in a your hand with a t shirt that says DA FUCK I GOT A SMART PHONE FOR? and be dead serious like africans were never supposed to know about the united states but now we do so it different like the ORIGINAL plan was for america to be an extension of europe like the plan was the fill this side of the earth with europeans but like it sort of didn't happen but there was a race of europeans that favored genocides like our granparents waved a holocaust like the holocaust wasn't just in germany it was all over europe and africa and hawaii the holocaust was the name of the whole thing ain no one survive the holocaust we had to send people back into this time period from the future to install a new timeline. That CAN'T EEEEEEEEEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!

Like my magazine sort of like thought catalog only I don't edit your work. You give me the work. I upload the work. That's the work. You email me a pitch. I upload the pitch. I do this for a living. Now you don't need a website and I'll link to your product and affiliate market your goods. You can put links on my website to your website. Muffucka you can acknowledge I muffuckin exist. I put this much effort into something and no one acknowledges it. That just fucked up. Unless they did acknowledge it by putting me in the psych.

Hey yo I ain get down with video games or computers at all until Dragon Warrioer came out with Nintendo Power. Like I don't how useful to point this out is but like I didn't start playing video games until there was some literature to accompany it. Like I get that you are producing video games. You get a looooooooooot more people if there also magazines dedicated to your video games. Just saying. That's how you got me. It's good for the culutre of it. Like nintendo beloved like is genesis or atari or playstation or xbox like you get nostalgic for nintendo games because you were part of it's culture.

LIke da fuck am I cincinnati's Nostradamus looking muffucka I muuffuckin stare into my consciousness and bring forth wisdom da fuck is this sort of what it was like be nostradamus like i don't put my forecasts in poems or codes like I just write them out plainly.

This Lolo. This probably the denkest video game. Like if you a kid and you play Lolo and you play like 40 levels you know everything about how to do business. Like only kids can get this MBA Degree but if you a kid and you play lolo at like 8 years old for like 4 hours like you end up with an MBA in getting shit done. Like it the video games that taught me a lot about problem solving and like damn near all of them required patience. Like I used to play video gams for like an hour then i went outside and played. Like my friend and I beat contra like 14 times we got it to the point the two of just blazed through it like that what was cool about Contra it the challenge was beating and then doing it quickly and then doing it with just a certain gun. Like I don't know be nice if there was a Zapper Gun for my PC I wouldn't mind playing more duck hunt.

Yo if they gonna start teaching jazz and mofo hip hop in universities to further their religion like why don't why don't we have university classes where we study Britney Spears while she is fucking standing on this planet like starting next semester why doesn't a university have a class in studying modern pop culture and write epic essays about their music video work like you can write some heady pieces on what a pop music video represents but like it school work like it work you do in school like i ain gonna muffuckin do it i graduated but you num nuts that can't think of shit to write can write about britney spears she needs our help our parents generation is attacking britney spears her generation needs to save her.

I just read something about Britney Spears like she has #31 Million Dollars and is in a hella similar situation to me. Like her Superior DNA to her Family's DNA is causing problems in her life. Like the inferior peopls surrounding her have developed an economy around her and there is a felonious crime being committed by the syndacate that surrounds Britney Spears including the legal system surrounding her she is being victimized for being the next breed of DNA on this planet. Britney Spears DNA is so superior you are supposted to harvest her eggs and impregnate other women with her eggs and very strong dna from men. The future benefits from more of Britney Spears eggs being fertilized. Not a bad world. She is being victimized systematically. I'm going through same damn thing. Like this my chance to play Zelda like Britney Spears Zelda like I have to fight of some Montwerks and some Golgameths and a dozen SPittys in order to save Princess Zelda from the evil castle tower like Britney Spears pop's has his daughter in the tower of the castle and like Link bout to get busy and save Princess Zelda like I played this game before. It was one of my favorites. I played Mario with Rana Samarghandi when like I had to defeat bowser her Sunfood Sovereign Fire Ball Breathing Bowser lookin mofo like turns out bowser a vegan like I played mario brothers and landed in the lave now it's time to be play Zelda and save Britney Spears from Okamemton like if I just kept writing about Britney Spears and was the squeeeeeeeeeeeeeequiest wheel i could get her before the supreme court and benefit from the ruling myself.

No one has ever required me to be their friend like you're my friend shut up just shut up you're my friend we have to do thing s together. Like all of my friends and to an extent girlfriends could have all lived with out me. Like I never met someone that couldn't live without me. I guess that's my soul mate the person that can't live without me.

LIFE PRO TIP : When you are really fucking insulting someone I mean when you are really letting someone know they are a sack of mucus over some shit they said at the office meeting like the day they SUGGEST that coca cola change it's can color to blue you just you just lay into them and half way into your insult laden monologue give them a flawlwss compliment like i think you're beautiful just so you know and then go back into letting them know they just an apple that didn't fall far from the tree the only reason they work at coca cola is because their aunt works in coca cola and then go into another compliment like but like do you think we could change the color of coca cola to blue i think that's sort of genius then do a full reverse da fuck you think we are going to besmirch our brand then fire them and see if it sticks. Life Pro Tips.

They have a dictionary they use the thing the big thing that decided the election. They have a dictionary. Most people. Most people forget about the teleprompter. Nigga that's like a dream job for me to muffucking sit there and type shit out and have a five second delay on it and next thing I know some bitch is reading the shit I wrote into the camera in real time. If you must know my dream job it's breaking out of this Chines Government we live in called the United States of America for all we know the Chines paid the police to merk niggas. Nigga my vocabulary makes your television journalists look retarded and my politics make your rookies look like kindergarteners in terms of culture. Nigga it's a style GUIDE it's not a mofo manual. It shows you subject predicate styles and you sposed to grow on it but oh that's write there only 1500 words in the english vocabulary nigga I am a source of english and it's muffucking infinite i get it your plan to bring world peace was to bring everyone to a level of stupidity in the media so that no one would be smart enough to take over your conglomerate so my question is why the fuck are you reading this? Da fuck I have an internet connection for and 300 million other people for. This could have been done on a local drive. You could have websites on local drives burn them to CD's and pass them out and everything would have been fine. Joe Biden was adamant and frightned that the united states was going to become like eastern europe and the only reason it is is becasue of the internet. Nigga this a holocaust of fuck up's and I'm the cure. You fuckers would think I'm crazy or bipolar or some shit I fucking rap a set to a psychiatrist and he pins me down as bipolar nigga ya'll can get bent with a rusty fence for the fuck all i care. Your dictionary is too small for me there i said your dictionary is too small for me. You're not interesting. You're annoying. There is something better. It's for people that can read and are interested in active lives and imaginations and participation and making money. Count your days and go to hell. Like if I was a teleprompter that did it live there would be epic rehearsals where I would work on pacing if it was a real professional set up where I typed it in in a 5 second delay something that gave me just enough time to correct typos and like we would rehearse. I would have my anchor I worked with she would explain to me words she wants to say and I would work them in. I would cater to the journalists strenghts if she wanted to cry I could take her down into tears if she wanted to be elated I could take her up to the heights of elation. It would really be hiring me to bring out the emotions of your news anchor instead of the stoic stone faces they have now. Like if I got a feel for it I could write her in real time. It would be a real high pressure job and if there was a spell checker that I was working with in real time on my end that didn't guess the word as I was writing it but waited until the space to correct the word I would be solid. I did some thinking about auto correct I think it should always wait until the space at the end of the word to correct. I would want an advanced spell checker that learned as it went my vocabulary and it just knew what the word was I wanted. I would want to write for her the reason I would be writing for her as opposed to her speaking for herself is NIGGA DA FUCK YOU USING TELEPROMPTERS ANYWAYS NIGGA FUCKING UP ALL THIS SHIT OVER SOME FAKE AS NONSENSE PERFECTIONIST ASS BULLSHIT AIN NOTHING MORE BULLSHIT THAN A TELEPROMPTED FUCKING ANYTHING NIGGA DA FUCK YOU SIT THERE AND PLAY PUPPET DA FUCK THE SPEECH WRITERS AIN RUNNING THE SHOW GET BENT DA FUCK YOU THINK I WANT TO PUT WORDS IN A BITCH's MOUTH GET FUCKED I JUST WNAT TO PUT A TONGUE IN HER MOUTH AND THAT's ABOUT IT!

That in every city where there a black man murdered in cold blood by the police about 500 Historically African College Students and about 500 Historically White Students need to do mofo more than protest. If you they type of motherfucker that so down with the vengeance of a black man getting murdered not just a black man getting murdered by police but an uneducated criminal violent individual fucking around and getting killed by police officers then you need to take your 1000 army squad up and get your ass into that police academy. I don't really give a fuck and I'm mentally disabled so like I don't qualify bipolar muffucka like me get in the force i'd fuck around and kill someone my first day so nix on me. Like but for you doey liberal arts students that want those kush jobs in thos fancy offices that never thought they would be police officers you Black Lives Matters muffuckas might want to march your fat asses down to a police academy and change the police from within because you look nothing but fools from trying to change it from without. Muffucka ride those ghettos and fucking poor as shit crime ridden neighborhoos and see if your university education and your glock don't do the same damn thing black white whatever go to college get your degree and join the police academy and be the Black Lives Matter that matters for more than a 4 hour protest walk in the park. What do the black lives matter people need to do since they give a fuck so much what do they need to do what do they need to do what do they need to do they need to mofo join the police academy is what they need to do see if they don't change too after doing something they never did before like witness society in it's true form instead of in front of a television acting like everyone Conand O Brian Quality People or everyone muffucking Barrack Obama nigga looking niggas HEEEEEEEEEELL NO bitches and bastard in Black Lives Matter get your asses in the police academy and do something about the thing you clearly care about doing which is solving police brutality crime you can only do that if you are a police officer put your shing in the toilet and flush it or shut the fuck up.

Ey yo on the real B i heard there was this new solid incopration style called the B Corporation it's a style of corporation your involve yourself in if you want to do some good for the world IT's BRAND NEW B BRAND NEW it's the NEWEST INCORPORATION like if you gonna pollute a river you get denided B Corporation Status ... like if you gonna kill dolphins to make dolphin leather shows nigga you can't get a B Corp but like if you into RECYCLING or some shit like FEEDING THE HOMELESS AND PROMOTING WEBSITES TO HOMELESS PEOPLE you can get a B Corp. It's fucked up to me because ain mofo nothing stopping a corporation from doing these things as a C Corp like da fuck you have to file different paperwork to be a decent human being? I want to start something different it's called the G Corps kind of business that leave ZERO NADA paper trail. Like the G Corps just go about their business in a way that involves nothing the system recognizes we just in it to win it and all they need to know is yeah that our house and that his house and that his car and yeah we straight up white collar workers we so white collar we thought using paperwork was beneath us because we about trees. The G Corps do very little all people know is on Monday they started a Space Program and by Thursday they had a man on the moon. It's sort of nebulous how that happened but like that's G Corps Style nothing takes more than a work week to get accomplished even if it's all of us posing outside with our fingers touching the moon and taking selfies and being like there. G Corps style sike that what we do on tuesday to inspire us to call nasa on wednesday then we do the thing we do make the drop and go up on Friday. G Corps. We don't do much but when we do something we still don't do much. Like the G Corps in charge of the Gangsta Woodstock kind of thing that takes place in Burnett Woods in Cincinnati and the G's just standing there showing off their gang signs like a gang sign museum. I thought of that once like a museum dedicated to sign language like I don't really know how a gang sign isn't sign language I will admit it might not be CODIFIED sign language but like it still sign language. I just think it would be cold if there was a museum to Sign Language that included Gang Signs and histories of the signs and like if people dipped their hands in wax and made wax hands of their gang signs or sign language and then set it up in a museum for people to walk through and learn about sign langauge and the history of sign langauge and really gang culture like the history of gangs the reason gangs throw up gang signs like if there was a muesum that was like 30% fascinated with sign language and like 100% fascinted with gang culture like it might be cool like if it was a museum where say G Rock just got a record deal you would email us that G Rock just got a record deal and sure enough we would include it in his public record and poof now it's in a museum and we can work on adding it to the display. Like if there was a gang culture office or some kind just something that helped gangs become more organized like some G Corps shit that only G's could do like G's business minded people like they all about good business like what's a gang without an office? In Cincinnati they cost like $200 a month like if I had like three other people to work with we could chip in and get an office like just so that we could have an office to trick out like a starter office where we practice incorporating an office into our life style. Just a small studio office something basic something with a bathroom and a room something basic maybe something with two computer work stations and a secretary desk something like that like for $200 a month in Cincinnati mofo if I had three people to do it with like i'm at a point where I have no friends so the next wave of friends get treated differently. I played low key laid back all that you the man woop woop hell yeah i'm the bitch you're the mc like i been the bass player now i'm looking for a choir like in my office like we start with a small office and we never let go of property we never really move out of an apartment we sublet it in a manner of speaking and like we furnish the apartment to give it the appearance that it's worth more like we trick it out with an iMac iPad iPod and Beats Audio Head Gear like we set the apartment up like a hotel room and an office when you step into it and yeah we just tell ourselves that that justifies us charing people $400 more per month than what we pay and every month we make $400 off the top and it's just extra money and like after thinking about it you want to double plus the rent so that your sublet is paying YO rent that's what you really want to do if you want money right now like this week money not today money becasue lord knows today money don't exist but this week money does and this week money is putting an ad on craigslist and having some banging garish photographs of your apartment and yeah it's twice as much and you get the gear in it because that reconciles the double of the price and like i mean fuck it try try try try try throw in a year of hosting or something something anything just an office that serves as the headquarters for meeting after meeting grinding out neurons coming up with the future and time traveling like i like to say time travel happens when you are reading fuck it at least my writing like i know i'm bringing us into the future it's not like i am trying to take us into the past and be all like into jesus like he died yesterday on the cross like i get the concept of 2000 years and it falls into my doesn't give a fuck category anymore like really to be honest ANY MOFO THING that happened before I was born can only at most be interesting like but if it happened before i was born like i don't give a fuck like it's not important to me and like exceptiosn would be like my family tree's births yeah if one semen semenicle was off I wouldn't exist i'm a fucking statistical anomaly people if Herbert Deginhower form Prussia 400 years ago let's say stroked one more time 4/5ths the future of my family that I know about today including me would be different people. something i thought about the other day my father took the ME stroke in that he strokes my mom at the ME stage like I guess I won ain much was stopping me from being someone else but like I'm me like if my grandfather on either side had given one more stroke yeah i wouldn't exist the more i look into the strokes that went into my existence i'm like ya'll should think i'm special and you should think you special too we all here becasue the strokes that were made brought us here like out of the quintillions of people that had the chance to be on this planet like the aeons of people that could be here the legit JILLIONS of people JILLIONS of people that have the chance to be born only the people that were born are and really no one had anything to do with anything about themselves just really how they react to how people treat them like dikembe mutumbo ain got shit to do with mikembe mutumbo being able to dunk a basketball he was going to be able to do that if he was 25 and worked at fed ex irregardless of what dikembe mutumbo did for a living he was going to be able to dunk a basketball it just so happens that there a place where people appreciate people that do that like mark zukerberg ain got shit to do with mark zuckerberg or any of his faceless nameless employees got shit to do with who they are this as random as it gets like we all just randomly here and if you sense more than darkness at any given moment give thanks for being alive or fucking curse this planet for bringing out you out of darkness we all existed in darkness before and we all going to return to darkness and i think the evil of the world just confused like i think the major difference between good and evil is that good is not confused and evil is and like it's why good always wins because it has the thinking that makes it capable of out smarting evil that basically just confused like there thought patterns that you pick up at university that clear the confusion like just umbrella thoughts for umbrella thoughts like i just keep on elevating to higher and higher level thoughts and like all i know is this if my father ain nut when he did i wouldn't exist like if he ain nut at that precise moment i wouldn't exist and like i know that's true for all of us and i know ain none of us ask to be here it's like we all each other's guests or for the most part first of all whether we admit it or not we surprised to be here don't tell me you ain surprised to be here even if you are immortal or a vampire nothing can explain this and we looking for reasons to get even with the only things like ourselves like what an alien gonna do bring world peace like is that what it takes like when god brings us the alien we get that us versues them feeling throughout the world and we can focus on this alien thing and now we family or we can become family now and not only are we family we a family of murderers like at this point every family tree has a murderer in it so everyone can shut the fuck up we all have murderers and thieves and gangsters and muffucking college graduates like our families all the same as each family like we all networked together but like there this thing called religion and it's not about the new world and it's not the old world that brought us peace it's the new world that is and if you want to go to war i don't know why like the great war is what our great grand parents wanted the greatest generation called themselves that faceciously because they thought the meaning of life was war it's not it's peace it's dancing it's painting it's sports athletics art it's the things that bring us together they brought each other together but for armageddon and we bring ourselves together for peacful gatherings like if you into violence ain nothing stopping this from turning into demolition man like the violence has to stop and to those that brought violence violence will come basically the police the good guys they are it's counter intuitive to speak out against the police they ancient their profession more ancient than the role of ceasars or the pope's or beggars for that matter police have an older business plan than begging nigga and like that's why they the good guy these new people with their new whatever you call it professions the new people they last in line to have a say about what the police do if the police want to kill you you're going to die and that's just how it is and quite frankly that's how it works in world peace when a police officer decides it's time for you to die you die and that's really all there is to it now if you don't believe in this concept you don't really understand the role of a police officer they have amnesty in all situations except where a judge states that they were wrong and that is less a criminal indigtment and more a statement of purpose to the public it's a dressing down of unprofessional behavior you niggers that are getting killed by the police riot every time a police officer kills one of you gangster wannabe thinks he a thug saw lil wayne talk some shit in an advanced maneuver so ima do it every day on my block niggers deserve to die ain too many niggers that don't deserve to die not in white jesus loving america ain too many of you that deserve to live not really not in this life time not with this gangster track record speaking of the niggers of course not the american citizens however many of them there are but the niggers the ignorant peckerwood glock toting crack dealing school skipping family done not graduated high school for six generatiosn looking don't do nothing but steal no good ruins everything they around lowers property values looks for the cheapest rent generationally can't get it together weak DNA nigga I am supposed to kill you on some evolutionary we done got side tracked by some hippies on some peace love shit when like it's about darwinian evolution and niggers have to die and the police know who deserves to die and ain nothing wrong there

if you're a man the number of rings you can make with your fingers around your wrist with your fingers like if you can put your thumb to your pinky finger around your wrist basically for a man the number of fingers with his hand he can make around his wrist determines how many wives he will have and if you're a woman the number of times you can fit your fingers around your wrist determins how many blow jobs you will give ... tomorrow.

Hey baby can I try and guess your IQ? Um what? Is it 555 - 5555? Ew No. Do you want it to be your IQ? haw haw haw haw haw haw shiiiiiiiiitty pick up line. Naw but for real if there was a futuristic carnival where like people mofo knew their IQ's because we were that far in the future that you had to know your IQ for shit like you had your IQ on a card that made a difference in your life someone could probably set up a booth at a futuristica carnival and offer to pay you $10 if they can't guess your IQ within ten points just by looking at you and the way you move and your eye movement. Just sayin. There could be a guy guessing weight at King's Island and a guy guessing IQ Points on people. Just sayan.

Fuck I just realized I needed to consult with a lawyer about 450 times before I opened all those accounts. I just wantonly open accounts and never once consulted a laywer. FUCK ME! be nice to know what rules and stipulations go with my accounts.

What do you use to make your websites with? Uh Notepad and fireFTP I don't need nothing to show me what's it's going to look like I know what it's going to look like when I code something. I don't need to be shown. BAM! $29.99 month savings right there WE MAKING MONEY! The funniest thing about this business that excited my gonads more than anything is considering that I am spending like $10 a month and if I had the traffic I could make like $25,000+ a month in advertising sales we're talking a website caked up in advertising i mean caked up i mean like a vogue magazine 4 inches thick worth of advertisements website and i'm spending $10 a month on hosting and i got my $400 computer. I'm talking I don't know why they set it up the way they do but I don't have to buy a lick of paper and I can do other things like produce e books and itunes lectures and sell that if you into white collar work you need a computer. White Collar work only got easier and the bar got raised you have to produce so much more with a computer because your cost's are lower I can provide significantly more value with $10 overhead and like the only caveat is that my traffic would get crazy enough that i have to switch to a more expensive hosting platform and fuck I might have to hire an admin to handle my account on self hosting where you buy into that tier that can handle your traffic which unfortunately in modern practice is wide open you have to do all your security and everything yourself. right now i am fine the hosting provider handles all my traffic but if i spike in traffic say i get on buzzfeed or something i mean even reddit has hosting issues from time to time from high traffic that's my only weakness is high traffic which is sort of a blessing because that only means you are that successful you hit the wall and at that point you can start talking about more expensive hosting but i mean it sort of a kind of thing where you have to have a lot to say to be in this business you have to keep producing you have to have a politics and a religion and an economics theory and like i mean anyone can do this but i think to do it right you have to be a street scholar or local genius like this is not something for stupid people if you stupid and you know you stupid keep it moving this ain for you but if you smart and you know you smart you can do this. Like the real draw is when you realize you are competing with your city's newspapers that mofo have to keep buying paper and like you know they got started with paper and like color was a big deal i'm getting started with full bleed video and and audio and like my direct competition for readership not really competition because you can read multiple things a day but like the local major and minor paper PAPER are sort of competing for readership and my well put together ass that was started off with an author and a web master i can compete head on with city beat or the enquirer for quality reading experience and i don't have to shlep to events or or court rooms to get my stories i don't have to go to sporting events and i don't have to cover crime i can just apply my education and write off the top of the dome stories and editorials and like yeah you won't find out about an car accident because of me but you might spend more time pondering the meaning of life and think of some cool things you can do with your kids like that's my niche helping people ponder the meaning of life and thinking of things they can do with their kids to produce a better society sort of like the President of PTA has a newsletter and it's about some legit shit that yeah the enquirer doesn't cover and city beat doesn't cover i write about philosophy and applied philosophy and i write short stories a bunch of shit i can do in my chair and don't have to hop in a car and go places for I mean sort of like a practical literary magazine if you want the truth where we don't write about how to write we write we do the writing we don't do the writing about how to do the writing we just do it like i mean i can expect someone working for me to write a solid piece a day and it's sort of just has to be off the top of their dome like it's hella affordable business plan and like i might up for that c-corp and start an author's farm i had a vision of an author's farm where i buy an apartment complex and the authors of this magazine all live and work in the same space like when you work for me in the future you get an apartment in the complex and like it's complex in the complex it's like living in a university dorm forever like we just keep writing our english papers and everyone get's all of their shit paid for and we just form a real tight collective like i have an idea for an author's farm and ideally i do have one of those magazine sits with 500 links on the front page but i need to hire someone that that makes sense to because this is what makes sense to me but i think it's too simple i need someone that can programe pop up after pop up on my magazine like on my magazine you might have to go through 5 pop up's to get to the content but my readershiop won't fucking complain because in the rhetoric of the website it talks about our advertising sales for the month and there is a real fuckign reason to read this writing it's real writing it's not AP Style or MLA it's graduate writing it's the writing you do AFTER you learned the rules and you keep tweaking them to add punch to your writing it's modern writing that can't be fucked to write like anyone else we use the ENTIRE CORPUS VOCABULARY we don't censor our writers like I would like to see an author's farm where you write your article for the day for the magazine and then you get to work on your company e book and like there profit sharing and everything like i'm not trying to hire lower castes I want to hire equals and it's sort of like a STEAM corporate culture where yeah get to it that sounds hot just make sure you finish it and we just crank out fiction non fiction we a literary agency and we a publisher we just handle ohio's lack of a literary agency need by also being a publisher and we have high standards if we don't publish it it's not because it has anything to do with will it sell or not we got plenty of space for that we just might not think it's any good like bascially we for all star pro's and athletes in writing not rookies still figuring out their grammar. we want solid voices and like i do want an apartemnt complex and like maybe we get into local real estate as well and we just keep buying up properties and like we let our tenants know that we also run a magazine and if they want to submit writing they can and if we publish it they get a reduction in their rent and like it's just something i want to do like if facebook owned apartments instead of a MOTHERFUCKING HOSPITAL FOR CHRIST's SAKE like my father always told me hospitals were about money but it wasn't until MARK FUCKING ZUCKERBERG of marky mark and the funky bunch bought a bospital for the profit of it that I went MOTHERFUCKER dad was right hospitals are profit driven entities and like i do want to go back to grad school but like i think my grad school will be an apartment complex i pay for where everyone bascially lives there for free like that's their salary and they get spending money and expense money and they have to put in 60 hour weeks and we have gwop company meetings like we have three meetings a day in the dorms and my dream is an author's farm we can be hella more liberal about what we publish because we don't have to go through a publisher like we can stop the chain of command at the literary agent and if they for it we can go into go mode and develop a cover for it and print it and not have to worry about what a publisher thinks no offense but fuck the publisher ain a day in my life i'm ever going to need to buy paper so i just have to keep it at a literary agent status and as the right work comes in we publish the right works and we can either give you an up front fee not an advance like we buy your work from you you give us the writing and we give you the money and that's it it's not like we give you the money and then qwe have to wait for it to get paid back you get a choice up front fee or straight royalties straight up eternal royalties or an up front fee no advances i would forever go with the royalties but if you want the chunk of change up front like muffucka it's a pawn shop or something without the pay back necessary i will honor that like i wouldn't mind a place in town that you can submit 25,000 words and get $1500 and we just do clean shit like that that's not a good business idea on one hand on the other hand it's an amazing business strategy depends on how interested the city is in reading and getting behind this i suppose but i think every city needs a place where you can submit copy and get a pay check and fuck the advance your choice eternal royalties or a fat up front check not sure how it works in new york that's how i do things and straight up buy it or you can channel into our revenue stream and take a fat percentage of future sales i think it makes sense to offer either a fat up front sale for a piece of writing or you just get a copy of your future sales in your wallet and like i wouldn;t mind being a place where random ass people try to write something if our main goal was to promote writing in this world where everyone in the white collar world is championing the computer programmer as the TO BE white collar worker like if only I could code nigga I want to promote the idea that the programming phase is over like the programming done if you want custom programming that's on you you can keep paying for custom programming we're on 2.0 of the internet at my author's farm where in 2.0 you use the internet you don't develop it like if i could put a spin on writing where it pays as well as coding becasue to the best of my knowledge computer programming does not sell advertising literature and content does so like a computer programmer gets paid as a day laborer where a writer get's paid to inspire and to an extent program society like a computer programmer programs a computer an author programs society sobtle difference like a programmer needs to know all the functions to do his or her job but an author needs to know everything a mofo kid would EVER want to do so that he can write about all the things you can do with your kid and that's what sells advertising not that algorithm that does the hot new thing like writing older than programming it's the original white collar gig and like writing presses on and like quite honestly in my world computer programming comes to a close where a computer science firm comes along and fills out all the forms and crystalizes the form of the softwares and just through nature of design forms a legal monopoly on computer software and they just out design every software firm out there like the best software company just isn't out there yet like NORTH COLLEGE HILL SOFTWARE as close to a legit software firm as a I can tell they programmed theiir asses off but like me I want to start an author's farm where it really lasadaizical and like where we into stuff like misspelled words where if you misspell the werd right you might be onto something like i want to approach career writing with evolving the language in mind and where we evolve words like someone wrote STAHP the other day for STOP and i was into it I think its a legit spelling of STOP STAHP like things like that i want to work with writers that are into neologism not just a standard dictionary like modern media like i want to evolve something not just play with it like i think this a business that every city wants to have just it's writers writing for the city and like i don't know if i will branch out into other citie's unless invited unless i get an invitation i think i will let the markets have their share of the market and their spin on this business plan i don't think i am going to take my profits and march from major city to major city gobbling up all their precious resources who knows maybe someday there would be something i would read but this seems like to be a certain way something every city needs and is what every city wants it wants it's writers writing and it wants them working together and that's all it wants them to do explore the ethos of their city this is something that is supposed to give a city character and pride in itself and it can be anything really it's all inclusive audio visual test and film and like it's an end game business plan like there is nothing after this until you start talking about the proliferation of the oculus rift and get fucked if i don't take an oculus rift and use it for the word processing applicaiton that it going to come with like we might even develop content for oculus rifts but like first of all i am already world wide like i have a net reach of 7 billion people right now so i have no need to go into your market other than to basically steal your talent and that's not a good look to me this business get's as big as the number of writer's there are in a city that want to live in a large company apartment and you sort of have to deal with just that element of the cult with me but like there is nothing stopping this from being spread out among all residences i just want the dorm room experience but i might change my mind if some nit wit is like noooooooooooo just give me my money and then i have to deal with an employee that has a lack of vision the entire fact that owning an apartment building saves money is clearly going to be my issue as an employer i am very open with my employees that is not YOUR money that is OUR money we talk about how WE spend OUR money and you get paid but you always have to keep the company in mind and that might muffucking mean a smaller house and a cheaper car and you get to deal with my not giving a fuck and there you can start your own but like i think the apartment complex thing is the way to go and you can have 1 2 3 apartments and have something bigger than a house like if you start having kids and shit like yeah you get extra apartment space for that extra apartments but like there's also the real estate side of this business and like we collect the bits and nibbles from our tenants and post them on our website like we like to know if our tenants have youtube accounts and we linke to their accoutns we want to provide our people with traffic and in a way it's like tourism bureau work for Cincinnati like we all in cincinnati and we might write about the reds and bengals games but we'll do it our way with a creative writing approach like it won't be like anything you have seen before and like to now it's just about traffic that if i can put the eyes in front of the glow i can reap the benefits of doing that work is on behalf of businesses that cannot afford to pay people to write because they are paying people to produce their product or manage their service our service is writing and like i know goddamned well if i owned a plumbing business i would have somoene on staff writing but that's me the plumber might rather invest in advertising for his busines which is where i come in. Like internet 3.0 is where some master savants come in and are like watch this they set up a website and POW! 2.5 millions dollars show up in a bank account because of the way they did it. like we ain at 3.0 yet like it takes effort in 2.0 to make money at the 3.0 level your website deposits money in your bank account and you get to chill on the playground like you developed an algorithm that pretty much writes like you do and your algorithm takes care of everything from managing sales of advertising to writing the workd like that's 3.0 like when the writing algorithmn you developed is hella interesting to read and is hella tweaked out like it invovles some math no one ever thought of and like when it's to the point where you push the upload button on your FTP software and the second it's done loading we done you done your business set your bills is paid and you free like we on track to work ourselves out of hell the white collar people but it's going to take a fatty algorithm hella tricked out to do it and then you upload your work to the web it does creative writing and people can't tell it's not you and it's your style and like it just keeps on going and it's legit interesting enough that people read it like at 3.0 that algorithm also has to be interesting and informing and legit literature to read and takes literature to the level where you getting graded on your algorithm not the 500 books it can produce in a pico second internet 2.0 is all manual labor doing everything internet 3.0 is where you legit set and forget literature and then paint or some shit i don't know someone will probably hate me for even imagineering this some literature purist or something but if you can pull it off the gold is yours. Like in my wildest dreams from time to time someone from the Pentagon shows up like just checking in what's up with the Super Cult how ya'll doing making the branch dividian looks like rank amateurs ya'll do like anyone ever tell you it's not NICE to program a human without authorization from the Pentagon just checking in oh by the way nice collection of Chryslter LeBaron's just thought I would drop in here's my badge yep i'm on the blue stripe at the Pentagon like just so you know you're hte only one that ever in the history of the united states pitched PENTAGON MAGAZINE dedicated to all things PENTAGON like just so you know we think you special. Like it does something to company net worth i I don't pay you like i can get bigger loans and valuations of the company if our culture is that the money never leaves the books. Like if I break off a chunk of money every two weeks to give you and it's a loss that's different than if i keep your payroll on the accountint tab and like if the company let's say owns your house and can sell it then that's company valuation and this is just preliminary thoughts on paying people but i would prefer it I WOULD if the company owned your house than yourself I WOULD PREFER that i don't like the idea of the company taking losses every two weeks and money just disappearing and like the goal is for this to be a dream job emphasis on the dream part where once you with this it's what you want to do and from day one we sort of like you you you sticking around right like part of the interview is the stressing that we sort of want this to be your last job like it's set up to be a last job it's not set up to be a job you move on from like if you want to move on we ideally would naturally have to do some divorce proceedings not that we are married but how else to describe the dissolution of our arrangement and you get your car and you get your apartment and your bills are put in your name like ideally you don't quit this job it's set up so that you have to divorce it and on my end i am just like starting to find someone to fill your apartment that i assume you are leaving or maybe you are starting a competing branch of the company becausey ou figured out the formula and you want to be the ring master and start your own pepsi brand of what we are doing in the city becasue you see dollar signs in your eyes like if i knew this existed i would suck dick to get into this but what i want doesn't exist so i have to build it and yeah there's only going to be one of them so you get involved see how things operate and you decide you want a divorce because you want to compete with me i can't stop that like it's not a cult in the sense that you are separated from your family like in scientology the only cult about it is that there is a culture like we weekly build on the previous weeks writing and we develop a culture and to me you can't have a culture with some form of cult some cults are evil and some are altrusitic but all cults have a formula to their way of thinking aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand our's does not involve jesus we can write about religion but we sort keep out of it we write about it because for some reason there is still religion to write about not sure why but there we are a cult like General Electric is a cult like they have a cult dedicatd to building air craft engines so over time you become a certain way when you dedicate your LIFE to building air craft engines that's a cult to me and it needs to be a cult because some things can't be done without cults in the modern era and i would say any era and look for someone to counter point me like of the things that can be done what things cannot be done without a cult of some kind like hiring someone is easy the paperwork is easy there's the giving you the car the giving you the apartment the showing you the expansion apartment you can expand into like ideally everyone get's treated like keanu reeves in the devil's advocate but like you you can fuck me over you can get your pepsi on and work just long enough to understand what i am doing and like right now i don't know how i feel about you doing that i would probably be pissed off depending on the reason especially if it was do it your way when your way is precisely my way just your way like if it's set up to be a dream job like you want to be the point man you think we should buy airplanes instead of property like i am fairly certain i can live with competition that is bred out of my thought patterns it's off putting to think of there might be some cult logic in that where i want to build something from the ground floor where ideally my job is to at a certain point keep giving people reasons to stay in the plushest conditions i can imagine or maybe you come up with a flavor that is even cheaper where people just keep traveling you do travel writing and your and your employees go from city to city and write about your adventures and you don't need a home and you can make even greater profits but just living out of a car or soemthing i don't know i just immediately am beset with a worry that i came up with something that immediately there is going to be a pepsi and an rc in regards to like someone is going to want to do a sports version of this model it's going to be everyone that sees the $10 overhead and then starts to write that will bother me like i've been writing my whole life this is a natural extension of my education and then to know that there are people that haven't done what i have done and want to do it like lesser writers that just know it's not hard to do and the people that take this model and apply it to porn like my future is besought with thoughts of oh how they stole from me like i came up with a forumla that 0 ZERO 0 people are doing and to know that i made it cool to sell advertising online like 0 ZERO 0 people are really selling ads online not really not like vogue magazine sells ads but like when i see my model popping up all over the place because i know how to make something cool like you can't copyright a business model but like how would i react to subversive acts like people legit stealing like i might have to bite the bullet because it's a logical conculsion so like there but like you come into my house i give you your car and place to live i feed you i promote your work i make you as comfortable as you can possibly imagine being and i promote your freedoms and i go out of my way to ensure that you now have your dream job for my service ot you i think i deserve loyalty and i don't think a system of loyalties is necessarily a cult like a branch dividian cult i kid i kid i joke i joke but like i think there is a difference between a well oiled machine a family and a cult i am more interested in being a well oiled machine and i don't really want apprentices if i find out you are being an apprentice i will just rue the day i met you sort of not really but like i might take your company under my wing and partner with you like don't leave my fucked up if you leave like don't take the basics of this and leave me fucked up like start paying back your wages or like show how much honor you have like pay me my royalties if you promote this custom business plan like don't get involved in forcing something don't be the guy that went to the bar for 20 years and then someone told them their business plan and they decided that that's what they want to do now that all the work has been done like this isn't a basic installation of a secretary an hr director a director of operations an accountant a payroll employee a ceo a board of directors and a grip of employees like this isn't a standard corporate business model so like be gentle with me like don't take this push it to the hilt and rape my ass for showing you how to play the game like my entire family is corporate like yeah i'm thinking about you in your sixties and hoping and planning for you to have more to do than watch television unless you REALLY want to watch television in your 60's like if watching television is a big part of your retirement like i don't know what to tell you like i'm preparing for retirement now just writing this like to be someone when i retire i want to retire into being someone like attending gala's and visiting offices and popping in for quick paychecks doing local consulting work like i want to focus on cincinnati and like yeah it takes a lot for me to do business in another city i have to worry about a grip of things like first and foremost your city's mafia like i am concerned about your city's foreign mafia to me like i'm aware of how cincinnati's mafia does things your's not so much and if you don't think you have one remain blessed like i'm sitting here right now fucked up over this formula like this some kind of manhattan project economic forumla and yeah you can fucking take it and permutate it how you want but like damn you trying to be pepsi like it's the people that don't mind being pepsi's that boggle my mind like the people that just copy and past like i can't be fucked to copy and paste anything at the very least i evolve something but fuck around and copy and paste my business plan and my model and my dreams fuck around and dream my dreams and just nothing all i would be is fucked over i wish i could make your stay at Western Logic more pleasant i wish we could work together for the run of this thing but now you know how to do something so like yeah you don't need me but like you needed me to show you how to do it and now you all up in Pepsi business and you know Pepsi doesn't taste as good as coca cola. Like how do I put this if you work for me you get a black card and we do work in our company to produce our black card like we set up deals with restaurants like melt and arlins and we have accounts with numerous businesses where if you show them the company black card they just give you what you want we go to great effort to remain streamlined where maybe because we put $10,000 in a bar's bank account our drinks are like $1 each and we set our tab at $10,000 at Arlin's let's say and our people got the volume discount we look to set up volume discounts at retail locations like book stores and apparel stores and we open accounts with every major business in cincinnati and we live the good life on our black card now the caveat is that we smart about our black card like it's a company credit card we built that bascially i pay off myself but it's built to be good for whatever you want but i assume you feel the same ways about toys as i do you can do without them like it's like yes we have a black card that we built ourself at this company and in one fell swoop you at the bar could buy out the bar and max out the card yourself and i would be like huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh and have to reup the card and you got your night of ecstasy and now you have to write 100,000 words on your experience to get the money's worth out of it and like i have to do more than just reup the account i have to fefill it like i want it so that my company sets you i want you to be set with me i want this to be the brass ring job for you the job that teaches you and let's you experiene being set being worry free so you can reaaaaaaaaaaaally focus on writitng i want you to take chances explore view points maybe even risk your life in your writing which you will be more aware of than me you might submit something to me that is so personal you feel like you can get killed for it and hopefully i read it and go naw nah you good it's just damn good writing like this writing right here is setting off my fears that i can get killed for this writing like some mafia boss can be like that's what we are going to do and they can off me so that they get the coca cola position in the city like i am fearing for my life writing this but i am still writing i am either really stupid or really on the cutting edge and i have been accused of being on the cutting edge before. Like this EVERYTHING you can do with a website like a carpenter knows everything you can do with a hammer like i don't i don't know everything you can do with a hammer but like a website a glowing wall a wall of text yes i know everything you can do with a website several times over and it's surprising a lot of it doesn't necessarily have to do with the website like i am a web MASTER emphasis on the master i pretty much mastered business plans involving a wall it's sort of my favorite thing just wall just doing shit to a wall to make money it's sort of retarded but then so am i.

It takes way too much time to figure out a city's mafia took me ten years to figure out mine. For ten years I really fucking thought I was doing something. I did. I really did. I thought this was going somewhere. Nope. I was involved with my city's mafia. A city's mafia is just something that can only provide you with a loss. Like when you think you doing something for ten years but really you just running with a mafia and when you know it's that time to put up or shut up like the mafia shuts up. They 99 Percenter's in Cincinnati. They do 99% of the work but don't do 100% of it. I can't fuck with 99%ers I can't fuck with a city's mafia. They into hustling basically just keeping busy and it took me ten years to figure out that they was keeping busy without a point or a career in mind. The Cincinnati Mafia keeps hella busy but like there's no point there's no future there's no safety net they building they just going from one hustle to the next and any money they get they spend on whatever they ain working together they ain networking they just doing shows and that's pretty much it. There's no substance to Cincinnati's mafia to me there's just screaming your name into a camera. Like i fucked with Cincinnati's mafia for like 10 years and I got out because the mafia got bent at me for wanting to do more for whenever I was looking to cash in my experience points on a leadership role i kept getting shut down. Like i saw an office brewing with some heady talent but they ain serious about it. I'm more serious about business than Cincinnati's Mafia hella more but like since I got all these connects like when I get my paycheck i have to worry about people hitting me up for cash on the hustle and like the mafia gonna be sorely surprised when i shut them down stone cold and only work with other writers and like you gotta be wriitng for at least a time and i would like to point out that this is a graduate of the university of cincinnati only business like i'm going to do something where i only fuck with Uc grads and like if you ain got a degree i ain got time for you like i need you to have that robust education to work with me you can't be no geek off the street if you want to work with me like i get that there are street scholars but like after my time with the Cincinnati Mafia i just ain fucking with you we stone walling people that ain got degrees like and the thing about our HR department is we see you got a degree and we fuck with you like we ain going through resume's like looking for a needle in a haystack we bringing in the resume off the top of the deck and we want to see your resume if you have like 15 pages like verbose well written resume's catch our eye and like university credentials really intrigue us and we season and pepper you and get you out of that liberal training that is the university and we get you in touch with pop culture references not those university references that only the initiated are in tune with. like when we reference something it's someting in pop culture something everyone knows about or we introduce something as pop culture that never been pop culture before but like there this one guy that i have to be like no you get none of this this is for the people that built this and like i worked with Cincinnati Mafia for years and they ain worth much they ain got future plans but they know how to spend money and like i was source of too much money out situations where like nothing was ever reciprocated like if cincinnati's mafia wanted to reach the big time apparently it needed me and it ain need me so it ain getting nothing from me like the cincinnati mafia hella smart they just ain't educated enough to work with me. I need education in this field. I need education. Smarts ain got the framework of thought to work with like education does. Education is what allows you to write off the top of the head anyone smart can write but you need education to write all around the world in a day like it takes an education to work here like if working for Western Logic was like what you get for graduating from the University like I would be happy. If there was something I could do for University Graduates that's what I want to do. Make a University Graduates' life in Cincinnati more worthwhile like if I could cop that University Graduate and have them in my corner like I would be good. I'm just not going to hire individuals that have 0 degree and an associates degree is not a degree to me it's a start. I don't want to hire from Xavier because I don't think the Jesuit Education is soemthing I want to fuck with. I don't want to hire from Brown Macke because I think it's a business. I don't want to hire from NKU because I don't know much about it. I bascially wnat to focus my efforts on getting Uc Students in my work place with a focus on DAAP Graduates. Like I want students to COOP for me from DAAP. I want DAAP students in my work place and like thing I know about DAAP students is their admissions requirements and like that's all I need to know. Every one of them worth a solid black card to me. I'm not fucking with jesuits and church minded people I'm just not. I'm not fucking with people that think a pastor is doing much but providing basis day to day education for the uneducated masses. Like this is supposed to be some kind of Top Gun thing where from conversation to conversation you change as a person and like i'll be honest with you I want a shark tank and i seen it myself you can't be a shark without a degree you can just basically amount to being annoying and that's pretty much it and i don't pay annoying i pay people that have education.

I'd like to believe that when i've made my fortune that I will budget a percentage of my income to funding Kickstarter projects. I mean to be real discerning and to have a budget where i scour kickstarter for toys for my kids and for me and my wife. Ew. Wife. I have a problem with that word. Like this is my WIFE. She used to be my girlfriend I don't really have a problem with the world girl friend or woman like this is my woman but like wife? I get chills down my spine currently at the thought of having a wife. Wife? Ew. No. I'd rather have a girlfriend or woman. I'd rather have a woman in my life that I am married to than a wife. I just appreciate saying this is my woman more than I appreciate saying this is my wife. Like if I marry a hooker I'll call her my wife but like if we meet organically or quasi organically through OKCUPID like you'll never be my wife you'll be my woman. Like I need a good woman in my life more than I need a wife. A wife to me sounds like something you can trade something for but a woman you ain never gonna do nothing to harm your woman. Like your woman. I don't really have a problem cheating on my wife but my woman? I suck my woman's toes. Like my kids if they show an interest do things like learn mary had a little lamb but they tweak it into a new song like I don't put up with my kids writing cover music and like I sort of know to take them to the right recording studio like if my kids want and i don't know if i want them to or not but at an early age i can give them the entire experience the promotional posters the right recording studio the tour booking gigs like i can put my kids into a school if they really want to where they don't necessarily have to go to school like at 18 my best advice for my child is to put off school until he's like 22 don't decide to go into debt until you know what debt is and can decide for yourself if you want the education i will point out it is worth it but you need to approach it like a business proposition and i don't know if i would tell them to join a sorority or fraternity or not my gut instinct is to say no because they only produce c students but they do produce well rounded people. I don't know a kid to me is like a block of time to fill with things. they like buckets and you want your buckets filled with the nicest things you can put in them. like i don't know if i would get my kids a pony but i know i would take them to the dude ranch to ride a horse. i might get my kids a pony. i miiiiiiiight. i might get my kids a pony just so they can say they had a pony. i'm all caked up in poverty figuring out how to attain my fortune. like it's a classic thing that in this employee culture has been lost the man that goes in search of his fortune. it's a classic story. i can't quite call an employee salary a fortune NO a fortune is something you build yourself. like i'm not an employee i have been an employee so to me with this social security thing i have been given time to start a business and becasue the internet is so fucking cheap to work with i can start a white collar business on a budget which is phenomenal to me because the only other business i could start would be abstract painting and i might do that too when i get the supplies.

If my brother daniel has a kid, which to me would be surprising, I think there is sort of something wrong with him, sort of, anyways if my brother daniel has a kid that's means my three youngest siblings had kids and then it's just me. I wonder if there will be any pressure on me to have kids too. Like I can just snap my fingers and become a father. Sort of a hard sale on a woman to me. I can either keep secrets which my family will spill or be totally upfront and honest that yeah I been hospitalized 24 times for bipolar disorder in 4 cities. I can give my pitch about how it's bullshit I worked late a lot drank a lot of coffee and my parents used it as a parenting technique. I don't really know who called the hospital on me ever but I know it wasn't me. Now I have to start a business to keep up with my peers. Yeah I am entry level work. It's not that I can't do entry level work it's that entry level work is beneath me. I did my entry level work. I am management. I had a, oh god in his infinite wisdom, i had a job offer with aflac to be a manager of a social media division but it was three months before my student loans were paid and I would have made enough money to end up having to repay my loan back which defeated the purpose of not mofo working for three years. I'm a hard sell. I'm a unique sell I should say on a woman. I look at it in terms of sales at this point. I have to sell myself to a woman. I would point out that I am unique. World Traveled. Friends with someone for over 15 years. Several long terms relationships that all faded away due to career choices not poor relationship skills. I think of stuff to do and am open to doing stuff. I am vaguely anti television so in my house hold we listen to a lot of music and lay in bed a lot. Like for us adults laying in bed is something to do. I am pro naps. I am in favor of paying someone to mow the lawn some kids or something. We don't mow our lawn. I have a university degree of 11 years study that has a loan attached to it that is paid back. I am debt free. I am stable living on my own. I need help keeping an apartment clean WHEN there is no dish washer. I can't be fucked to do dishes. I require a dish washer to keep a clean place and then it's pretty much something I can do on my own. I can do laundry. I can cook meals. I am currently big on baked loaded french fries and cheese steaks but I do tend to eat a lot of fruit and I really don't care much for vegetables. I prefer fruit. I can make soups and salads. I can make a lovely salad that is faux crab meat and cheese and ranch dressing. I like to eat at restaurants. I think it's a worthwhile expense if not THEE most worth while expense. I like eating at expensive restaurants not necessarily most of all but I do not balk at prices in restaurants. If I find out that there is a most expensive restaurant in the city I would like to eat there once a year just to say we did it. I am open to marriage. My DNA would have me prefer a Roman Catholic Marriage at the church I received my sacraments at. I am open to a non traditional marriage but I may feel like I failed God for the rest of eternity if such a thing happens. I do not know if I want to raise my children in church per say but I think I would want to read them the bible in private and then read them the quran in private. Like I think our children's reading material should be holy books AND dr suess but I do believe that the most prime time for reading in a person's life is when they are young. I think you need to know up front that I have had a DUI so I am not entirely interested in driving. I am afraid of driving. I gave my car to a friend to go on tour with because I quite frankly was developing a fear of driving. I have become hyper aware of the imminent danger I am in every moment I am in a car. I can't explain that other than to say my awareness is increasing. I have increased awareness and driving fucks with that. I think that I would make a good husband and I would prefer us to have something we do together a skill that we grow together. Ideally I would like to run a business with you a god's honest family business. I think my business at is nice and we could move it to or we could come up with a company name dot com or something like that and we could work on a website together if you draw cartoons or write essays we could post those on the site. You could help me promote the website around the city by writing letter's to businesses asking them to review the site recommend it to their employees and then we can offer to advertise the website. I can tell you I have a sound business sense and my latest problem is attracting traffic to the website. That seems like an amount of effort that is not insurmountable. I would like to use flyers and business cards to promote the website with in select neighborhoods around the city like clifton and over the rhine and northside and that's about it. If my readership were those communities I would be happy. I could talk to you for years about business but I think you would be more interested to learn about how WE would spend our time together when it's entirely up to me which is all I can write about right now. We sort of stare at each other a lot in that I sort of feel like this but I feel like a man and a man can run out of things to say to each other that's why they do business togehter it gives them something to talk about forever I think a nicely matched man and woman can talk forever together. I think the very nature of a male female relationship if you were to explore it is that by the very nature of the chemistry of the relationship there is never a lacking of things to talk about. I get turned on when I say something that makes you laugh. I get real turned on when I am being really entertaining for you and you are being legitamately entertained. That's my biggest turn on knowing I am being entertaining to you. It just turns me on. I have a show. I have done shows at open mics. I am currently on ohio probate for Bipolar Type 1 I think it's sort of a bum rap I never hurt anyone or killed anyone or tried to hurt anyone or kill anyone and I have some shit I have to deal with. I am open to moving to another city to beat this bipolar rap it's only something that is real in Hamilton County. I would like to live in New York City or San Francisco and upgrade from this 2nd World City as far as Cities' Go in the United States. I would like to move to a more tech savy city not so much so that I could learn to program but more so so that more people would be interested in my website and it would increase the chances that I would become a celebrity. I have no problems with you working I wonder if you do. When it comes to children I am keen on being a type of father that asks his children to write a page every week from the age of 6 and to draw a picture every week. I want them to remember us schooling them I do not want our children to only remember their schools schooling them. I have things I want my children to learn that are not necessarily in a public school curriculum. I vageuly want my children to go to a good quality roman catholic private school in cincinnati it's saint xavier high school is the best school in the city for roman catholic education i am sort of interested in paying for my children's education and quite frankly i had the opportunity to do this I think if our children got jobs at the age of 16 it would look good on a high tier university application if our children had a story of how they had part time jobs from 16 to 18 and used the money to pay for private schooling. I had the opportunity to pay for my education and i turned it down upon hind sight i realize just how stunning that would look on an entrance application so i want our children to have jobs at 16. i just know i want to put pressure on them at 16 to go to school and i want their pay check money to go to their education so that they have something to say on their college applications. i want good will for all. i grew up listening to alternative rock music and then i got into hip hop and when hip hop died i lost favor for the music that the blacks produce. i can still listen to black music in fact i prefer it to modern rock music but after thousands of hours of listening to music i sort of feel now like i am listening to a commerical i just can't help but think of the music industry when i listen to music and am always like oh oh that's what you want to do and I just marvel at all the mugging that goes on in modern music like the spotify new releases music it's just cd cover afte cd cover of people mugging for the camera. i don't think i am a product i produce a product and my children may want to start a band and i might try and stop them on the basis of I don't want you getting involved in that music industry non sense and i would explain to them how it works but i think it would be cool if our kids had a band with some other kids or something we could always take them to the recording studio and upload their work to itunes with a cd baby account and at this point i could manage my children's music career by filling in all the gaps they would have no clue about like you need a cd baby account to get on itunes and you can press cd's from discworld or something like that i forget the name and we could have them go door to door selling their cd's and get them a vendor's kicense and they could play shows at say the local eagle lodge and like i could manage their music career becasue at that point clearly it would be about them and not me and like it's a thought if they want to paint i could work to put their paintings in galleries if they had the quality in them. i don't want to coddle my children i do want to let them know that not everything is accceptable. it's no harm in doing something but it is harmful to sell sometihng of low quality or low value. i'll be honest with you my biggest sale i can make on me is that i am forever thinking about children. i think i would make a good father and husband and like yeah probably thing that turns you off about me the most right now is the fact that i am on social security but like we would have a place to stay and like i get 24/7 to work on business and am supported and i don't nut around and play video games on work on classic white collar business plans. i would like to with success in business explore painting abstract works of art using copious amounts of paint to do it with. i would like to sell abstract art. i can think of a lot of things i want to do with a partner. That's my best point to point out. I can think of a lot of things we can do besides watching television and you would know you are dealing with someone that is DIAGNOSED wtih a mental illness but may very well have nothing wrong with them and earned themselves a free ride for the price of some troubling memories.

Thought I would share this. For people into people this really is a ten he said it best. Doesn't get better than this and it's on my site. Don't worry about how I found this clip. The goddess serendipity wants to have my child.

What if no one is cool anymore. What if cool died. What if it's just all business now. Everyone just being hella knowledgeable about business what if cool died. I'm sitting here wondering if I just listen to commercial music and I don't listen to nothing cool no more. Like where's the new sound. Is Skrillex cool and we're all lame? What's cool? When it comes to cool is cool even cool anymore? Is it even cool to talk about cool? Just cool people. Are there any cool people anymore. Like there are nice people but are there cool people. Is there a cool way to do everything. I don't think I am cool anymore. I think i'm something else like an adult I don't think I am cool anymore. I think I think of business too much. I can do a cool business but am I cool. I don't know if I can say I'm cool. I just stole a pack of cigarettes from a neighbor's car that's why I'm not cool. What ever happened to cool and wondering if this is cool or not to do something. It used to be if you were the only person that thought something was cool you were cool. I don't know if those people exist anymore.

I thought of a use for music videos where like english teachers in high school once a week ask students to write about what they see in that week's music video like every friday in my english class in high school we would have the weekly break down where we just disected the meaning of a music video

Like in an NFL game if like once every couple downs they spent a down showing what really goes down there in center territory like if they showed the lineman game more often than just the wide receivers and running backs and quarterback if they didn't just follow the ball like once if like we get it we know what happens when they ball in play like if they squared up above the line men and had a shot from above every couple plays and you could see the drama unfold right at the line.

I'm proud of myself because I captured my psychosis in some writing in a $200 e book on amazon like something heady sounding i don't know i think there's a plan on the cover a subtle allusion to 9/11 just to be hot like anyways i went psychotic writing one night and captured the psychosis it's in the docuement where they talk about 1:1 and i lose it and just keep wrting like once i was psychotic in writing and like it's something to see just psychosis where i just surpass adulf hitler in being a supreme dictator but it's like over aspect ratios on electronics devices like i give mein fuhrer speeches to millions of people over aspect ratios and that's about it like i can get psychotic about it like the speech where i bring every one over to a 1:1 aspect ratio on screen sizes on all devices like i can point out you save a lot of time because you have a master gui that is the face of every electronis device like all manufacturer's work in windows as their GUI and like it a 1:1 gui so it just have to be programed once and then it work on all devices or something it's something you're not ready for because i didn't do something so of course your not ready i didn't do something and it's too late and now you'll never have love the fusion reactor that solves all your problems because i didn't put up a website as a freshman in high school because i didn't solve your problems soon enough you don't get a fusion reactor named love

The day you realize you going to be CEO is the day you walk into your bosses office and is like boss i always had this fantasy of fucking a whore in my cubicle you mind if i get the keys to the office tonight so i can do unspeakable things to another human being all night i'll be late the next day oh and i need some money for a taxi for a whore like can we make this happen i have plans of achieving my dreams and this one a tricky one because i have to ask for permission from someone to achieve it oh side i straddled keana's shoulders and stuck my dick in her mouth in this apartment i already fucked in an office now i just need to keep doing me keep doing me

Like roman catholic business by the book is to sell you something you familiar with with something you ain never seen before and you don't know what it will do to you. like there ain no part of the old testament that i know about that involve tithing i could be wrong but like catholics invented like the corporation like they gave you this book you could do a grip of shit with but they was like if you earning money because of this book you owe us 15% of your income and like it was the deal you got a fat ass book you couldn't produce yourself from your book dealer and now you could preach the word of god it was like the first white collar business

I'd like to think at my office we would have a room where you could go to give yourself a massage call a whore have her come in you get your fuck on AND you get lunch and like we wish her well thank her for the blow job four other people pay her to stick around and we have a damn good reason not to hire women at our office sir like back page make ordering up some sex like easy but like i ain never do it like i wonder if i should like if i can make it through life and not buy sex i'll all and all call myself a decent person maybe i just want to be a decent person and i don't really have a good enough reason for wanting such a thing like ain nothing stopping me from calling some back page bitch like ain nothing stopping me from ordering up a whore like nothing really stopping me but i sort of want to be a decent person and i don't know why like why ain i more gangsta why i got this jesus syndrome like where jesus holding me back and i'm like da fuck is this

if you a freshman in college or high school for that matter if you young and in school getting traffic for a website hella easier than when you old and alone like old and alone can still get traffic but if old and alone had been promoting a website for the last 15 years instead of the last 4 weeks old and alone would be in better shape old and alone knows it's something small he didn't do in his life that has him where he is something small like was a freshman in high school and didn't have a website like WAAAAAAS a freshman in college and didn't have a website like this go a lot smoother when i got 50,000 people i can easily promote to on a regualr basis and have hella shit in common with like that sweet spot for promoting a website a university campus like you want to promote your website on a campus like you want to think in terms of promoting on a campus like maybe that's where i will put my business cards i'll be old and alone BUT alumni on campus and as an alumni i'll talk to students about yeah you can do this too sort of recruiting for a life style see how far i get or like if you work in a big office and have a website like you can send out one company email a week promoting your website guaranteeing you traffic and because of your traffic comes mostly from the company the money you get from advertising sales goes to buy stock in the company from like yuo can visit my website AT work because you giving me the attention my website needs to make money like the amount of attention soemthing gets has everything to do with it's ability to make money like if an entire company was on my website every day yes yes i could sell advertising and i could tell you who you are advertising too so you could cater your advertising to that company and then when i make my advertising dollar off the advertising sale i take that money and i buy company stock with it so long as people do not mind thinking in a company mind set and yes i will visit your website when you send out your company wide email about your website and yes i buy girl scout cookies too and i wish the boy scouts sold cookies as well and they got accused of stealing a girls idea because that is exactly what they did

It came down to it jesus and satan compared calendars and got to know each other's schedules like they both agreed they didn't want to be working the days the other guy was working. Like satan and jesus did not enjoy working on the same day. They synced their calendars so it never happened again.

Like i might start planning trade shows at the Cincinnati Convention center like that's like making a trillion dollars planning trade shows you can do that RIGHT NOW like ain nothing stopping me from planning a trade show at the convention center. that's just one of THOSE jobs one of the ones that ain nothing stopping you from making money jobs.

Naw like that web designer social media event trade show gonna coincide with the food truck olympics like we stay the night in the convention center and then like we get to eat from the food trucks the olympic quality food trucks like we ask them for special gear and they make all the food they would eat at this event like it's not hard to get a pizza with goat cheese at this event like if you are into food like if you the type of person that needs to know they ate at every restaurant in the vicinity at least once like if you just know the event will be poppin if you can get people to come like clearly it's about people coming and like you need mark zuckerberg to be there for it to be a successful event you need sergey bring and larry page to be there or you ain do nothing like when you have that convention spirit and like you try to play it off like we don't need them and ultimately we don't like the small time web designer's convention is more what it's going to be like if i scoured the internet for what i call good web design and just invited web site owners to a convention it might be a reason to run a website so that you could participate in the convention if you knew that with being a web master there was a trade show you could go too

Why ain there a food truck that stops on my street and like the food truck drives out to the middle of a culdasack a real nice food truck and then they go around and knock on the doors of the houses and like he let's people know his restaurant parked outside if they interested like I want more food trucks to visit mount healthy and sell their food. like i could run for a council seat in mount healthy on the promise that my job is to call food trucks and convince them to come to mount healthy just bam 4 food truck in mount healthy because i made some phone calls ain it something like that that get's you elected somwhere or does someone hate you forever because you did that and they steal your idea and wish death on you.

You know what colonel sanders would run into today if he tried to sell fried chicken door to door? like if colonel sanders tried to sell fried chicken door to door today in that out fit he would be a pariyah like niggas would be like da fuck happened to you that you had to sell fried chicken door to door like i can't get away with that knocking on a neighbor's door like you want a leg or a thigh? like i can't be the door to door chicken sales man trying to start a chain of friend chicken restaurants if he had just gotten a restaurant like everyone else like restaurants were invented then like he was like naw i got start out on the ground floor and sell the chicken door to door nigga you can't even do that.

Like we're getting a deal with our government they handle the raw sewage we create every day I think you're getting a deal. I think every government on this nation could increase taxes dramatically on some you were getting off light with the raw sewage thing and we're never at a point where taxes are too high considering your raw sewage get's taken care of for you some of you might want to get a out house in your back yard dig a big hole this won't apply to you i'll give you an option you can pay this ridiculously high percentage of your taxes or you can get an out house i am in favor of high taxes more taxes but like the taxes go to stuff like comptuer labs like i think of stuff a person can do and then i tax everyone so that people can do it and in the process i make it more difficult for people to become famous and i really give the government it's win like when a dog the most famous thing on television it because of me there i might be stamping out fame.

Like it about us finally admitting animals is smarter than us instead of trying to be different let's start eating each other. Like let's make cannibalism legal. I'm saying though weapons still illegal like if you want to eat someone you have to catch them yourself. No weapons. You have to use your hands. What if we legalized cannibalism? I could go next door eat my neighbor and then I get his things since I ate him. Like animal kingdom style. Tigers get respect from other tigers for eating zebras. It's a bro thing. I'd probably get a disease if I ate a human wouldn't I? Oh never mind.

Like I get that there is an app store but like I need a widget store so that I can pick up nice widget's for my website. I don't know what you can come up with but the widgets i have now are nice. I like my widgets. I like tricking out my website. If I could buy widgets I would. Like if it was a one time price. I'd buy a widget. I'd pay like $15 for a widget and like help promote an internet of get this web sites things that give the internet character. Like I wouldn't mind having a widget that's like a billboard on my website where someone can log in upload their image file and pay their running rate and now my website has their custom advertisement on my ad and i got paid and they got their ads and they could see my statistics so they would know when to come in and i would let them know when the next traffic purchase is. nigga i know i can buy traffic for my facebook and twitter account can i even buy traffic for a website is that even possible?

We're programmed as americans to think when you go into politics you are trying to become president. what if i am just trying to open a bar and become governor? i think that's a healthy amount of work for my family. if we grew to have a bar as a family and if someone was in politics. i think that is healthy growth for my family. i don't even think i am the guy. i think my brother adam is the guy but corporate america shipped him out of ohio so he's not the guy. i'm the guy. like if i started off in the house competing against kuhns if i filled out the paper work and had R Lawson running agasint D Kuhns like if i ran as a Republican in this district it's something I think about I would run once just to see what happens if i put my name down like the signs might not do much the ones in the front yards. Like i might fuck around and run for a house of representatives seat like you don't have to talk about yourself much in the election it's basically just a name on a ballot. like i think R Lawson get's a lot of votes like the people that vote republican no matter what. i think a Republican Lawson on the House Ballot does pretty good. I'm that far from running for office. Getting my name on the ballot. Like if I could put my name on the ballot i could be good. I might not even be trying to be president. I might just want to be a good house speaker. I might prefer to work in the Treasury Department. You might think I never accomplished much in my political career but from my perspective i achieved the impossible. Like women love politicians. Might be a good way to get a 5 Star Chick. Run for office.

Like I don't know why a politician's professionally recorded speech couldn't make it to the top of the Billboard. Like to make a sale on recording studios. If you were a politician and you released your Fire Side Chats on iTunes one of your hot speech tracks could make it's way up iTunes chart. There is the thing of getting your life's work done in one stroke just a stroke of genius and yor body forever feels finished. I think i feel done most of the time because my body experienced a genius stroke of itself and it feels like it's done. Now if you recognize my contribution to society society that's up to you but I did my work on this planet and I solved my problem with a stroke of genius. Just a moment really like if we are to come here to learn a lesson. I learned mine a certain way and I'm not all like Eureaka everyone gotta be like me like maybe this planet's problem is it doesn't work hard enough, Like work is forever in theory unless you finish something. Like all these versions of software. How bout just some finished software like you do the thing everyone else does and you come out with a product not something that's almost finished and you have to upgrade every month what about something novel like finished products like before the internet there was no unfinished software on the shelf it was all done. I think that is what's special about it. There was a time in software engineering where they sold you on finished products. They didn't change the software half way through your using it. Like I came to depend on a filter in photoshop like it was a reason to by the software then in the next version they decided ti was a flaw and there is no version of the software i can buy that has that filter in it. I'm just saying like you can put stuff on shelves. I get that the over head is lower on the internet but like could you finish something before you publish it? I am always finished this isn't software this is what I get to do as a writer. You're not a writer you're an engineer. Like you are supposed to be releasing finished products.

Normally people like me are revered in society oh you got enough stuff like you got it all worked out alright i mean now you're not getting the airport for time travelers but yeah there is a reason men like me a revered like ideas few and far between ain they? like it at the point where you fight the men with the ideas just because you can't fuck with any mre changes to your society. like i learned how to get A's in high school and 90% of my class learned who the guy is you fuck over the guy getting A's like since I ain fit into the numb nut's crew I get a world to go into that haaaaaaaaaaates men like me because they rememeber in high school where like they ain too well and now they got a retiring center and like some smart guy comes in from high school and is asking to work on their website i mean ideally it works for anyone but like the retireman remembers how he felt about smart people like the vast majority of this nation anyone that went to public school knows how they feel about the smart kid in class that got the best grades and no one zero 0 people have a positive perception of the kid that got straight a's this a special world ain it? Like you give your politicians a hard time but you revere your musicians. Now hold on a minute that politician is asking you for a vote that musiciain is asking you for $75 per person to sing a song. That politician is asking for a vote. They ask you to pay taxes once a year and you ain gotta do shit and you get plumbing and the city can pay to take your fecal shit off the premises and clean it before it gets into the water. Hold a minute the masses are built to revere the musicians but like nothing stopping a politician from doing a hype williams branding spot for their brand of campaign. ain nothing stopping a politician from working with David Guetta to lace a track for their political campaign. that's all shit that's on you. you can work with whoever you want. you may be too into your guy that you ain working with anyone else. you might be too into your guy. like muffucka's talking about rock and roll. rock and roll was the discovery of a business plan that had everything to do with selling records. there was no rock and roll before rock and roll could sell rock and roll. this is about a business plan that was discovered. the guy doing the song he was just the hook. like the kids love the rock star but like he ain helping them out. he ain giving them no secrets to the universe. your politician goes to work every day and it just what you don't know about him. like you can do anything you want everyone else just did it their way. there's no reason a rock star can't be a politician but they have to do rock star politics. like you gotta be moving weight in politics if you a rock star and like the system set up by people so even if you have a good idea it can get voted down by people that didn't think of it. i fucking hate music now and it used to be my shining glory of spending time like i grew up listening to everything i could get my hands on at like best buy and walmart and like the cd store at the mall and like it's just this ugly thing now. like they talk about the industry nigga there ain no industry. there's just wack tracks that you feel like you had to make. like music still getting made in college conservatory's the world over if i want to hear a song now i will visit the opera where i know i'm getting my money's worth. like everyone thinks the politician this evil man he's not he's a man that goes to work figuring out what we can do tomorrow and what we're not going to do tomorrow. i think they are cool.

Like what if thomas jefferson was just the guy. he was the guy. like he sat down one night and was like alright how this gonna work? he was like we need people to come up with the laws and we need people to judge people. we need a guy that can tell everyone no. they gonna love it. like our government's main legal document was written in one take like it's clearly a first draft. like he went with his first thoughts. jefferson. he ain practice. he just knew how it should be. like they were like you're the guy. he was like. i'm the guy. they were like yep. it's on you thomas. he was like i see. then he went to organizing about two dozen people people he knew into a legislative system now some 200 years later i think he would be surprised that we never wavered ever. We stuck to the book. Jefferson decreed and we honored the decree. It never really got that corrupted. Like it's still pretty much just how he wrote it. Like it's not wavering. Like there's not a state being like no your don't understand I have 48 representatives in the house like you can tell because i sent 48 representatives. like that never really happened. like for like 200 years it's been by the book. i think that's pretty impressive. we didn't start a new one. we didn't fold on this one. we pretty happy with this one. it's extendable. you can extend this one. the us governmnet system capable of taking over the world one state at a time and we just woooooooooork them in. not bad for a night's work.

Wife comes along and wants to post on my BAT CAVE like this my bat cave. it all man stuff here. this aaaaaaaaaaaaaawl this man stuff. this all man stuff. this just stuff for men. your post ma lady would tarnish this website. do you see the color pink on this website. can you even produce what is necessary to be on this website? PSHAW! that's a female thought we only post male thoughts on this website. nicholas lawson only consorts with men in business. can you even write something that would fit in. there is clearly a theme. do you even understand what the illuminaudi represents? of course not. you have the girl scouts they are powerful enough. quit trying to take over the man thing, you can have my penius and that's all i will give you be happy with that tis no longer mine tis yours. but the webstie is mine.

I just spent $10,000 on traffic nooooooooooooooooooooooow I'm famous.

Yes sir I just want to inform you that I am spending $1,000 on web traffic next week and my numbers are going to be up in terms of traffic. I have scheduled the traffic infusion for the Cincinnati Market only and YOUR advertisement would be welcomed on my website. If you would want to talk about promoting your business on my site currently it's roughly $200 a week to advertise and we would like to see you buy monthly blocks of advertising to promote your business. Does this sound like something that interests you?

Am I going to blow up get a readership base and then somehow a woman comes into my life when I am doing quite well and have a car and have put myself out there to be able to meet a woman and she comes home with me moves in with me and then is she going to want to post on MY website? Am I going to have to deal with a yoko ono of my website. Someone that wants to write about her politics? Am i going to link to her website? Could be a tenacious situation when I have to tell my girlfriend she's not in the same political spectrum as me soooo she has to post on her own website. Oh oh you want a back link. I might give her a back link like in the real world I would expect mark zuckerberg's wife to have some publicity on facebook like i'm surprised I don't know when Mrs. Zuckerberg's birthday is or Mark amd Miss Mark's anniversary. Like stuff like that. I expect stuff like that out of women.

Like affiliate marketing makes sense to me in the sense that amazon can't afford to promote everyone one of it's goods. It can't. So there are affiliate marketers.

I was in the facebook break room you know that plush office job you got that you know you can't be fired from and i did some shit like my dad used to do where my pops would rig a locker so that you got shaving cream in your face when you opened and my uncle rip mike lawson won a fight with someone bigger than him by biting his fucking ear my uncle mike won a fight with a dude with a weapon by muffuckin biting him in the ear like my uncle did more damage to an ear than mike tyson did like when mark zuckerberg had to deal with playing marky mark and the funky bunch over the loud speakers like he knew i was on the job like i don't know why they hired me like all i do at facebook is come up with reasons to convince mark zuckerberg to graduate from harvard like that's my job to get him involves in a mooc something involving iambic pentameter so the nigga can learn to talk like he has to give a public speaking class speech like there a lot of shit mark zuckerberg gotta do to become something other than marky mark and the funky bunch

Oh yeah my pops broke a man's jaw in a fight once with his foot and my uncle bit into a man's ear to win a fight i fought four sheriffs and jumped over a counter and fought three psych nurses my family is violent we think in terms of the politics of violence like yeah in my family if you want to be a man you had to have been in a fight that's just how it is

You roll with a squad for ten years and then towards the end you thinking to yourself yo this some hot talent this gonna be an office and like when it time to do the thing that make the gangster gangster and do some office work the gangsta's ain no where to be found. I've even done preliminary office work for like 8 nigga's and they just miss the point entirely. Maybe i need an office. Maybe i need to do all the work. Naw i do. I do need to do all the work. Offices run like $200 a month in cincinnait like i'm a fourth of a pay scale away from having an office. Like for some reason I even feel like fucking in my office. Something hot about that having an office to fuck in. I don't think I can afford a whore until I can afford an office. Might be something I do. BackPage Cincinnati makes it look hella legal like there humans that just like will make love for money like that seems fishy but i might go for the fish some time.

Fucked up ain it you'd think itd be different but in nature you have to worry about being eaten by other animals human's don't have to worry about being eaten nope we have to worry about getting shot we could be in utopia but some assholes want to have war in their back pocket so not sure which is worse getting shot or getting eaten but getting eaten I can understand.

Naw the greatest thing in the world is playing sports with your brother. Like I wish emily and daniel had played with us. greatest thing closest to utopia you can get is playing ghost man baseball with your brother where it's one on one baseball bunt ball where your brother pitches you the ball and you bunt it and then he runs after it and tries to tag you out before you get to 1st base. bunt ball. where like you got ghost men and like the man that's at 1st is my 1st ghost man and like nothing better than playing sports with your brother when you young. just the other day the greatest thing happened i challenged my brother to a foot race and he beat me by three steps. As healthy as he is and as cracked out as i am he's only three steps faster than me in a foot race. nothing like it. competing with your brother. greatest shit ever.

You know what a financial product is. It's a thing that's like a machine built out of mathematics and like you put money in the money machine and then the coins are contracted to dance a certain way and like you slowly got your money back and could always if you wanted to get your money out like a typical investment strategy is to open a 401k and to put money away for retirement I keep my money buy art with it and have an art studio where i practice showing off my work and i early on practice entering art into auctions i am always looking to take some art to auction i invest in business i take my entire pay check put nothing in savings and buy art i know myself well enough that i know that's something i can do

I'm like a fucking dominstrix in advertising because for the most part i just abuse your product. like i got this one commercial where for 20 seconds it's just a zoom in on your product just a real slow zoom in on your product and like i mean it's a winner but it's how you dress it that makes it special like i consider that abuse but like hey you want some doritos i'm about to go get some doritos like you can get the ranch kind i really enjoy them there's a lot of products that have never been written about in literature and it may be an ancient argument as to why that is i don't mind i'll write about Sprite and Coca Cola and like Pepsi and Dad's Root Bear and like i'll write about the products I think they're cool

Hey can I get a shout out to a Windows Desktop Computer! Shout out to the desk top computer. This ad right here to sell you on owning a desktop computer and a land line phone like this a commercial to get you thinking about that desk top land line life style you ain think of it. Not really. It's nice. It's the lifestyle for people that are done.

Hey ya'll it's time for a pledge drive at Bacall's Cafe in College Hill the busboy been an asshole so it's give your tips to the waitress directly night the busboy ain getting any tips. He get to keep his job though. Hey this Bacal's we got some great food lined up. Some food we've had for years our menu never changes. Come in and get some ranch fries.

And Get Yourself a Pizza at Larosa's a place that you been there before. You know larosa's remmeber that time you drank a 2 liter in 30 minutes. Time to call that place again. Yep. They got rondo's again. You know you into that cheesy bread that's like a slice of pizza to you the whole thing. How much pizza you gonna eat tonight? Larosa's

I just saw something on conan obrian can we think of something better to call our soft parts than genitals i fucking that word. I'm down with genitals I think it's an ugly word. Like what about Bits or not even nauty bits just our bits. That seems nicer to me.

Like there a form of time travel that even that ya'll ain ready for it's like when you wear like 18th century victorian clothing and listen to some music on a victrola like that's traveling to the past like when you travel back in time you do things the old fashioned way when you travel into the future you do things in ways things have never been done before. fuck tell me that ain time travel compared to what you think it is my way is possible. how your's looking the way that is actually time travel?

There's a always a woman involved in a man having a child. Like nowhere on this planet is there a man planning on having a child. Single men doing their business taking care of their lives and then a woman shows up and here some writing from a point in life there's a woman involved in a man having a child. Like what man wants to disrupt his peaceful experience with eternity then bam know what one of the first thoughts you have when you around children is you gonna die every child i see just remind me i'm not too far from dying having children myself nigga i would feel like they my replacements like right now my work is fairly important to me i hear this isn't important when you have children sitting around and watching a stranger become tall is your past time when you have kids and wondering at their epic retarded behavior like something about having children that gets you involved in laughing your ass off at some stupid behavior and you love the thing that's stupid becasue it's not smart yet like those are a typical parent's treasurued moments with their child the stupid moments like when the kid is old enough to start asking questions like that's too hard like scariest thing a modern parent ever saw was their 10 year old kid reading a newspaper with interest like all the parents have special memories of the kids when they were babies and preemies and shit when you were harmless you were someone's delight and joy as soon as you became old enough to file a lawsuit you became like everyone else.

If you have a gap in your work history it should be like hell yeah here's a guy with a gap in his work history he must have a story. nope. can't have gaps in your work history. like it's not like with the modern tools just getting a job. now they go through more resume's or something. i don't know. i applied to 150 places to work and no one got back to me and i think my resume look good. i don't really get it. like it says University Graduate. like i thought employers were scrambling for university graduates i thought they were scrambling for them since like only 15% ot the population is a university graduate or something. i thought i just had to flash my badge and i got a job. i thought that was the gig. get a degree and never want for a job again that's that's why i tried so hard to get one because it would make my life easier. like i would learn some things and then because of what i learned my life would get easier. that's not what happened. when you educated and unemployed and you know it's because you don't know but you don't know why you don't have a job when you can just do it. like when you can do the work you would think they know you can learn and they would bring you on and with your literature skills you could do some amazing works in an office. there are people that never went to school that just got involved in the office that I think they have a bias against university education. i thought it would be like you graduate you send out your resume it becomes real easy to get an interview. not so much. Like I am made to believe that my value as a human being is gauged by whether or not a group of employees accepts me. like i'm not valuable yet because i'm not involved in someone else's business. the fact that i have my own business clearly isn't important i have to be involved in someone else's business to be worth anything. what?

I am sort of looking forward to my generation's antique road show like i have a mint condition tool vinyl record when aenema first came out i want to take it to the antiques road show it's like 20 years old. there are demons on the cover of it. i want to take it to the antiques road show. bring my mint condition nintendo on the antiques road show like that's the show to watch in about 40 years where you learn about all the shit you should have saved because it would be worth something at auction. like i got a first generation iphone i figure i can put that up to auction one day just there like i think first generation gear worth hella more money than second generation gear like i am looking forward to the antiques road show when i retire from being retired

My political show called Alrighty Then like it's a show where I am on a television news show and then i give my honest to god truest political opinion and then they cut back to the anchor's after i give my truest opinions on life and my deepest political philosophy told with heart felt empathy for the human spirit and then they cut back to the anchor and they like alrighty then next in sports like if i just had my own 3 minute piece of television history to do alrighty then like i get in deep but they exit me out of my show by saying alrighty then i think that would be funny i don't even think it would be self deprecating because the concept is so mint just to be a part of it

Like abstract painting like a business people trying to express themselves in abstract painting are fucking retarded abstract painting is a pure business it's where you do something like spend $15000 on materials knowing you're going to sell it for a mil like it's a business renaissance painting is one thing like that's a life long pursuit like abstract painting it's a movement business like you just moving cool thing about it is you don't need a computer to do it like i could go into abstract painting and just look at you mugs like i still ain got a skype call like there needs to be talk radio discussing the internet like radio needs to get real smart they need to fire an entire fleet of talk radio hosts and install the phd's from the local state universities like you are not to have anything less than a PHD on the radio watch me like abstract painting like where you just tired like you so tired you're doing abstract painting safe from the computer and the nonsense that it shares like imagine an entire economy that reacts to the internet by doing business involving business that does not involve the computer like i dream of doing business without a computer and abstract paint would do it but i can't afford that yet i can't afford to buy a 40 foot by 60 foot canvas and one thousand dollars worth of paint and just put money in a place and then sell the money like spend money on things you put together and buy many things with money and then put things together and sell for more money like you want to talk about business plans like most of you guarding your land more than you doing business you just protecting your land like maybe one day i'll start doing the same thing every day but cool thing about writing is i get to do something different every day of my life

You want hosting to be a universal right not just access to the internet like access to the internet as a human right isn't doing anything it's just that's too flimsy you want since the internet is a human right you want hosting like you want a child to be born with unlimited hosting and unlimited bandwidth and an email address titled like you want your child to have their email address in their name at their name dot com or you want a mother and a father to have an email account that they give the kid and they monitor their child's email and like you want everyone to have hosting as a human right like you want children born with hosting and email addresses it's the even that keeps everyone on their toes knowing at any moment a major website can come along or just another funny cartoon like the internet as a human right begs the proliferation of state funded hosting with unlimited traffic let's be honest just give me unlimited traffic potential i need to know i have that every one needs hosting and the ability to gain unlimited traffic to their site like if hosting was a human right and you had an email address it would work out becasue family members could write you letters the day you are born and when you are like 6 years old you can read your email you can read the letters that were written the day you were born like everyone needs hosting we need state funded hosting like you need to know if you buy a website you got a place you can put it like hosting the hold up in a lot of this in that you have to keep paying to keep your website up and i spend a lot of time thinking about how if i die my website will go down and the entire point will be defeated like i need to put my writing on a website that will be up long after i die like i have some work art wordpress dot com and like if i die tonight geek storage just gonna cancel my website and like the point was defeated we need hosting each and every citizen so a national archive can be born where the federal governent starts collecting websites in it's national archives and you can sell a website if you know the hosting has been paid for like it's good for business if hosting is paid for it's not good for private hosting now like a free eternal offer compared to $49 a year is going to put them out of business BUT they might not be evolving much anyways it might be a turn key business so i don't care too much to guarantee something at the turn key level stay in business like it the turn key stuff that get dealt with is how it looks

Like i'd like to believe i got it down to GET TRAFFIC and like that's nebulous to do like now i got some opinions on my website for like 3 months i was geeked about promoting my website when it ain have no political opinions on it now it got political opinions like now it's the big time like it's one thing to pass out flyers promoting a website it's another thing to do it with a website that has political opinions like now the cult part begins when like people buy into your brand of politics because they so well thought out my political symbols is the cigarette i hella pissed off it that easy to get one i'm always going to be addicted we stamp out cigarettes in stunning fashion like you can be any type of person you want with my politics so long as you stand for stamping out cigarettes we good. i don't give a fuck who you are on some campaigning shit so long as we beat big tobacco i ain got a problem with you. help me quit smoking AND not be jonesing for a cigarette it's the not smoking that's easy its the wanting of a cigarettes and thinking it tastes like fairy dust thats the problem like when you like the taste of cigarettes like is you addicted or just really just enjoy cigarettes and then there's the da fuck wrong with you that you enjoy the way a cigarette taste and i'm just like i don't know i do. i like the way a cigarette tastes and like i even like the other flavors. like i like smoking. like think about it genius if i had 10,000 visitors a month on my website couldn't i easily sell fat ads and thing about my ads is they fat like you get more than a banner on my website like you get like 800 x 25,000 pixels like you get screens of advertisement space i think that what make my website special but like the rub when you being that generous like being the first person offering the fatty option that in the business best interest involves them building a fat ad in house like the way i do this people preferably do their ad in house but someone might go out of house for their ad that's an expensive ad like i'm offering more than most people can handle but if i'm doing my job and you're doing your job it works out and the people love the ad so everyone wins like my situation only work under certain circumstances like i need to be getting like 10,000 visitors a month each staying on the site for like 15 minutes each average and like then i can start making my sales and like at that level the job isn't abysmal like you get sales at that level and ffffffffffuck affiliate marketing i'm talking about selling ads like selling advertising space online is like you get your little hole you fill it up with the shiny things and then people come check out your shiny and then you work with businesses that no one has heard of and you promote their business online da fuck someone want to click on a coca cola advertisement for everyone knows who they are like i got an advertisement for GDI Screen Printing on my website and no one has ever heard of them that's why they wanted to advertise becasue they wanted to increase the number of people that had at least hear their name like you do get something for advertising like you get phone calls like advertising a great idea i ain never complain about ads like i just learn stuff like learn about products and like advertising a blessing people get pissed at it but advertising teach you all kinds of information it's hella useful to gain an understanding of like then you'll never hate another advertisement you'll just see people doing business

Like I would think I shine most as a consultant when you in that stage of the game where you know what you want to do but you could use some help figuring out a next step. Sike if you need consultation at the start of your business maybe you shouldn't be in business. like the people that should be in business should have NO questions like if you find your boss asking someone a question as to what to do next. he ain the boss. like being a boss about not asking questions just performing. like a real boss knows how to get us to the moon he just listens and goes with the right option. like i think of who i can consult for and it's like my consultations currently have to do with web sites and i'm like like part of my consultation is are you ready to work harder than you have ever worked in your entire life like that's part of my consultation like that's not a good consultation for a lot of people like when you explaining web development to a business and you like here's the thing you're a bar your people come in on a regular basis now's a good time to open a hyper local newspaper site like i make a lot more sense when i'm on a bar's payroll like when part of what you get when you participate in a bar is well and you get my website and i even looked it up so that like i can set my website up on a local server and like set it up so that my website only viewable from a certain bar like if you want to read my website you gotta be at a certain bar like that's possible to do but i am not technically feasible to do this like part of my consultation involves an open mind like part of it goes like this like people love my writing you have a bar you get regular customers i tell them let me open my studio in your bar and have a computer on hand in your bar so that i can answer computer questions and work on people's websites at your bar and like this website is your bar's website and since you are introducing me to clientelle and readership you get a fat percentage of the advertising because to a large extent BAR i get a lot more traffic when you promote my website and then you get a lot more money than you were planning on it when we getting significant traffic and every business in the city want's to advertise on this site so like i do pay for myself i point out when i'm in a situation where my work being promoted like we get paid like i make a lot more money with 10,000 people coming to my site a month i do i do make a lot more money with traffic like as it goes and it's an economic quirk but i get paid when you visit my website and read like as it would turn out i get paid more when you spend more time on my site like part of my bar consultation is to point out that let's say i can't get the website at just your bar like to offer yourself to a bar like a celebrity like i bring celebrity with me with this website like you get something and you get money yeah i can monetize 10,000 readers a month of unique traffic and really that's not the traffic stat i sell i sell returning traffic and time on page like there like if I had a laptop in a bar and i was just working on the website and like people could ask me questions about the internet or my website or get this they could talk to me about my programming or rather my writing they could talk about it with me. like if i was training someone on how to do this i would be like yeah yeah you gotta write a lot like to me a website something you want if you want to work your ass off i can't imagine these people that happy with their website like yep i'm done that's my website that's an entirely different thought pattern to me like it's a different way of thinking to be done with a website i don't really understand what do you mean you're done with your website that's that's constant help like web designers make more sense when they get contracted to help on websites as opposed to doing the whole thing like i never would have known something if it hadn't been for the internet youd be surprised what it is but it has to do with business like i know it mostly just anarchy out there like a lot of people sort of extra i learned a lot of people extra because of the internet like there construction workers in this that always find a way to avoid digging the hole they always sort of watching the hole being dug and they go from watching hole being dug to watching hole being dug and that's what they do like the people that always look like they are doing something but really doing nothing like there all kinds of people but like i'm the rarest kind the real deal

I talk about getting work done when I am writing and a lot of it has to do with my reasoning skills sessions where I start off somewhere I start off with one move and then I figure what that will lead to that and that and next thing I know I'm on the fourth step of solving a problem and most of the time my reasoning skills lead me right back to where I started knowing ain no reason to do that that though. Like I keep getting caught up in uh my reasoning leading me to doing just this. I just do this. I have some birthday money coming and I was going to pay for a whore but this year I am going to pay for website hosting. I was too I was going to pay for a whore for my 36th birthday but like I thought of something I would rather have than a whore. Don't even act like it's hard to do you sign on to your City's Backpage or you go on Craigslist and you cut a deal and now you've got a whore it's about as hard as ordering pizza to get a whore. Like I was going to sleep with my first whore well now I'm going to get web hosting and keep writing this hot fire lava you never thought you would see it real computer science. Like you know you doing computer science when like you put your input into your website and then you get your output from a press release of someone that covered your website. Like I want people I mean sincerely sort of to be on my website while they driving like not really but you get my point like I want people to read their generations' author. Like everyone of these paragraphs was a thought and like come journey with me through a trade where this it this all I do. I got some nice stuffies you can buy but like I just do the social security thing. I'll just do that. My body screams it's not retired but the facts say retired. Like I think a lot of sequestered employees that are not really allowed to have an opinion at work in the board room wherever I think this a good field for oppressed voices so that they can express their voice and so much more like if you short a voice you should think about going into affiliate marketing and selling amazon goods but like you gotta be on social security. Like I can only consult with other people on social security see there some reasoning skills I'm further ahead I need a list of people on social security and I need to focus on selling them on this life style. Sike i'm the only one that qualifies so ima just do this see I figured out what i am supposed to be doing. I'm done again like I just about got to the point where I had something to do then i reasoned that not really I don't really have anything to do. so you getting that pure idle hand's devil's playground writing like that pure devil's playground writing is what you are getting. this isn't that too busy to think writing this that devil's playground writing.

Like my kid starts listening to the latest music and like puts on some modern gangsta rap i'm just like oh you you want to listen to that nigga come here and listen to this fucking turn that off here let's put on some fabolous would you just listen to make me better would you just listen to that no no you're going to learn some history no you wnat to listen to gangsta rap then you gotta listen to the 18th letter by rakim you want to listen to some gangsta rap and this is never ending gonna learn smething today youngin like you want to listen to that pop gangster pop music you need to listen to some of the original beats they ain making club bangers nigga take you 40 years to hear one club banger when i can play it for you right now just saved you 40 years of searching through random records gonna make a memory in you no you're right we don't have a television we have spotify and tidal you're right that's what we do in this house we sit our ass down and we listen to some music and we do it for hours yeah you get a history lesson in this family daddy gonna teach you about music see he had this diamond glove yeah here this billie jean you gonna listen i get that you want to listen to snap crackle and pop music but like you ain ready to listen to aesop rock's no one passes like there a whole catalog of music daddy organized just for you like well if you must know it's christian music i just thought it was the best pop there was i just kept track of some things you think your pops kept his music organized for himself yeah you know a lot more about classical music than your peers like you know i raised you on music and i saved your writings from your 12 years of writing excercises and i saved your drawings like maybe that why it a big deal not to match me up with a mate that worth my time like i had my chance and i was too choosy like i ain ask no one to marry me when we went out on enough dates i could have asked a woman to marry me but i was focused on my career not the what turned out to be flings all around me never really did take a woman marriage serious having kids serious just played like i was a play boy now i'm what you see before you today you think you want to listen to some panda music or some shit you want to listen to future better start with your past you got spotify better comb through those songs and you know your compulsary music lessons good for you just go on keep playing songs just keep listening to the music like my kid might hate music if he don love it or if she don love it like they have to listen to music like i listen to everything they listen to and like they just keep on saving their artists and i keep going through them like i was gonna skip kidz bop 50 and go straight to kaki king like there a lot of instrumentals being played and like i buy them an mpc yeah my kid get an mpc like they gonna be into making beats like i won't get into beats until my kid producing that shit like i ain never having kids i just have these memories i'm watching grow up

Is that what world peace really is 1% of the population working it's ass off every day to come up with a way we can all get through the day and 99% of the population enjoying the show from the audience like is that world peace at a hockey game or a golf match where world peace is an audience full of people watching someone do something, i would have thought there was more to it than that but it sort of makes sense

Like for the most part i'm not racist I just hate about 10,000 mediocre gangster rappers like fuck it's i'll start with slim jesus he look like when he not playing with his daddy's glock in with his aunt's camera he looks like he has a babysitter alright like slim jesus just the name that came to mind like i gotta problem with a gangster stunting on a camera like 10 000 mediocre pieces of recording history like a genre of music that got worse that didn't get better a genre of music that had it's bright point like 10,000 mediocre media africans that like in the game and like doing their job to further their religion of the strip club like nigga da fuck you know about true religion when all the fuck you do is new religion shit ain pick up no ancient religion dust off no you got a bible on the dash but you ain even read it lookin nigga you pop gangsta til you run into a gangsta and ain got shit to say to a gangsta looking gangsta's like eminem ain never once say he was a gangst ain a single time you ever hear me say i wasn't like be surprised what becoming an uncle does to your mind frame just becoming an uncle has a change on a person you'd be surprised about how someone feels about a genre of music that affordable like nigga we talking music where it more than smething you scotch taped together for your kid's project in an hour we're talking four weeks on a baseline music we're talking gangster's spend years on a small detail ya'll think you know what being a gangster is rapping bout guns and money and glory ain it

Like I thought it would have happened by now just a stone cold nergha just a nigger with a fucking attitude with a website. someone that's just blazing trails in african computer science like doing shit like putting redirects in random places on their website or like i don't know i just thought a hard core gangsta nigga would be in affilate marketing by now like this guy below that did like some of the greatest new genre rapping i done ever seen like there's nothing stopping this from being a genre aside from knowing some intel like this guy below the real shit like where the african web designs that just show off that african religion like that african ethos like that african brilliance like you can write to wordpress from a hand set like just sayin,

Western Logic Incorporated HR Meeting with a potential employee go like this so like how much weed did you sell? damn clearly you're in management like how much weed? damn yeah you're managemnet material and you can roll a blunt hell yeah you been to colorado? for real you wanna go sometime? i mean anyways back to the interview like can you make FDA calls on facebook if you see a butcher working outside with a dead cow? can you do that can you leave a comment in a 3rd world country's comment section that they violating FDA protocol can you do that do you have that in you? let me hit that see here at Western Logic we get it done we really do i mean like God leads us in all that we do we just follow God and like I just happen to know how to tell God what to do so like just to keep it cordial so it ain weird i have ya'll following god because i could be fucked to have you following me like you follow God i tell God what to do and then ain shit got to do with me see how that works like I believe in God and because I do you have to you HAVE to believe in god like you ain got a choice I figured it out for you you believe in god you even know you believe in god like word god is all we need like we can sell books that say god in em and that's all we got to do like hallmark cards that dedicated to God like you open a hallmark card and it just say GOD in the card like when you care enough to send someone God in card form like we all about God like they about Allah we about God god straight to the point like allah got a corny song with it we about God like God created all this in seven days he was like an expert he done it before like God a computer scientist we his data set like he be wondering how we gonna handle this sun blowing up he worried like if you know God like you can't tell God what to do only I can do that it's one of our company's guiding principles at Western Logic follow God I follow God too I just know where God going true story

Like now i ain getting a job. Not now that i got my affiliate marketing style up. Like i ain really able to do this in wordpress for the record. like my needs as a web master surpass content managment systems. like i need to hand code. like i got a problem with hr like i gotta problem with this one page resume thing you got going on like the way i see it with a fat ass resume like mine i send you a 40 page document you take 2 hours out of your schedule to go over my resume you package up my bonus i get my car you get loyalty for life and now you got a new division head that working exclusively with intern to hire employees in your new social media department and we hella outgoing like we ain trying to sell shit we just your department's social media that throws parties we reach out to people we throw networking parties and like it's not just a meetup thing it's a VIP thing and like we just keep your social media jumping and like you get your own page on my website and like i'm an affiliate marketer i don't really play by the numbers i just stock the products that i like to sell i keep writing so much sales copy that my store floats to the bottom of the screen i keep losing my store and like it's a thing that's hard to understand this thing called retirement like i'm retired i have my retirement business and everything i even have the universe giving me feedback on my writing no wait the part of my brain that the other part of my brain hangs out with and puts on shows for like different parts of my brain all hanging out together with in an author's packaging not a bad party

Like is career builders built to make you feel ultra retarded like there was this job i wanted as an art director okay cool i applied for that then there was the bonus round where you could quick apply to a bunch of jobs you ain know shit about really quickly like you could apply to like 500 jobs in 3 minutes like ain nothing like it it's like the pit crew in nascar my car ain on the track like i'm a back up to the real nascar and i'm just getting some experience points in this game like i'm not really nicholas lawson i'm his top thetan or at least he tells me i'm his top thetan oh ooooh he tells that to all his thetans see we have this thing called a space time continuum and everyone has their place on the planet and some people have marks and beats and choreography i don't know if i got some new choreography or if i missed a mark and it was a big elegant probably highly rehearsed maneuver and i fucked it up like nothing went well or like i set it up for the man that's goiing to take the glory not certain really i keep wondering what the next run through of me will be capable one of the builders whose only job is to tweak out a game and take everything to it's finite mathematical conclusion like i'm laying out algorithms and then in post game they run the simulation and all the angles are taken into account and the ethos is injected and the story plays out from there like it's a film or a television show or a music video it's always one of those three things and like or you're sleeping and it something else like this the thing holla

It's because of the amish that there is going to be world peace like the amish invented world peace like they do what it takes to experience their world peace like that's heaven to them that's their stance on heaven they for it they cater reality to meet their definition of what they want to experience like the amish invented heaven

Like i'm writing out these belief statements as jokes and like for the most part i am sitting here like is that what you believe nicholas are you being 100% genuine in your writing how genuine is everything you write could someone think you are being genuine when you are being sarcastic? does that make you a bad writer? are you sharing us your own personal religious experienced with writing or are you practicing? you say you are sharing your religiious experiences which are the regular regimine of daily writing that you under go for years you have never missed a day of writing and you point out that you take it so far as to point out that for the most part in the united states we exclusively communicate with each other in writing for a lot of people in truncated forms but we would rather send a message to someone than share our voice just saying like we are some people

Like an african be like to a klan member accussing them of having children without getting married the african be like da fuck yeah ya caught me i got a woman pregnant and we weren't married i'm trying to increase our numbers here like i got some work to do and three more women to sleep with this week it's hard out here for a pimp that putting bitches to sleep with children in their glory holes and like we know the africans are on the fuck they looking for reasons to have children and they ain even necessarily celebrating it just another day at work kind of work work like it ain no justin bieber love that love that african bring you it more a brooklyn kind of love where like they love you but like they get annoyed at the sound of your voice like africans like this their time to shine and like i'm the light that gives them their shine like when you hear people talking about someone getting their shine on that's because of me and like the attention i paid to that media moment on youtube like you can't be famous unless i know who you are to me and since i know aaaaaaaaaaawl about me i'm hella famous to myself i'm my own biggest fan like i think i'm an action film star who is retired right now like i don't mind being the youngest retiree that ain a bad story like to be the first person from his generation to retire like that's exactly the kind of rap i'm looking for no lie

if i was an african in the united states i am fairly certain knowing what i know now that i would go with my people's strong suit standing around and sell european americans on working less like if i was a modern african i would be highly upset that anyone said anything to the affect that that was something wrong with doing nothing i would take great personal offense to being accussed of being a race of do nothings i would point out that is exactly what we are how dare you try and insult us by thinking we have done nothing we are something and that is all that needs to be and like in an epic debate they point out that we are inside their aura and they are the center of the universe and like at the center of the universe is an african orgy and that the sun the african orgy it so hot it the life giving thing and things that been alive too long fuck with it a lil bit to try and change the sun's energy so that the sun is a european sun but that hasn't been in a long time since like socrates was rapping in greece and the romans were rapping in rome and it always becomes a rap battle you just finding out that politicians was rappers like that's just what a politician in the african hood of the united states a muffuckin rapper a politician and a rapper are the same thing alright i'll bite how is that even possible? like they ain rapping on capital hill they been doing it a while they got a whole city architecture theme dedicated to politics but your guy showed up and was the first thing that wasn't european and male to be the center piece of the white house for eight years like there you ain have no respect for tradition looking human being you saw there were white people that been into the white house and you was like ima break up this white boy streak like what if someone has a problem with just that interrupting a tradition that was harmless? like what bothers me is that people act like doing nothing and still being here ain nothing like europeans invented everything inventable and we still inventing shit and the africans invented rope and peanut butter and the super soaker and black planet . com and they rarely do something but when they do they make it stretch as an invention for like forty years like an african doing something every forty years is about par for the course but it always about what he does that make the ceremony of an african doing something important like it important to point out that like it typically an accident when an african have to do something like it one of those moments where they just feel like they never have to work ever again after doing something and like this african chant culture that has taken over the united states with music made with european equipment like what to make of this rap music that brags about how it takes an hour to make a beat and five minutes to make a song and they just frontin they just frontin they politicians they crowd organizers they do whatever it takes to be poppin with crowds of people those people the people that be whatever it got to be to keep it so that there always a crowd near by to do some work on the people that depend on a crowd of people to keep them in business something fucked up in me a lil bit in that last argument but ima let you figure out why good luck

I know that fame is to be dealt with carefully that's my take on it. like i did the dangerous shit and the most dangerous shit i ever did was sort of safe like driving while high or something like that was my most gangsta moment like my most gangsta moment was after a show down town when like i saw 8 men getting head from a bitch down town at a night club like the shit you see in porn I saw go down in a warehouse down town just some nasty gang bang shit was probably the most gangsta moment of my life like the night my man and myself railed this hooker for $20 the both of us and like that was a gangsta moment doing heroin and being told it cocaine was a fucked up moment like getting threatened with death by a psych patient in my apartment was fucked up the one that raped me by pinning my body down on a bed and body flopping on me and pinning me down to the bed this a special world where Big Meech more special than most and like walking three miles to a party was gangsta and like walking across the city and like finding my cousin apartment was gangsta like i did hella gangsta shit like just lots of little things over time like driving people around in my car letting everyone sleep in my hotel rental just a lot of being a gangsta is being open to being taken advantage of by people around you like a big part of being a gangsta is doing what other people want you to do like it was gangsta that i gave my car to my man like because he wanted it like that was a day the day i decided here you can have my car and like i ain driven since like that's retarded that's when you on the wrong meds when they got you thinking that you can give your car away or i gave my car away as a way to rebel but like giving my car away and explaining to my parents that the car is gone for two weeks was fun with them telling me every day three times to go get the car and i had to say it's done we signed it over at the dmv for nothing and i had to walk home too and like it just go to show i'm special like how many people ever gave someone a car? on social security? like i'm saying

The amish don't have to put up with any of this like it might be like an iphone 57 that would be the version of the iphone tha the amish pick up like iphone 57 something years from now they'll come out with an iphone that jededdiah comes out of the past for to come into the future buy his iphone and then go back to his amaish lands like i know if anyone would appreciate an iphone more than anyone it would be the amish if we could just give them one like an iphone same amish experience same great amish we all know and love now they got an iphone and we do a documnetary about it it and see how long it takes them to become americans like do you think the amish get like 4 bars on their cell phone coverage where they live but are not advanced enough to use cell phones like do you think they have like 4 bars waiting for them like they in amazing reception cell phone coverage area like they the amish CAPABLE of getting high speed wireless internet access they currently don't have a cell phone though or a smart phone like technically they in a real nice wifi hot spot but they ain got a computer to use with it like they don't know like if someone could just bring them an iphone they could discver they near a cell phone tower like maybe elon musk can try and sell the amish on a tesla too like their horses get tired like we know they only have two roads in amish country and like a tesla in amish country would be an upgrade like no upgrades as dramatically as the amish like if steve jobs would have walked into amish country just to do it as a thing to do to get some cheese in his pockets was a thing the amish neeever knew was in the 6th generation like i'm stupid i know i just think the amish seem baller to me when i think of them having an ipad with wifi like no ne would be able to say they don't keep up they just choosy that's all like clearly the amish have a certain lifestyle and an ipad can be part of amish culture no one said it counldn't they need to know they have wifi like they get great reception and don't even know it is that sad?

Hey what if the United States federal government decided to take indian lands in western united states and AMISH land to throw in a kicker as we sit around and figure out whose land are we going to take next whose women are we going to rape and which people are up for genocide next we got the canadians higly vulnerable the puerto ricans wouldn't see it coming which society are we going to rape pillage and desecreate next currently the middle east is at war with us because quite frankly we brought war to them there was a day a man named saddam hussein was like da fuck? all dwon the side of his leg when he saw the armada coming at him like something out of a gi joe cartoon the lazers never stopped firing and someone for the three thousandth time tried to figure out how to build a light sabre ever notice that there always a hint of people trying to figure out how to build a light sabre to this world like doesn't matter who it is you know they tried to think of a way to make a real light sabre

Like i want to be such a famous sand wich artist that people are just happy to work with me like as the most famous sandwich artist i get it to the point where i tell them what's on their sandwich like i even do real artwork like hte mayonaise sandwich on flatbread like i call it my semen sike sandwich it's just mayo on flat bread like naw when i'm a sandwich artist after i pay my dues and get to know everyone and we party and smoke together like i just make your life easier by deciding for you what sandwich you gonna get like you come into my sandwich shop i ask you a few questions and then i decide on your sandwich NO hush shut your mouth you are not involved in my work you you get what you get there

Going to mars hella exciting hella hella exciting like the moon cool too. like i;m into life too like i want to know about new life forms wherever they are just shit i never seen before so i think we should explore the ocean. like the word of the day is OCEAN like lets hey did you hear they dropped another nuke in the water scared the shit out the whales whales freaked out but like what a scared whale to do but just be scared and float there doing the whale like whales fascinating they just evidence mother nature knew there was some biology that just really wanted to chill like if you a human and you chill the hardest on this planet in your next life you may become a blue whale but like you gotta be able to chill until you die of old age and then you can become a blue whale that's all they do is chill they the most chill things on this planet and they ancient and like all they eat is algae there probably some food humans can eat that just algae like algae steaks or something and like algae might be a good food to focus on developing a food from if we want to make our diet less exotic and easier to understand like an easier to understand diet like a grocery store that has your rations portioned out and you was picking up rations at the grocery store and not food i think we would be better off

I think that's what the federal government of the united states should be able to do that no other nation on the planet should be able to do as we finally have decided on the thing we want for ending the great war the United States wants to be the only thing that has control of the skies like the United States wants to exist above ground all the above ground belongs to the united states like you see the beautiful constellation in the sky that whole thing is in the united states like if the united states just looked at the rest of the world and was like we get space like for the great war ending for stopping the holocaust the united states gets and we get something this time we get to stop civilians from flying to mars there i said it i don't think random people that used to sell stocks and bonds should be able to transition over to planning a trip to mars when the only thing to make it back from mars is data what up with these billionaires jeff bezos and elon musk coming up with going to mars missions and nasa itself coming up with mars missions and everyone know you die on mars like mars a darwin award generator like the number of darwin awards on mars is high like no one dies of old age on mars everyone dies collecting a darwin award on mars that all you can do on mars is collect a darwin award that the only thing TO do like what they need to do is grab some mofo MIT robots grab some oculus rifts and send some mofo robots to mars and get in your avatar suits and develop mars with robots this basic shit like changing settings on a facebook configuration panel like for damn near everything in the creative universe there is an on and off switch like light bulbs weren't the first thing to have light switches there were light switches before there were light switches is what i am saying like you can turn an idea on and you can turn an idea off like a lot of what debate is is trying to find that kernel of your argument and shutting it off like debate a lot about on off shit like it a lot about looking the math of the decision making and mapping like there this thing called a map function in a processing programming manual like something that's fascinating in is the map function where you have some values and like you have one value that is from 0 to 100 and you have another one that is from 0 to 255 and like small changes in some variables can have dramatic effects on other variables and like you learn something reading technical manuals like for the most part i spend most of my time reading technical manuals and doing free writing.

Bow White Culture! White Culture Bow! Just Bow! Whiteness

Like i'm recovering from thinking africans the shit like i am legit recovering from thinking africans because they can rap like i was so into commercial music that I thought africans were the superior race and then the bubble around me popped and now i'm like ooooooh hold on yep there's some more intel that makes sense like now i'm like ooooooooooooooh alright like europeans i'ma european like it's just getting all different i'm like sort of geeked to be doing stuff like this interesting in knowing that what what am i going to do with the money this the most luxurious thing i can think of imaginginging doing sitting down and writing some thoughts out onto a website like in terms of fashion what is more fashionable than putting your thoughts on a website hand coded in notepad and just using fire ftp what is more romantic use of the internet than this that just sharing a thought just a thought like this is what the internet was for it was a replacement for television that for those that grew up and never had the chance to speak this is to give everyone a voice and the people that do not want everyone to have a voice want to shut this down so that what you have to say is controlled by that which does not want all that we can or could talk about to be talked about the supression of speech is at hand as if you want new words you have to show a need for them and we do not nearly explore this language enough to determine if we are doing what we need to be doing like we all need to be on our desk top work stations writing like all right needs to happen it needs to become more than a myth the all write solution that last day before the end of days when we all on the computer the joke of time travel started by playing with the clock on your pc that's all it is

You know what it's like to be the valedictorian of your high school class like speech giving concert planning making it into the paper calling women out of time magazine stomping out racism saving slaves from being slaves and freeeeeeeeeeeeeing slaves for gods sake in the mofo paper and like being an exchange student that dated exchange students and studied foreign affairs and had a great fucking time like he ends up getting told he's bipolar for thinking grandiose thoughts and staying up for days at at time like i get a bipolar rap because i would stay up for days at a time and just work on the computer and i don't really know who called the hospital on me because no one says they called anyone apparently no one called the hospital for me to be hospitalized and i know i didn't i never thought i needed to be hospitalized once i thought i needed some sleep but noooo you needed me to get on some fancy meds so you getting new politics and you need to know it's your mental health patients that have had the most say in history to be honest like there are people that experience history and then there are the people that write the history nigga i write the history the future happens because of what i write into it i paint the future with the grain of sand atreyu gave me this a never ending story or at least now it is now i set the levels into more balance in favor of the europeans because there a wealth imbalance and like you know where history comes from it comes from the people that stayed home and did their homework quilted that quilt sewed that dress wrote that play the people that did their homework decided history and the people that didn't do any homework never got to participate in history the type of history that decides daily fortunes like there certain behaviors that if you do you just going to be looked at a certain way like people be acting like doing nothing gonna get them that king ship they been eye balling people talking about being kang and having not done a damn thing their whole life never been on a job having no resume just show after show after show just no like after you pay your debt to society you get to do shows and then if you want to like this all fucked up like they need to shut the stage down get real eastern on this like apply western logic to eastern thought and just lock this shit down and promote web design at an industrial internet complex level like the industry internet is like where we time travel but like we need all hands on deck for it to work and there needs to be enough equipment out there in people's hands for us to time travel the time machine is earth we navigate with our minds through web pages just saying

I'll just be real honest like this honest. Like I'm on Europe's team so like yeah I think Europe gonna win. I mean Europe drafted me. I was the Heisman Trophy Winner in The College Soul League and then I entered the draft and the Europeans Drafted me because of my sense of humor. Like I entered the league with All Star Stats like if the Africans's had drafted me it might have been a different story by the Europeans put in the highest bid so I went with Europe. I do not regret my decision to be a European. I think I have good taste. I am glad that have me in their league the equipment is fantastic. When you're with Europe where you're on the European team you get remembered in museums it's different than being hood rich it's like wealth like it's when your people know what it's like to have their person president and i'm not with the people just finding out what it's like to have their person president like i'm with the people that ain rookies most days of the week on tech day most of us rookies but we real patient waiting for the presentation to start and like i'm real glad i'm on the European Team yeah I can't dunk but I don't get reminded every day that africans ain invent basketball they just decided to play it like I don't have to worry about business plans that involve training my kid to play golf at the age of 3 like ain a european that ever gave their child a specialty and drilled them into being the best of the best at something to make some money a certain way like europeans for the most part let their kids make their way in life and a lot of europeans go to university and like study lots of fields like Europeans are the shit they invent life styles that get picked up the world over the European business that so detail oriented like the inventions the architecture the industry like if there was a tourism bureau video for the European People like if European people gave a multi media presentation selling the world on how amazing Europeans are like they the kings of content managemnet systems like congress a content management system like jefferson developed a content management system like some people don't think in terms of how can we manage this content like there people that focus their whole life on making content and then there people that focus on how to collect it like there all kinds of things that can't be done without artists like every word in this english language came from a wizard and there spin offs of words and like someone invented this language and it grew and was groomed to become this one document at a time

Only date I ever turned down was when I was working Retail at Gadzooks at the age of 18. There was this real cute girl that was like my biggest fan like she geeked to be around me like she said she was bipolar so i didn't go on a date with her she seemed to be wild energy like she was super intense i turned down a date with her because she said she was bipolar and i was like fuck that i ain dating no one with a mental illness and then i end up with a bipolar permanent disability sort of wonder if i should accepted a date with her might not have ended up mentally ill just a thought like did i turn down a date with my soul mate because she was bipolar like would we have had kids and been happy forever if i had just dated the chick with bipolar disorder like would i have been a good husband by now like would we be on our 15th anniversary if i had just gone out with the bipolar girl if i had just gone on a date with a bipolar girl i would not have bipolar now like when it comes to making notes on your timeline you have to point out what would really have made a difference and it wuuld have made a difference to go out with the girl that was bipolar like if you want to be that way you can point out that you did go out with like every woman that you could go out with like i been on over 400 dates with over 200 women like my last date was like two months ago and like i just passed up a marriage with a freak and like i keep dodging marriage like at this point you probably just moving in with me like we might not get married we might just live together and like if we do get married it's like here let's just go sign the paper work like i ain thinking i'm going to have a ceremony like i ain got no best men like i ain got the requisite material for a marriage ceremony like we getting married in an office down town like ill put the ring on your finger and kiss your hand down town in the justice of the peace office like that's as romantic as it gets and even then it's just for tax purposes and so that it makes it easier to take half my shit like our prenup real simple i get the coffee pot you can have the rest just don't you dare try and take my coffee pot like that's my prenup i worked hard for that coffee machine and i'll be damned if some bish is gonna fuck up my coffee routine. bitch take the futon i don't sit on that no how alright fine you can have the television no no no you can't take half of a social security check we didn't have a kid though so this real easy and if we did have a kid we would probably live together but like just don't take the coffee machine like i mean if you legit want half my shit that probably why you married me anyways because of my shit like if you an into shit having bitch you would fuck with my shit there ain gonna be no child support but like if you get used to this life style you can get on welfare too that's your option if you with me you helping with the website like you out there you walking the street you passing out business cards and getting people to visit that's what you do and you wear normal clothing you just pass out cards at the bar like a cigarette girl but intel like i do it all the time like we be up inside this wrapping a computer around the people like i sit and write and it's like a mental excercise that i get used to doing and it can be very stimulating

The 2032 President is probably out there right now driving an ambulance. the 2032 President out there basically saving lives right now. Knows CPR and everything the guy drives an ambulance for right now or maybe something else. I think my generations president is driving an ambulance right now at this stage in his career. He's getting ready to start writing in his blog he just hasn't opened his account yet. If like you wanted an author farm I would suggest if you wanted to be a blogging record label type thing let's say in cincinnati i want the finest chef a city council man that wants to be mayor a designer a computer programmer and an actor and actress to start writing for my blog i set up the CMS and the system i get the people involved and i pay them to write not based on their writing skills they can write however they want but for their content the people that can just do it would be who i would be looking for as a literary agent i would approach people to write and i would sell their book maybe that is what i do i go through the city and i find the people and i get the stories and i am the literary agent and i seek out the people with the stories and they write them and i get them sold but i don't look for writing credentials i look for professional qualifications and life stories like the uniqueness of the writing often times has to do with playfulness when i do it and youth when someone knew does it and both ways it is a joy to read if i had people writing on this website that never though they were going to write and i paid good money and sold good advertisements and some other colors start to show up on the website in the writing might be something to see

I'm a fucking wizard I'm the wizard of north college hill. i'm a wizard and wizards ain too concerned with facts. wizards ain too concerned with facts. wizards hate magic. a wizard someone that has a deep need to hear you say that word he came up with the other day his job is to generate neologisms and enter them into the language so that society can better express itself and like a society with more words that are in more stories like you want like one new word in every story to be legit authorship to if you want it to be considered literature you had to insert a new word and not just a random name like you had to insert a word into the lexicon and it had to be legible like literature has the new words in them that's like my job is to figure out which writing is pointless and nonsense and which writing is literature things that are needed for the canon like the norton i start where i go alright norton ya'll got all the ancient dead people's writing cool ima ima start buying up writing of people alive and putting together a norton and just start cataloging authors like if facebook was for your face and your writing just winging it here just picking it up and putting it down like marky mark in the funky buch at it again they got another F and they ain content until they famous for their F they facebook they special

I wanna release a song called PROM HARD it something like a pop song it's just PROM HARD like yo what we gonna do gon yo what we gon do gon do we gon PROM HARD WE GON PROM HARD or something i ain got it all worked out the phrase PROM HARD is hard to work with but like sincerely from a suburbanite that been around the city ya'll prom hard ya'll yeah i get that i got a permanent disability i wasn't too into the kids that put together prom or the kids that put together the honor society like many were chosen few were the real deal like most of ya'll wimpery lookin me oh my work sucks da fuck you mean work sucks work the only thing worth doing there ain nothing worth doing more than work da fuck you think all that education is for but to improve your moves when you do work you start off every day at square one and by the end of you sposed to be cutting multi million dollar deals. like it should take about 15 minutes to think of a way to make a million dollars in the pro's like if you can't think of a way to make a million dollars and then get the return investment from seeting a butterfly like if mother nature ain paying you to do your work you at a disandvantage when it comes to competing with me boo boo

Like i think we should store the internet in a city armory and only really use it in case of an invasion like if china makes plans to invade the us and the us notices the stock piling of forces for an invasion THEN we can break out the internet and prepare for war like this a worst caee scenario tool it's not a hey let's listen to music on it kind of tool like THAT there is music on this thing goes to show how defeated the purpose is when it comes to computers nigga ONLY important muffuckas supposed to have computers nigga ONLY muffucking university graduates sposed to get smart phones like ya'll dna has make sure you fuck up as often as possible encoded in it like if a nigga 3/4 of a person compares to a european a typical caucasian in the united states like a fucking hee haw applachian heritage fourth generation off the farm looking muffucka in the united states like 1/3rd like broken europeans are worth less to earth than put together africans like a european only more powerful than an african if that european put together right if you a fucked up european an african gonna ball on you all day and that's what they did until i got here

Like my 2nd temp job when I was like 20 in cincinnati i was like on some spread sheet and they were like that should take you like 3 months to get finished organizing and like i had it organized in like four hours i just did some spread sheet wizardry back when spread sheets were brand new and like they were surprised i ain have to go back i went on to another job and ocmpleted that task

Nigga I have a super power A SUPER POWER nigga I can do this shit nigga i got a super power like my brain thinks something and then my hands type it out it's never not novel just playing with your hands like you ever really fall in love with your hands and like you just geeked out when you got to play with them and then they gave you this comptuer that was like a hand obstacle course like it's really an obstacle course DO YOU KNOW WHAT A CAPTCHA IS? i might not be ME someone trying to be me like an automated algorithm that keep getting better at generating fake accounts like a big part of the internet is solving captcha's and i got a super power because i solved them all like there was 1 captcha i couldn't solve and i refreshed the screen and solved the next one like i'm good at captcha's like that should be my job at the office solving captchas' like when you come to one just call me over and i'll solve it for you then go back to my desk and keep clicking the mounse button on the mouse with a counter on it that needs to see me log in 25,000 clicks a day if i want to keep my paycheck it was a fair negotiation point in my release from social security i had to be babysat i couldn't be a free human being all the time some of the time i needed someone to hear mouse clicking in my general vacinity and in the meetings i had to skip those i wasn't allowed at the meetings like i missed out on soooo much not having a corporate career like all those years i never would have been the man i missed out on not being the man ooooooh nooooo.

Like these computers this internet like it just looks like a bad idea like here's an example it used to be when you wanted graphic design work done you were dealing with men that were like you men and they had your best interests at heart and they used their hand and machines to craft logo type for you and did stunning magazine graphic work pieces and it was all done through methods and techniques that took years to master and now we have the desktop publishing age it used to be business had a better reputation because it presented itself better there is nothing stopping your company logo from being a rothko or a monet or a picasso or a bansky there is nothing stopping companies from abandoning this ever growing simplification of their role in the world and start explaining how truly complex a network of importances a company like shell is to the world explore just how complex a network of business and decision making it takes to run a shell corporation like if a shell logo was more like it's orginal logo complex and ornate like the shell corporation as opposed to simplified and basic as it's modern logo i think if it took years for people to truly appreciate your logo your logo has more meaning if the major business abandoned bauhaus design and went back to the roots of the art and got it down to time spent developing a skill and tie spent on project at skill level like if was back to how accurately you render your subject if it was did you say anything did you create art did you create craft or did you create art how dare you waste my time with your craft if you have nothing to say get the fuck out of my studio

Story of a guy on his first day at the office and he used to working in an advanced office condition he get's paid a lot more at this job but he gets to his work station and he comes to discover they are using windows 95 on their computers and that they have a fax machine and phones in brief cases and he comes to realize that he's a director of marketing in a working antique electronics store that specializes in selling antique electronics that work like cassette players cd players first generation smart phones beepers and sub woofers he a little freaked out like four people see him pull out his iphone 7 and they just stare at him like he from the future like on his first day on the job electronically speaking on his person he is more tricked out in his life style like his apartment more advanced than the research and development lab of this company he now working at like they don't use internet explorer like they use netscape nigga netscape and like you the web master and they give you a manual from 1994 and you like da fuck? like you go home and tell your wife you time travel for a living

I just used coffee cup software and i was working on a file and it ran out of memory this file this file became too big for coffeecup web ide to work with. so i brought it into note pad++ and it's working fine. notepad++ apparently has the memory capacity to work with cutting edge content driven websites.

Clearly not everyone does this but in the discussion of weed they never talk about the people that throw up doing drugs maybe because it's just me. I throw up about three times for every $50 I spend on weed. They say it's because I inhale too deeply or something someone always got a reason for me to be the one fucking up and throwing up. I think it''s because weed a poison. i think the state of ohio did it the right way when it voted to criminalize smokeable weed it's unsafe and a fire hazard and like edible weed is the way to go. we need to get weed legalized in further and further apetizing ways because euphoria is something to talk about and so is the depression weed brings on. the absolute depressions. the you just ate your fourth brownie now you hallucinogenic high and then you come down and you feel like you want to kill yourself. you fucked up if you think you telling me your poisons worth a bitch. like beer and liquor just as bad. ain nothing worse than being drunk. NOOOOOTHING! Weed ain bad. But drunk is horrific. It's a poison it's even known as poison. It's the tradition of the bar that keeps it alive. Just the week in week out sitting at a chair and ordering a drink to drink and be around people. like the bar religion that irreligious people have. like the people without religion have religion at a bar. like the legalization of drugs is terrible. now if you are talking pharmaceuticals that's another story. you know what you are getting with a pharmaceutical. you know the ingredients standardized you know you getting some shit that came out of an advanced chemistry set. i think we should make all street drugs illegal and legalize euphoria inducing pharmaceutical drugs. the drugs are done for the euphoria that's what people want we have the ability to use pharmaceuticals to make us satiated on our pleasure endorphins and we just need to do it currently watching nfl football is not enough of an opiate for everyone there are people that require more

Like when it comes to the VA like i mean you grow up hearing stories of veterans getting screwed and you just go fuck it they ain getting screwed any more and you get with the supreme court and you just work it out with them that it's legal for the us federal government to declare eminent domain on a doctor and like the us government just goes to johns hopkins and declares eminent domain on four of their doctors four of their nurses four of their residents and four of their surgeons and lets them know they now work for the va hospital and their flights are booked and no they don't have a choice on some yeah i fix the VA i get it done and it a for their country thing so they get treated like royalty for doing it like i arrange for the THEE NICEST homes in the area to be theirs free of charge as a politician i just work it out if i am going to declare eminent domain on some doctors from johns hopkins and get them working at the va they get black cards to get their job done and then when they train their replacements they can go back

Best definition I ever hear for what politics is is that it's the discussion of who gets what. Like who get's what the discussion of it like there's 40 trillion dollars so who gets how much of hte money that conversation i'm actually interested in that brand of politics the discussion of who gets what it makes sense to me just men and women discussing who is getting what like it's interesting to me like under what rules can people live in a house who gets food who gets to live in the high priced neighborhoods whose company gets a governmnet contract and we are going to make certain every employee has one at home and one in the office like just a discussion of who gets what like in general like who gets to go to school and who doesnt like why this man in prison and this man free why these two people go to prison at the same time but this man got out six years earlier just politics i'm hella interested in talking about who get's what i think i have a wisdom that helps me figure out who gets what for real i think i'm good at figuring out who gets what i think i am good at that brand of politics and the problem solving for people that comes with that the aspect of that brand of politics where you do a lot of business as a politician you work as a middle man and you just keep appointments five days a week and you go to your bar on friday nights and like that was your life you just kept people talkig to people and like that brand of politics you were adpets and getting people involved in developing the kind of projects tha tould get funding and that were actionable and interesting and fulfilled funding requirements you knew how to pitch to kickstarter a lot of people never tried to pitch to kickstarter it's a hella of a form to fill out some people can't fill out their own form i can

Hey yo i'm permanently disabled like permanently like the state of ohio has me down as PERMANTLY DISABLED PERMANENTLY like i have a permanent disability and it really just my personality like my personality a permanent disability in the state of ohio like i get paid to be mentally ill and like i apply for jobs and like it almost seems like the state of ohio knows a square would never hire me so they give me money to keep me from begging like i get just enough money that i don't have to beg like begging a real thing like in a world where you have to trade for food if i need food and have nothing to trade I have to beg. i barely can avoid begging. i would like my money to come in my name but like my money comes in my mom's name and like i get $50 a week to spend and that's it i never leave the apartment much becasue there is nothing to do off site Permanently Disabled and I get a pay check for it and i'm just like alright like i know who marilyn manson is and he seem crazier than me and no one gives him a hard time if i had a record deal would i be fine like they told me it's a financial designation this permanent illness status like if i get a job and earn $30,000 a year i am no longer considered permanently disabled like i get an injection once a month now and i have pills to take and like it because people have a problem with the way i talk sometimes and like it's a mental illness a permanent one one that you can get paid for having like marilyn manson get's paid millions of dollars to cut his chest open during a concert but like i get to go through this like i get paid i'm on social security like once you get used to keeping busy on the desk top computer being on social security ain hard but like i don't think i could do this without a desk top computer funny enough. I spend 4 hours a week thinking of what to do with my weekly $50 four hours every week. i debate with myself how to spend my fifty dollars. i make lists. do calculus figures. i spend hella time about two days before pay day thinking of what to do with my money. I get $50 a week. I can do a lot with $50 i'm learning how much you can do with just a little money like you can buy like a lot of books from amazon for $50. like there a lot you can do. the federal government takes care of me so like i cater my politics towards assisting who is putting food on my table like a lot of this more pro government than it would be if i had a recording contract and was being taken care of by like Aftermath or Bad Boy Records since my bills are being paid by the government i ain got shit to say about the government in the stat of ohio but like when they tell you there ain nothing wrong with you in new york city you just a square in new york city in cincinnati you a freak of the week pariyah looking thing in new york city you just another guy reading the paper but you don't go because your mom bring you grocery shopping once a month and like you don't know new york city like that and like you get the siren calls that affect your chemistry and fill you with a need to leave and go to new york city or los angeles or san francisco like the need to leave arises but the ability to leave is nullified irregardless of what my financial status is i'm missing some meeting and like i'm sposed to be a jet setter i was built to be a jet setter but like there were some technical difficulties and like i came in too fast and like some people had serious issues with my life style and they handicapped the shit out of me to keep me from procreating like i was given a deal so long as i didn't have kids i would get this

I talked to an engineer once and he was a goony muffucka like the colors of the sounds he was making were intelligent but like he was struggling to come up with a coherent way to express himself and all he could think to do was invent and like it a shame my brother went off to join the military without talking to me first like i could have explained to him he could have taking his teaching degree and taught adults how to do art at local bars and he would have had some money just fine he had the credentials for some nice work but like his god complex was hella complwex like mine real simple god a word my little brother's god complex is like god a superme deity that don't talk about god it's not right to talk about god complex like he ain feel like he deserve to be a part of the conversation so new he in the military and i'm like god damn like i ain saying nothing but like our family did it's time in the military like i don't think every generation needs to join the military at some point the kids of the military officers do some shit like join the private sector and apply the military intelligence to the private sector.

What is sharia law? A lot of reasons to chop someone's head off? I don't know what Sharia Law is. Is the style of law that says a woman has to cover up her facade and be fully covered in garments because attraction is too hard for men to deal with. Is sharia law responsible for that tradition? the one where a group of men admits they cannot control themselves around a woman so they ask her to perpetually cover their skin up with cloth on a is that too much to deal with basis and entire society that dictates precisely how women should dress on the sole basis that life becomes to difficult if a woman can dress how she wants like a flawless society a society that is reaching for the highest heights is a society that has rules over how women dress just women because if women dress however they want life become too difficult to live you can't have the world you want so long as a woman can do something like wear a t shirt and jeans or if she wants to wear a bathing suit there are just some articles of clothing most articles of clothing that if women wear them make living in society too hard too hard it becomes to hard to function when i have to walk down the street and past a woman wearing a t shirt that's difficult for me i need her to cover up so i can function i am sick of this i can't cope with women wearing whatver they want i gotta do something i'll pass the sharia law the sharia law simply states women know they know what they are supposed to be wearing and they need to wear it women know they need to cover up they know it it's what they know they need to do and it does though it becomes real hard when you see a woman's elbow it just that's just not a good day to be alive as a man because then you have to think those thoughts and it's her fault you are thinking those thoughts and when it comes to the thoughts a man thinks when a woman has her arms exposed or her stomach them's hard days thems the days that that's the hardest we need a bright future and in that bright future more women cover up not less and we get the world we deserve when billions of men are letting billions of women know it's to hard to acknowledge their present in a decent human fashion because crucial and vital skin is being exposed i mean we are talking the stomach skin that vital skin area that if a man sees it will drive him mad so it has to be covered up some things are too difficult to live with like a bare stomached woman whose elbows can be seen such a forward thinking society that has a clever way of dealing with this mental illness that sharia law thing it is. is that sharia law the thing that has a couple more reasons to chop someone's head off than say western law. not a lot of reason to cut off a head in western law but sharia law. it just seems like it's thte kind of law that can cost you your head.

Is that what that's called when 300 million people cast a vote to decide something. is that a decision? can you derive meaning from 300 million votes? Is that a thing? Is a 300 person committee voting on a thing a thing? I get voting. I just wonder if you can call it voting with 300 million people are doing and some people are deciding on voting on not voting like that's a vote cast too i'm not voting like 300 million people working together to make a good decision when like television radio and film are working feverishly to sway your vote one way or the other like this is how we do things. if there were 50 presidents one for every state and then there was like a website where the 50 presidents spent their time chatting with each other and getting to know each other like that would be cool like if we skipped to a form of government that is only possible with an internet present like i get that we did the best we could do with letters and messenger boys but like now we have something we can use in government a little bit more profoundly like if we had 50 presidents and there was a chat room where they talked things out and like basically there was a house of representaitves and there was a senate in each state and like each state was in charge of each state and the 50 presidents got to know each other and we had a government that is only possible if people are going to be using desktop work stations and like tablets and smart phones like if we took our nation into the nation it can be with the modern technology the current model of our behavior is based on the 1800's model and the gutenberg press like we are still sort of in the time of gutenberg and we have recently maxed out his invention the printing press Nooooow we have the internet let's build government on this platform and enter into the governmnet only possible with modern invention and just move out of the printing press age into the internet age

I think based on the Catechism of Pope Benedict that the Vatican II Council was broughgt about because of pressure from the outside world mounting to get the Roman Catholic Church to stop the latin mass. It was becoming too powerful. There was far too much religion happening in the Roman Catholic Church towards the end of Vatican I Vatican II i believe was brought about to take some of the motherfucking religion out of religion. Like Latin was too much. They They couldn't handle that much religion. They could have pursued Vatican I and becamse even more religiion topping religion on top of their religion but Vatican II was some pussy hippies that couldn't handle how much religion their parents had in it so they normalized it and EXPLAINED everything da fuck need explaining jesus died for your sins so now we do this show every sunday into perpetuity what's a fuck not to understand? the vatican council in becomnig vatican II lost a lot of precious religion and they could have been more religiious.

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I'll be honest with you i posted it on my site so i could kind of laugh at it but after reading it i think silicon valley and cocoa cola got their hands on domino's a little bit. all that android windows coca cola apple trade mark legal seems like something domino's was haggled into doing. not a typical business practice.

Black Lives Matter

Like I really want to give enough of a shit about Black Lives Matter that I get my jamaican flag out and get on the metro take the bus down town to central parkway and when everyone else is chanting hey hey ho ho i was like let's go let's do this let's protest let's walk down the street let's march let's d this it's going t solve the problem or have an affect let's do this da fuck king of ghetto ass mentality you got your vatican a cardboard box behind the dumpster that what you got that what you need? you got the nothing i got the grain of sand that you can paint a universe with like i'm the kid that wasn't confused by the grain of sand in the never ending story like i knew da fuck that was and what do do with it twy i still here nigga i just sitting here doing my katas today just putting in that work on a work day

Like I think black lives matter more to blacks than they do to let's say police officers. I think it a lil fucked up too though that there these people that got a list of things they see you doing you going to jail and the list keeps getting longer. like the list of reasons you can go to jail is not getting shorter. like there was a time before when smoking weed was illegal. not enough was known about it to make it illegal. like there people that come up with lists of reason to put people in prison and most of the items on the list are things that people are doing frequently like they have a business plan like the more often the police can pick someone up for breaking entire listso rules is so that the prison industrial complex can make money like the police the mayor the prison system are not actually costitutional in nature we sort of developed a system by which we keep our goons puting people in prison for whatever reason they want. there are police officers that get to a point in regards to the law that it's not about the law anymore it's about how they feel about someone and the police have quotas and they have to make money too and it's the police officers that are killing men and women to enforce the adherence to a thought is absurd. the police are an aberation of nature or they are the top dog. they are the ones that took control of society and that is what they decided to do. the police are the most powerful citizens on the planet that can accomplish any goal and they wear uniforms and carry guns and enforce a set of made up rules we could be in more anarchy and we are not in any less anarchy because there are police officers than we are with out them. the fear is that without the police we would be helpless. that's the fear towards doing away with police and cutting them out of the city budget to pay for the city to run the YMCA and it stays open 24/7 and we install computer labs for citizens to come together to work on our city's software like if there was a computer lab in the city that worked on the word processing software for the city or did our mobile phone sotware like if every city did their own software for the story for the pride if like forever and a day we didn't just let silicon valley do this if we had some dominant presence on this computer not this brandery nonsense that are half assed ideas in the professional langauge of completed software what are we doing we have people that mostly volunteer trying to take over the world ain no mofo employee involved in world domination you know that's certain

This was the wettest game. Like if when we was playing this game if we gave every baby an account with their birth certfificate and like every kid got a submarine and a fighter jet when they were born and we just prep for their high school MMORPG experiences

What if you find out someone a homeless veteran you give them a seat in your state house congress building. Let's see more veterans in congress. There.

Like I might not think too differently from someone that doesn't believe in god except like I think there some cool things you can do with god I don't think you ever had the right sales pitch on why you should fuck with god and incorporate it into your vocabulary. like with god in your vocabulary you can talk about how god is involved in your life like you can talk about the last time you talked god and like you can talk about satan and the satan in your life and like every one will know what the the fuck you talking about when you like this demon is killing me i hate camel lights like you talking about how cigareetes the ban of your existence when you talk about god you get this entire vocaabulary you can use to express yourself and everyone knows what the fuck you are talking about.

I think for the most part this a question over whether or not I can work at the DMV. Like my uncle ain get me my job. My God provided me with a way. Like yeah there some divine intervention going on. Like there was divine intervention in my life. Probably should have been on a talk show by now. But I wasnt on a talk show yet. I think ya'll yella I think this is a yella nation that handles it's business with a weapon. Fuck you people. Yuo cowardly fucking tortoises. You beta bitches that survived the war becasue you ain fight it. Like how many beta's a live today in congress whose parents dodged the wars. How often is it send someone to go and fight just so long as it isn't me no that other guy the goon send him to go and fight the war I have paperwork to file back here in the states. let's just make certain it's the other guy yeah that guy that got a d in high school make certain that he goes and fights I GOT AN A so i get to stay behind and he defends me becasue I am so superior because I can visualise a water atom and spin it around let's think about this our leaders have no problem wattching us die like there are world leaders and worlds in this world that have never known war and they still here and they got the internet and iphone and all of that and they never went to war we glorify war and the people that wage if who we need to glorify are the world leaders whose nations never went to war ever in their entire history.

Like I have never slept with another man's wife yet. I have yet to sleep with another man's wife. Haven't done that yet. I think this movie was special to me because the song by chantal kreviazuk is spell binding I fell in love with this trailer watched it some 30 times over six months and like just marveled at the trailer. a lot of the time it's only ever going to be the trailer for me. I don't have time to sit through a movie anymore. not like time in my schedule but like time like it's not even not an investment in film it's just that i can't make time for a film anymore like i got time for a trailer and that's about it.


this the book you gotta memorize to use an ide properly

Like if i could go back I would have studied chemistry like I ended up developing a fascination with materials and in another life i hope to study materials at MIT maybe that is what i was supposed to do this life but i ain hit that doing what i'm supposed to be doing level like i keep exploring doing the things i am supposed to be doing i keep grooming behavior that i don't want to be doing out of my system it's a constant battle to be doing what i am supposed to be doing focusing on what i am supposed to be doing and doing that that's not easy to be doing what you are supposed to be doing i think THEE perfect answer if if we were all doing what we were supposed to be doing we wouldn't need the police

This THE best reference book for starting in computer programming with. This is THEE BEST reference book. this reference book is actually a work of design it's not computer scientist rhetoric. what a white collar computer science engineer thinks you need to know to do something and what they teach you is never competitive knowledge they show you things they don't tell you anything they inform you of functions that a language has and they are unoriginal there is a format to teaching computer programming languages this is the book that the rest of the computer reference books need to learn from you need to pick up a book read it and know 1/3 of the material then the 2nd book gives you the next 1/3 and then the next books gives you the next 1/3 you need to get programmers to that lewel where you need to stress that you want it to be rote you want a programming reference book that teaches you a style of attacking programming as a problem solving tool you need to get programmers to the point where they google NOTHING you want your programmers to have it memorized and are writing katas and forever solving a problem in ever more precise ways you want a reference manual that is an encyclopedia at this point you need books to help you organize your field clearly people need better documentation on the internet itself you need to start publishing the literature that shows how people use the internet in real life you need fiction that shows people ways of using the internet that are in stories how does the internet affect stories where is the louvre of the internet is it the way back machine i think we should invest in the way back machine i think the media thinks it gets to decide industries when really it gets to watch

nigga sellin wood nigga wood

Like what if it's my turn to fuck the monster? you the 56 year old woman on craigslist that when you see her photo gives you this feeling like god damn you seen better days and them's days was in the hospital but like you tell yourself you a certain kind of way so like you should fuck her but like you you don't you don't fuck a woman 20 years older than yourself when you 35 because you smarter than that. you set you okcupid fishing net settings on from 18 to 19 you 35 years old you on OKCUPID you looking to hook up with one of the 4 eighteen year old girls in cincinnati ohio there four of em you know it would be hot to have her over to your apartment tell her stories of the university work out a deal with her where she can live with me and i will help her with her homework but she gotta cook the food and like i be on okcupid hollering at 18 year old women like with a look in my eye like this fun this legit fun like i dig ordering up women off a menu a couple time's i played a game of NOPE on Tinder and just kept hella swiping left on damn near everyone like online dating a trip it's like fishing for real i think i write to much like there was this television show some 20 years ago that told of this race of people that knew the 7 words you could say that would cause a woman to fall in love SURE WOULD BE NICE TO KNOW THOSE WORDS i could use them on OKCupid

I think church is for kids. I really do. I really think church is for kids. I think your options are have had your parents take you to church or don't go to church. The only religious figures I respect are the ones that were born into it. I think everyone else confused. Like if you was not born into it. If you did not grow up in it. You really don't know what it is. Like I think in a lot of ways like to me an example of how religions works is that in Islam the people that go on a jihad and blow themselves up to kill the enemy are converts to Islam they don't really understand Islam or they are simply looking for a reason to go to war that it has less to do with Islam and more to do with a United States occupation of the middle east for 20 years. I think your jihadists are sadistically pissed off that the US has muffucking been in the middle east for 20 years and has just been killing people. Killing people on the first day they were there. They showed up they killed people they been killing people. I can imagine some kids that were born in the iraqi hood are slightly pissed off so at the core of it some real cool iraqi kids like saddam husseins son and like i'll tell you this much saddam hussain's son is the most beautiful man on the planet I thought it was the lead singer of silver chair it's not it's saddam husseins son he's the most beautiful man on the planet and like at the core of the ISIS movement are some real cool Iraqi's that looking at the US like we the niggas and like they just moving differently like I don't think too many people think of it from the perspective of an iraqi born in 1996 like that kid gonna be different and he might be cool but he might have to come up with a cool way to get even too for like just doin his people like that like i think of the natural born cool kids in iraq and the middle east and what they have to go through

So Like

So like have you ever imagined a little girl sucking your dick before like imagined it?

Yeah a couple times.

So you're a pedophile.

Bitch I ain no pedophile i imagined my grandmother sucking my dick too. I imagined the pizza delivery guy sucking my dick. That woman that sold me tickets to the show last night I imagined her sucking my dick. I imagined Dan Rather sucking my dick back when 60 Minutes was on. I imagine people sucking my dick. It just happens. Like most of the time I am imagining someone sucking my dick. I'm supposed to work in porn.

You pedophile son of a bitch.

I'm like the oppositve of a pedophile. My mind works in mysterious ways. Ask me how many times I've had my dick sucked before?

How many times have you had your dick sucked?

Never. I have never had my dick sucked that's why my brain keeps trying to imagine it happeneing. It's seen porn and never had it's dick sucked so now because porn let my brain know you can get your dick sucked it wants everyone to suck it's dick.

You're blaming your brain when really it's your fault.

Nope it's my brain's fault. I'm imaginging you sucking my dick right now. I'm used to it. I don't even want my dick sucked. It's not a priority to me. I just imagine it. Repeatedly.

Alright well it's right around the corner, you'll love this glory hole.

Bout time I had my dick sucked.

Like what if Glory holes were as common as McDonalds. Like what if there was like this place on every corner where you could get your dick sucked. Like what if brothels were as common as subway restaurant?

Pedophiles and creeps get all kinds of press they get shout outs every day. What about the people that are the opposite of pedophiles and creeps? What's a pedophile woman called? What do you call a creepy woman? What about these people that are the opposites of killers and creeps and pimps and pedophiles? When those people gonna have a day the day the opposite people of the scum of the earth gonna get some press. When someone gonna be on television that famous for being the opposite of a pedophile?

I've never even seen child porn before. What am I to imagine some 50 year old man has a 6 year old boy in a recording studio and he having the child give him a blow job? Is that what child porn is they never really say. I'm 36 years old and I want 18 year old girls have sex on the internet. I been watching porn since I was 6 years old. I ain never had a problem with it. I think porn is healthier to watch than the Terminator. I think with my kids I will raise them on porn and won't let them play Call of Duty. Like I want my kids sensitized to violence and desensitized to making love. Like I want my children to read the kama sutra. I want my children to enjoy making love. I even want my children to have children at the age of 18 so that they have a good relationship with their children. I'll teach my children how to study while raising kids. My children won't necessarily go to college they will go to work and I will show them how to properly take a MOOC course. Like I spend a lot of time thinking about my children and I want them sexually active at a young age with their own generation. Like I want my son or daughter to have a family young. I think they'll be better off than waiting until they are 30.

I think sex get's a bad rap in the united states. Like i was making out for hours at at time at the age of 16 like it ain about my first kiss it's about the first time I made out for four hours. Like it's possible to make out for four hours and keep your dick in your pants. That's what I did for a solid four years as a kid. I also never gave myself a massage until the age of 20 I saw porn for 14 years and never bust my dick out and give myself a massage until I came. I came for the first time at the age of 20 I almost had something cool happen if I would have thought of it. I could have been 20 years old in San Francisco with Zoe trying to give birth to the first semen that came out of my dick. That didn't happen my first semen ended up in the sink. I could have nutted for the first time into a woman. I think that would have been special.

Legit though my favorite porn actresses are in their 40's like my favorite porn star this red head that like 50 years old. Like I have a healthy appreciation for women. WONEN. I watch women make love and I study how to do it. I started off my sexual career with Sexuality Dot Org this is a wabsite that's been up for about 20 years now. Hella successful website been up twice as long as Facebook. I have always had a fascination with making love. I just keep spending time with women my own age and pretty soon it's going to be cool when the women my age can't have children. It's going to be pretty cool in heaven with a 40 year old woman that can't have sex and just bunny fuck for years guilt free with no fear of anything other than having a good time. Like ideally I have a wife that is like 46 years old and looks like a stone cold goddess and the two of us pick out an 18 year old woman to have a child with. That's the dream. Like so that we can have an american family. At that age people. At that age. Like I can't really go pick up a date at the arcade. The women my age are just old enough they be going through menopause. I'm cool with it. Been waiting for this.

Like I'm not attracted to soccer moms those women are like dead to me. It's the women that still got their hourglass shape and 40 that I am attracted to. If you look soccer mommish you dead to me.

You know what never happened to me? I was never so brutally attracted to a woman late at night walking down the street that I tackled her ass and fucked her pussy on the pavement behind a building. I was never that desperate for sex and my desperate for sex days are over. Like the most desperate for sex I ever was was while making out and she was stroking my dick with her hand. I became desperate for sex while we were making out and she was stroking my dick. I just know that about me. Like just the other month when Keana came over to go down on me so that we could have a kid becasue she is so fucking obese she knows her stomach keeps me far away from her pussy that my dick won't go in. She gives me head at the age of 38 and she like trying to have another kid. I'm feeling retarded because I turned down like 40 blow jobs and Keana would have been forever trying to get pregnant by blowing my semen out her mouth into her hand and rubbing her pussy with her semen hand to get pregnant. Like that shit would never work but my dad a surgeon so I know just enough about medicine and have just enouhg fear that I was like first off I know she crazy and I know I ain attracted to her but she is tall and like our kids would have ended up tall and like i turned down having a kid with some 38 year old woman because i thought it might kill her I turned down like 40 blow jobs just because i ain feel like having a kid with this psycho path that had retardo teeth but i thought she was cute and was attracted to her energy like she did little things for me like dry me off in the shower and wipe down my body and she rolled blunts for me like damn i ain saying i fucked up i just know I I I would not have minded living with this Keana woman but the rest of my family would have and hella awkward christmases like i think i dodged a bullet but i almost had a kid i did want a blow job but like clearly it would be me getting the blow jobs from the bitches that are using their hands to get pregnant with because they too obese to have sex with.

Like I been desperate enough for sex I asked a woman for her phone number. I been desperate enough for sex I responded to an ad on craigslist. What if there was an adult magazine for men that weren't too desperate for sex. Like we still had the naked women in it but they were doing something fucked up in every photo like being covered in tape. Sort of like a men's magazine where we don't glamorize women we sort of abuse them and take photographs of it. That would sort of turn me on to see a photograph of a woman being abused. Fuck em. That's hot to me.

Fuck that that. That's dead. I ain fucking no soccer mom. Fuuuuuuuuck that. I ain got time for no soccer mom. Like my first gangsta rap track was titeled "Soccer Mom's Can't Even Suck It" like I went to the top of the bill board charts with "Soccer Mom's Can't Even Suck It" all the kids were with me ain no one 18 to 22 want to fuck a soccer mom but then year years later some of my biggest fans turned into soccer moms and they just hated me.

naw I got a different vision for gangsta rap maybe it's first vision ... it's just about offending women ...

That if people knew that was the trade off that if we dropped the gun from our arsenal in the united states we could fight. That there is a better world on the other side of gun ownership over handing over every lock stock and barrell and bullet over to uncle sam because then we get to fight if you knew no one had a knife if there was a just a rule in the us fuck around and bring a weapon into a fight and you the one that dies it's not the man that's willing to fight that is the problem it's the man that went out of his way to build a weapon to make it easier to kill someone. it's the muffucking engineer that brought us the weapon before bitch ass engineers got involved on earth we handled our problems with our hands we fought and we rumbled and we got along just fine and then the gun came along and now our society is anarchist because we unbalanced becasue we ain fought in a long time and there is so little wrong with a street fight like street fighting the core component of society like it a way to solve a problem and then from that weapons come up from people that claim their intelligence makes them superior naw nigga you just the first nigga to pick up a rock nigga pussy as bitch engineer ass nigga pissing off the very epople that can shut me down nigga we ending war with a never ending olympics nigga we handle wars being judged by olympic committees

You know what would produce muffuckin traffic if i uploasded an mp4 file to youtube and filmed myself slitting my wrist. i got a think about this. am i going to get a razor blade and cut myself just for the traffic. i doubt it. but now my wrists hella conscious and when you're wrists conscious you can feel the veins and arteries in your wrists that's a sensitive day. but what if i filmed myself cutting myself just for the ratings.

Like release a youtube where i have a needle and i prick my finger with a needle and am like BLACK LIVES MATTER NIGGA I'M BLEEEEEEEEDING FOR YOU NIGGA NIGGA NIGGA NIGGA I'M BLEDING FOR YOUR like if i bled blood for the Black Lives Matter Movement. IT would clearly be over. The African American's need me to bleed for it to be over.

My favorite porn star dead right now she died of old age. it weird watching someone dead's porn work. like when you know she sucked dick most of her life. like this bitch for 40 years never sucked less than 12 dicks a week. she was a pro. she sucked so many dicks she almost gave birth to twins in her lungs like this bitch sucked some dick she could have made out with him but no she said i want to stick your dick in my mouth and like he nutted in her eye 10,000 times over the course of her career. like they were like married couples who filmed their sex life. porn was crazy and then you had REALITY KINGS and i swear to god his business plan is like a puzzle but part of REALITY KINGS businss plan is to have 1 guy in a night club with 120 naked bitches and each of em take their turn sucking his dick like da fuck where he live? i want to live there. I want to go to the Reality Kings Night Club I want the chick with the neon fish net top and the blonde friend to get on their backs for me so i cna take one stroke up high and one stroke down low fucking two bitchs at the same time WHY NOT ME! WHY NOT ME! What the fuck went wrong with my dna is he like a fucking hugh hefner savant like da fuck Reality Kings' business plan hell i yeah i want to work in porn i want to be the guy that does the interview porn where like my job is to check to make sure you know how to have sex and we film it to like the interview where it say you do anal but we just gotta check to make sure you ain lying and that's my job i make sure you're a porn actress da fuck? ya'll ain doing the kama sutra so i know you amateurs like porn rank amateur like lust cinema only one that doin it right like most peoople thing sex comes with two positions but they wrong there like an infinite number of them and like porn ain doin you no favors

Ima start a church called the Branch Dividian like on our sign beneath Branch Dividian it say but this time we get it like Branch Dividian Reincarnated like we drink a lot of beer and read a lot of newspapers and watch NFL football games and like that's what we do. We read the newspaper. It's our newspaper. We write letters to the Editor TOO. Just the Enquirer and like we into good beer we're not into brewiing it. Nope. Just buying it from the store and drinking it. Like all kinds of beer too. We buy the beer we buy the newspaper we rent the church space until we own the church space and we the Branch Dividian we hella normal. Just a hella normal religion that get down to the core definition of religion which is something that's done religiously. Like every one in the united states in multiple religions ain nothing not involving religion in the us so we just hella upfront just the first normal religion that isn't acting like it ain a relgiion and we getting together for the comradery and family of it and we want to raise funds for major purchases like we want to own the building so we donate our money to the project and we donate our tax returns to it it's quicker that way and we use our money to pay for becoming our own hosting provider and we paid some software engineers to develop software training skills and we had some game mechanic engineers on hand to develop and build new out door athletic sports and we taught the world how to play our games with video games and we were a games designer company with a non profit religious front and people could just come chill with us while they working it wouldn't be a bad way to get to know us before we hire you make sure the chemistry right and like the website to the Branch Dividian has products for sale from amazon on and we look for reasons to buy shit through and we work to get people to buy through our website and we get the referral bonus and like the days it seems so simple

If I was the Police Chief I would rename us the Ey Yo becasue like we have a pretty much ey yo mentality to everything. Like the perp steals a loaf of bread. We Ey Yo get a call. We on the scene. We see a dude with a loaf of bread walking down the street. We cool. We go inside the man say someone stole a loaf of bread. We like what he look like? They like he in tims. I'm like cool. Alright Ey Yo tell your mama she did a good job. We out. Ey yo let me hit that. Alright man. God damn. What we gonna do about this bread? We gonna go back in there and give him $10. Then we gonna go about our day. Someone needed some bread. I don't really give a fuck. I really don't. I just know we gotta do something. I know if the kid had $10 he'd buy the bread. That's all I know. Fuck this country. Da fuck they go with the money no how? Like Ey Yo got a blunt to smoke. Like the other night someone you know no one kill no one the way we run things. They pulled out their pistol shot three in the air. We had to be like Ey Yo yo yo yo yo yo we show up. He like yeah I put three in him. Nigga I know you shot straigt up. Da fuck you involved in? He like this the part I ain never beard before so like I don't know what he would say. Most of my thoughts in crime prevention coming up with a set of mechanics to reality's social engineering if followed more closely followed a relevent human psychology pathology in that the paths of human behavior are mapped out better in my social engineering than yours. Your social engineering's logical conclusion is a holocaust mine is a utopia. We are at diametric ends with each other. We waiting.

If it's a job you can get fucked for africans want them. typically speaking unless you can get fucked for havivng that job an african don't want it. like africans big into having the jobs you can get fucked for. they big into turning everything into sex. the media africans. let's start talking about the media africans. I don't know much about the africans that are not involved in the media but the africans that are involved in media i know more about than they know themselves. i know more about media africans than media africans know about themselves. my media studies career more important than that stunt you did last tuesday for the camera. ya'll ain important. it was important when it was new but when ya'll turned it into religion and just can't think of shit else to do that's as easy as selling dope you into easy business plans. you ain even making music anymore. you just doing your job. you doing your job and it shows. you involved in a hobby and think it your life. you sell no products. you sell the sale. that's about all you do

They ain doin noooooooooothing. They ain doing nothing in a major way. They ain famous for doing nothing. Most people think they doing something. They ain doing nothing. They see doing nothing as the greatest and only way to make money because they ain got trees. They ain got a forest or a mine or a desert or an ocean so they have their voices. Their voices are their raw material because they ain got anything else. I don't know what to tell them. It's a bit of a gamble. I would seriously consider contacting the NAACP and buying a forest and doing some shit with it. This could get ugly if ya'll don't find a natural resource soon. African is a source of diamond and gold so like Africans have diamonds and gold as raw materials. Good luck.

I saw White Iverson by Moses Malone and I realized I would never understand the plans of GOD like sometimes I think I know God's plan than I see White Iverson on Youtube and I'm like nope. I don't understand the plan.

Sort of the way it works it gets to a certain point and then someone comes along and is like what if we did something real eastern and banned talk and english from the radio that if you wanted to listen to the radio all you could hear is instruments playing that if you wanted a radio career you needed to be able to play an instrument and we gave each instrument and trio's and quartets time on the air and if we just banned english on the radio as a response to sometimes it can be used improperly and that to a certain extent that television would just be animals and the internet would just be youtube and we did something real eastern and illicit dictorial control over the media and if need be if the internet proves too difficult ban the sale of electronics in cities do some real amish luddite work in the city like until the federal government comes out with a competing brand of internet it's just nothing i just have thoughts and like wouldn't mind seeing more animals in the media more instruments on the radio and more reading online if it was just words if the internet was just a content managment station for words i had thought to say words audio photography and video but what if just words what if the whole thing at a federal levle in the united states was deprecated to just being words if there was no color if it was black and white if it was used any way you wanted so long as it was just well organized words just saying we can't live like this this is anarchy

Hey Shout Out to Bobby Shmurda! Yo you dance like a queer! Thought I would say what up! Your whole gang bangs the same chick! Yo when you put your hand up to your eye I call that the pink eye! Yo when I was in fifth grade i was playing with bunnies when you was in fifth grade you was sellin crack cocain NIGGA DA FUCK! WHAT SCHOOL YOU GO TO NIGGA THAT HAD YOU SELLING CRACK COCAINE IN 5th GRADE? DA FUCK KIND OF BUSINESS PLAN IS SPEND IT ON THE SAME THANG! DA FUCK! BOBBY SHMURDA YOU NEED LIKE A MUFFUCKIN PRIEST IN YOUR LIFE FOR LIKE 4 YEARS! Change your life.

naw if i shot a music video a couple nights around random people in the street just was doing sets tangent to real life around people that real far from show business like if i just set up shop on the block around random people just set up a camera near some groups of people and stood askew of reality just enough to show people something i think i need to borrow my sister's camera but she'll probably say no so i have to just stick with the concept of doing sets and filming it around people that real far in reality like elements of nature really like to have elements of nature in your video would be pretty cool to explore. Just me doing sets around shit around me. just turning it into a studio. Just get B Roll of me standing in various places and just put it together in a muffuckin voice over situation and like i could put the visuals together and then free style over the top of some visuals that would probably be a better way to do it like let me look at something before i say some shit instead of saying some shit after I heard a bit to the beat instead of doing the song to the beat let the beat do it's thing to the vocals like i'll set the vocals then i'll have someone come in and be like thems the vocals i need you to do something hot with that and now it's their turn and then i put that song over the visuals and call that a finished productiom get my riff raff on do 75 of em and by the 60th one you famous world wide and get to wear grillz with katy perry or something i mean it's a way to a woman's heart but like you really ain wanna copy the way a man do that for real ... or you'll never meet YOUR woman

What if like the United States Federal Government stopped asking the american people's opinion on the US President. Like they have plenty of people to vote for I just think like Congress should decide the President among themselves I don't think the POTUS should necessarily be something the american people get a say or a word in I think it should be handled internally among people that know and respect each other not some random ass people that just learned how to tie their shoes together last night on a regular basis and like this planet took the President of the United States of America and reduced it to POTUS like at the point where the United States President was the least important human on the planet is the day that role filled by an African. Like when it don't matter that africans can lead the world take it over declare victory whatever but like if some shit was going down like it would be different like this peace time politics like this ain an all hands on deck situation like the internet a battle ready work station like we all have our work stations that come in real handy in an invasion and like when it got to the point that it was stone cold not even a thing anymore an african took office and then it was sort of a thing again and now like the next president chosen by congress if the american public vote in the next election it's not the president the next president decided by congress and the american public got shit to do with it and the american people got plenty of people to vote on they just don't need to be able to vote for president ain that how it work and they can choose barrack obama for the next first president that on them or they can choose anyone they want

I hope I didn't miss this party. I been to this party once. I been to this party a couple of times. Sometimes I wonder if I been to this party for the last time. The sales pitch is that you should be able to message everyone on your wall and invite everyone over for a party. I would think some people are having a great time throwing parties on a regular basis somewhere. I don't have the kind of friends I can invite over for a smoke. I would love to be able to get invited to parties of people throwing wall parties and throw wall parties. Where you just invite everyone you can invite over over and you just throw a party with your facebook wall. I'm alone a lot. I fantasize about parties.

The Dell Dude

Like the dell dude was someone I wanted to emulate. like part of the reason i think computers are cool is because of the dell dude. it made sense to me.

What about a movie about the life of a mime? The way I see it a mime annoying because the miming it does is all of the movement of a city. A city has a lot of movements and when mimes start showing cities who they are by being the banker the mayor the baseball player the butler the busboy the mail man the city council man like when the mime do you you get pissed when it do all the movements you can do and are capable of and when it show you just walking in circles you get pissed at the mime for embarrassing you when a mime do miming and everyone know who they talking about people get pissed like mimes are like the news the show what if there was a show about a mime and the life of a mime like a professional one a mime that lived for miming and then it picked up a gun and shot someone and went back to miming no one suspects a mime of murder the day time soap mime the day time soap opera just a mime on guiding light for real if someone went to nyc and was like a mime ran into the wind muffuckin or a crystal ball silencer like a dude that be dancing with a crystal ball like you gotta be the only person doing something in new york city to really be hot like when you in new york it gotta be something that only you do and then you do that and you just do that that thing you do.

That sucker fish that comes with an aquarium da fuck that thing suck on before aquariums came along. Like there this fish you need for your aquarium that sucks the shit out the glass of that bitch and like every real aquarium has one and like the bigger the aquarium the bigger the one of those fishes there were. like da fuck sucker bitch ass sucker fish do before there was an aquarium for them to suck on?

Hey you know what woud be cool. If there was a version of Sim City that played in the background of your computer and from time to time you could see how your city is doing like sort of like a tamagachi doll. like if you knew that you were in charge of deciding when it rains on your planet you would have a tamagachi game if instead of a little animal on a keychain ring if there was a highly structured sim world like environment where you determined the factors in the plaet your job was to foster life and you had to figure out how to configure your planet in order to bring about life like conditions and then you had to keep up on certain sike this sucks now but like i don't know if there was an aquarium like program that was a city growing and taking over a planet like an earth simulation that you just checked up on and from time to time you slept in your personal MRI machine and set the time dilation on 0.0 and you grew into the time frame you were built for and you experienced your fish tank if this was nothing more than an hour long glimpse at what created us and we really have no idea God is a mystery because God knows where God came from I do not know where i cam from. God been there since before me and God still here that's all I really know about God.

Let's Bring Back Child Labor To Make a Point

Since businesses are hella safer than schools since like this ain the 1920's and we ain at the everyone working in the coal mine level since we got some nice white collar jobs what about this let's stone cold abandon school just have gym class every day like what if school was JUST gym class for like four hours of just GYM CLASS TYPE SHIT then you went home as a kid on the weekends you worked a at a local white collar work facility if like kids were in the labor force from like the age of six in white collar jobs just don't give a fuck if she guaring the water cooler and getting paid pennis to sell water let's scare the shit out the chinense bouunce on school have students working from six to 18 and their taxes go into a special account that pay for their education ... that's why i don't watch television ... helps me think of shit like that.

Like if your company had like 48 twitter accounts and it was the kids in day care that were representing your company you could raise people in twitter social media in a company setting and it starts off they just play with it then they fall in love with it then they get competitive with it then they get nostalgic with it and they in your company in the foire right as you walk in the front door are kids working with iphone 7+'s and they are your future spokesmen and women for the company and your raise your spokesmen and women that work tirelessly online to build your company's reputaiton when it's beyond making money and company profits when it's about the respect of your name like you can put kids to work on twitter and the general public will just know the reprentatives of your comopany are still learning how to read and as it turns out a #IMPORTANT just came in and johnny has to talk to his supervisor immediately about a how many letters are in the word spaghetti as your family base of your company would have your company's junior spokesmen and women to ask high school questions of while they on the job like you release press releases on the weeks subjects and through twitter correspondence the kids get an education and they represent your company you want children to bounce on school and use social media in the work force or you want all of your classes teaching how to use computers like they nothing like in the us technology gotta be nothing it that new like you can't worship it you have to master it like or you could have kids in schools representing their schools online and being like social media media outlets and like schools could sell advertising and classes could earn their university tuition money by selling advertisements representing their school

Naw like midget wrestling a con it's sposed to be like 6 year old kids fighting. Like whether you realize it or not we would benefit more and it would make more sense if like we was watching six year old children fighting like i read the other day about a day care that encouraged melee's in the class room between children like i know they can't hurt each other like to me in defense of the child care center if you know there are no children among like 64 in a day care that can hurt each other like irregardless of age if you know for certain no harm can come from children punching their hardest on each other there ain shit wrong with it and it hella stimulating and can wake these children up early and bring them into awareness of their environment like you want kids to melee in school you want them to fight like fighting should be mandatory in the united states it should be mandatory that every united states citizen be in at least one fist fight like we all need to fight like fighting the thing that we learned how to do in school like all i ever fucking been through was a pr obstacle course whose purpose was to teach me not to give a fuck and like ya'll ain special that's why you special

Were We Not Good Enough for Hillary Clinton

Like I want to see my nucleer war I don't think donald trump gets the real nuclear codes i think he gets the nuclear war television broadcast i don't think he gets nuclear war i want nuclear war i want the nukes used until they are gone figure out some shit to do with them i already got like one real good plan and it involve shooting them hella deep into space and just to explode all like we use them to build stars like we know there life on another planet so we aim nukes at it sike we shoot of nukes to the moon and we just keep exploding nukes on the moon until the moon like a show piece sike we do the oculus rift version of nuclear war like everyone get an occulus rift and then when everyone got an oculus rift we play this game where we show you what it would be like in a nuclear war and like it that day and like we use the oculus rift to do some shit that sike we can do that without the oculus rift let's like we famous for being the generation that was in formation to receive the nuke codes so that we could use those nuclear missles like we muffuckin get our alliances straight and we muffuckin nuke the shit out the moon and we just i mean it worth the show like as something to see sending the nuclear stock pile to the moon to explode like we do a morning show and a show at night so everyone know it over

Vitae Magazine Exclusive i knew this guy when i thought he was a freak only nigga i ever made fun of in my entire LIFE was Eric Epstein and he ends up being the prototype for future geniuses like if you into music videos you need to fuck with Eric Epstein this his demo reel like he the real steve jobs like if anyone should be ceo of apple it's eric epstein this guy

Eric Epstein - Director's Reel from Najork on Vimeo.

Nick Getting It In With Nick

Western Logic Supreme Think Tank One Of My Brains Cells is smarter than you medula oblingota looking my cerebral tissue worth more than your kidney and like we be stunting on this bitch like coming up with the lego's that solve the problems like we all about lego's like we got NICE lego's NICE ONE's you ever seen modern lego's ain one of em got a square nigga remember when Lego's had square pieces remember when like your lego project ain look like an industrial designer's prototype for some shit remember them days when like you had the red lego the blue lego the white lego AND the black lego like remember that shit ... remember when stepping on a lego was death to a kid just death nigga with a barefoot stepping on a leggo is death like it the bee sting without the poison on your foot nigga. fuck this shit. you think i'ma die in a holocaust. da fuck ima supposed to do leaflet the city muffuckas try and explain to people that world war three started fourteen days ago and you get arrested like you can't even warn people there a war going on like ain no one providing that leaflet service in the city where you print off some flyers from vista print and you give them to the mail man and they deliver your flyers like if the postal service for business was hella easier like if you paid $125 to the Post Office and gave them 6000 flyers they would deliver them to every house in a neighborhood if you could pay the USPS to promote your work like and since they know you paying taxes they ain charging you for your asshole they just doing business like doing business prices and competing pricing is two different things like there is no lower price than doing business prices there's not them's the lowest prices you can get doing business prices where it just like a fluid thing and you stay sharp and like you thinking this holocaust shit with donald trump and hillary clinton is going to fly you can kiss my ass you nazi sons and daugther of bitches and bastard you can go fuck yourself with your holocaust nigga these police officers ain got shit to do with the united states of america it went down in chicago first like the first police officers that do more than work for the mayor got their start in chicago that's why we always need Kanye West in Chiacago because he always the only one with the heart to take on the original police officers and take down their whole empire. Like Police Headquarters in Chicago and like I don't think a police officer trained in typical human behavior like they just doing that because they want to do it. no one forcing the police to police. like when it comes to lethal exchanges in regards to enforcing the law like police officers volunteers they like volunteers gunning people down. they volunteers like the police the police because the police want to be the police like they think that's how to do things aaaaaaaaaaaaahry body else can handle their own business and keep to themselves police the only specimen of human that been around since before the bible was written and before the time period the bible was written about like the police business plan ancient like but now there this show stopper called facebook and like they hella not important like facebook is like all that police drama you see in the television box first of all it sposed to be like that like that ain an invention it's what they are graded against and the police ain got to be policing in that nothing forcing them to kill no one they can always stop drop and roll the fuck out a hostile situation and catch up with someone while they sleeping like the police hella organized like they the thing this thing built on like only thing stopping the homeless from crashing in abandoned buildings is the police only thing stopping people from doing a lot of natural love shit is the police like they go out of business if we get along so they keep the war going by killing people this a gay as society and it needs to straighten out incrporated like Western Logic the shit you ain gotta invest in you just gotta talk to us on the phone like we basically a call center for the internet like we ain got fancy equipment but we work on buying that equipment and like we just general purpose call center in regards to the internet we sit at home with a google voice number that we all give out and we just answer calls sike we get a 1 900 Number and just promote the shit out of it as a general purpose call center in regards to the internet or television or radio for that matter just a call center that open to solving yo problems

I think Rick Ross a Good look for Playing Thomas Jefferson in a remake of the Constitutional Convention with an all black cast. Like something for a high school history class with the tone of glory but not the subject matter like like 45 Angry Men or something something with the production quality of Glory just Africans from the United States in a film called the Constitutional Convention. For a senior high school history class.

I think Domino did it better

When You Lookin to Buy a Bop Gun, where you go?

Ghetto Cartoon the Only One of It's Kind...Genius

Madonna So Madonna She the Madonna

Twitter Embed Widget Illogically Programed

Like twitter have this embed twitter widget for your website and if you type in a tweet it don't show up on your twitter widget in a 1:1 fashion. it more than sort of don't make sense to me. it let me know just because you got a bil in your bank doesn't improve your ability to solve a problem. like just because someone gave you some moeny doesn't mean you can solve the problem. in computer science that you need money means you fucking up.

the flag of the united states of america

Vitae Magazine Song of the Year


girls playing chess

Post Script

This is what I am saying man. Less is more.

Nigga you think you can listen to Celine Dion? Ain you supposed to be listening to some gang banger music? You think you can listen to THEE Celine Dion? Oh you want to listen to something beautiful? Nigga ain you supposed to be listening to something crunk or something gangy? Da fuck you doing listening to an entire album of Celine Dion for? You supposed to be down with Deion Sander's ma nigga not Celine Dion. Celine Dion ma nigga? Are you prepared to listen to that music? Do you think you graduated or something ma nigga? You a hood nigga and you want to listen to Celine Dion? I don't know what to tell you.

A Whole Nother Sound Coming Out My Mouth

If anyone wants to know YES i use auto tune and a couple other effects and three that I had custom developed for the Code of Silence Genre/Project. Yes I do enhance my voice. I thought that was the point. AND. I see nothing wrong with Milli Vanilli's style of music. That is correct. I show up at my concerts and I basically just stand there. Da fuck why? because it's impossible to do live. there. I'm proffessionally interested in involving myself in Show and Tell. I think everyone in the US at least knows how it works. It will look like I am just standing there but as it turns out I am just standing there for a 4 hour concert. There.

Really I'm an earthling. You can be an earthling wheeeeeeenver you want to be one. Being an earthling simple. Somoene treat you a certain way. Yooooooooooooou treat them a certain way. AAAAAND then if someone goes so far to treat you like you special. You do something like this.

Like I come out with a new genre of music and other artists come up to me and let me know their record label ASSIGNED them to this genre. People be like I was going to be a pop star now because of you I'm doing Roman Catholic Latin music. It's not bad music it's just that I was sort of hoping tour with The Roots and like Outkast and shit I didn't really want to go on tour with the Benedictine Monks of Santo De Mingo. Thanks for making the Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo gangsta clearly no one thought they were until you did and it wasn't until you lacing a track over the Benedictine Monks of Santo De Mingo that we realized.They never not in the studio now. 2 Chains got on a track with the Benedictine Monks of Santa de Mingo now because of you. And Celtic Woman yeah I didn't know they were gangster either. And enya and fucking sarah mclachlan after you came along it was decided there was a lot more gangsta shit than people realized.Like some guy has a pet owl now because it's gangsta. 80's Hair Metal Bands like Motley Crue have huge concerts coming up becasue 80's hair metal gangsta now. Like we knew G Funk was gangsta but then you came along and now the LETTER G is also gansgsta not just G funk and it's fucked up because it's like IF YOU THINK ABOUT IT THE ALPHABET IS GANGSTA because someone scribed the letter into existence and we still use them and it arbitrary and some kindergarten teacher came up with 1 new letter and she is trying to teach the kids how to use it. They getting good. Like nothing man. Just more gangsta than we thought. Like an oil rig. Never occurred to anyone it was gangsta then you came along. Now it gangsta. Wish I never know you. And Celine Dion.I just thought of it the Genre is Called the Code of Silence. It's for people that can't do anything but say fucked up shit but are still angels. The Genre of Music known as the Code of Silence is based on Latin it's just that we don't know what the fuck we are saying we just work with it and it's for rappers and mc's and really anyone that for some reason has a language style that keeps them from saying anything but fucked up shit. Like me. I can't really do or say anything that's not fucked up so I sing songs like Somteo Amala Nomay Bito Sambalyay and like shits like that and then I no longer fuck or piss off anyone on the planet for any reason. It's a job at that point. Song writers can still write songs everyone can still write song and nothing ever becomes more beautiful than it. It takes it back to the music and everyone can enjoy it. 94 year old grandma's can listen to gangsta rap when it's in the Code of Silence style because all she knows it's it's beautiful. There I finally put some thought into something and didn't just share my latest dump out the toilet.

Sort of like this if not like this. This my best bar in the Code of Silence Genre. That's what I'll call it ... the Code of Silence Genre.

Theres's this other guy that wanted to make a name for himself so he gave speeches and had an 808 play ever 5 minutes just a beat from an 808 he called it Heady Hip Hop it public speaking but it still Hip Hop because ever 5 minutes you hear an 808 through the speakers it keeps him able to get the hip hop awards from ohio and to make it on the BET awards. It's called the Just Barely Hip Hop style and he honest he calls himself Public Speaker the Rapper and like he get's a grammy for his work. There's some math involved in it.

Like sort of a dream of mine now like as of like 30 seconds ago is to come out with a muffucking history book that really more like a play book. Like if i worked on Earth's playbook for the nest 150 years but it was billed as a history book just like history that hasn't happened yet. Like there's a class on it in the university where for the majority of the class students are like I I I DIDN'T KNOW THAT and they just learned how shit was going to go in every University in a 3 Quarter long class becasue I said so AND it was like $500 textbook they had to buy. BUSINESS NIGGA WE TALKING BUSINESS! i'm out. Like it was a pre built history book that wasn't technically a history book for like 300 years. Like a history book that was ahead of it's time. You feeling me? I need a PC with an ATM attached to so that every 40 uploads I get $50 this is bullshit. Nigga Die!

Like Rappers wanted it more than singers did. Rappers took an opera singer and had her lace backing tracks to rapper vocals live. Like the first rapper to work with an opera singer did quite well when she would sing harmonies without vocals in the background and he just flowed over the top of her vocals. She could fuck him up too if she fucked up it was like a high wire act. Their breathing had to be in sync and everything and the rapper was fmaous for showing opera singer's love when no one else would. Just a rapper that made sure every track had an opera singer working and he was just like yeah no one gives a fuck about opera singers AND they have the best voices. Just a rapper who knew he was hot and he wanted to be like how hot and he was like Opera hot. So the first guy that Jay-Z approached to get on a track with that Jay - Z APPROACHED was I don't know what the fuck his name was I just know Jaz Z wanted to buy his idea off him so that he could have opera singers doing back up harmonies for his Bluprint 4 Album. Like the rapper contacted Simon Cowell about getting with his boy band that was comprised of THEE BEST male singers on the planet. Just a rapper that came out with Opera Vocals in the background and he flowed over the top of the Opera Vocal's live and was famous for pointing out he didn't need a music producer to work with just this Bitch that can Sang. Like Jeezy got a lot of questions I just got one like why ain an opera singer a grammy winner every year just why? And he worked with Miri Ben-Ari

Like spend enough time online you see something but like if I worked with a team of people to do something just really for no reason just to give people an idea of something like if at the top of the website was the word SUN and then like for like a long distance the website went on with content and stories and then there was the word MERCURY and then it went on with content and memes and like if it was one of those websites that gave you an idea of just HOW BIG THE SOLAR SYSTEM WAS but like it was a team of authors working on a masterpiece together so that there was a website that gave you an idea of how big the universe was AND let you know how little Donald Trump matters like that would be special to me. And it ends up being a greeting card too that comes in a DVD box set. Fuck with me one more time. I fucking hate you.

Like in a world without money what is the mitigating factor. Permission. Like money is a way to get permission to do something but it's also like a force of it's own. It is possible to do business on a permission basis. Like you go to the grocery story and the clerk looks over you things and checks your numbers. Like you can get anything you want you just can't have any quantity you want. Like you try and get permission for 400 steaks from Kroger's they inform THAT person that no you need a note from the Mayor for that. You can have 4. Stuff like that. An ecosystem of permission could replace an ecosystem of cash. Just sayan. Yeah I'm Bipolar Type 1 or I'm your savior. Fuck you.

Like to me African Web Design would involve 1 website. It would be a mile long website that had all the other websites IN IT. Like that's how African think to me they lay in the cut and wait until Europeans have maxed out their imagination and then years afte Europeans have maxed out a certain level and African is like What about this? To a european and then the next wave of European business is on it's way. Like there is an ecosystem to this and like I think it's the connection between Europeans and Africans where right when a European thinks there's nothing left to do an african look at all the shit the European did and is just like what about this and it's clearly something a European would NEEEEEEEEEEVER have thought of and then Industry Continues. I think we at that Point where Africans break out their Mile Long Website and it's dwarfs anything Europeans did online before. Like an african studies for like 25 hours and is like all their websites is short time to do a long one and then BAM European Websites end up being longer than the width of the universe just to be a certain way. Like i don't know much but I can build a taller website online than there is space above my head. Like a website can be longer than the distance between the top of my head and the top of whatever this is. That's all I know and it's thanks to Africans. They hella mentally stimulating to be around. That's all I know. And they don't do anything other than inspire. That's what I know.

Like africans could hella get their sales pitch on and consult with europeans in the united states about how they ain gotta do nothing like for europeans that can't think of anything to do but are certain they have to do something that's the market of europeans that africans can approach like you think you have to do something because YOU european BUT we here to tell you you don't have to do anything and you can make it. Africans consulting with quote unquote Faild European Industrialists showing them the ropes in the economy based on doing NOTHING like it ain a European that can make the sale on doing nothing and making more money than you know what to do with IT an African. Like africans SPECIALIZE in doing nothing there some European Failures that could learn a lot from them. Typically in Europe it's about what you do. Europeans that receive consulting from an African realize it's not what you do that get's you paid it's who you are. There. I know that much about Africans. I would like to say I know them better than I know Europeans.

Like not sure how else to put this but it's like Nicholas Lawson dot Com represents a world where Leonardo da Vinci grew up with gsngsta rap. Like it a world like that now. Where Leonardo da Vinci stunting on you with shit that do not exist whatesoever but he like lookin at you like now it do. Just sayan. Like we live in that world now like where we get to wonder about famous world leaders and what they would have been like if they had grown up with gangsta rap like Ghandi. Like what you knew ghandi would stunt on you like NIGGA CAN YOU OR CAN'T YOU SEE ALL MY RIBS? that'w what I thought. Like Marie Antoinnete grows up with gangsta rap and is like die niggas see if i care here hold this it's what you don't know about radiation nigga is all i'm sayin you better learn today. Like Nikola Tesla grows up with Gangsta Rap and is just like nigga touch this one time and see if you don't feel my religion. Like neil armstrong grows up with gangsta rap and is just like nigga they ain invent my gang sign yet just know it experimental. Like Robin Hood grows up with Gangsta Rap just know that the Sheriff of Nottingham comes to grips with the Marry Men that took all the bitchs. Just sayin Fight Club was about Who would you fight in history? Nicholas Lawson Dot Com is like what if they grew up with Gangsta Rap? How would it be different. Think Different. Or Think Different enough.

Like that would be a hella of a movie one for Neil Armstrong like out of all of this Neil Armstrong should get a movie like a gang sign research and development lab would be worth seeing. Like a labortory where like R&D people are working on cutting edge gang signs for their gang like a futuristic Crip Facility stationed off like Area 51 where they DEVELOPING next generation gang signs. I wouild pay four times to see that movie and 5 if snoop dogg was in it. It would be the movie I would watch like I was a bitch memorizing the Titanic movie. Just sayan.

You know the African got their shit together COLLECTIVELY when they come out with Crip Walking the movie and they release the NEW crip walk to the public. It's at a point like that when you know we straight.

Naw like the Crips end up putting me on their Places to Crip Walk Tour when they come out with a book on Amazon comprised of places you can crip walk and like MY GRAVE makes the list. Like my grave ends up being a popular place to crip walk and it ain like I don't know.

Wuuldn't that be hot if you could be Homeless AND have a job. Like right now I can't get a job at Subway in Cincinnati AND get transferred to NYC AND be homeless for two weeks AND work at Subway. Fucked up you can't be homeless and have a job. Fuck you I like making moves more than I like having a roof over my head. Nigga don't ever judge me specially whenever it have shit to do with money. Nigga I take a penny and buy shit with Copper Atoms. Don't you ever talk to me about money again. Nigga you can't GET cash without Money and Ima talking to exchange specialist in my sleep to get this worked out. So there. Just know you can get work done in your sleep. If you ain hip to working in your sleep. Then you probably a zombie. Not sure what else to say. God don't love you. God loves me.

Muffucka's say one more thing about grandiose ideas not only will the largest building end up in Ncrth College Hill but it will have the largest aquarium on the planet underneath it. Say one more thing to me. Only thing about me is I do it write you half steppin muffuckas.

I lived in North College Hill so long I treat anything outside of North College Hill like a foreign land. Like I live three streets from the house I grew up in and lived in for 30 years and like in Mount Healthy I have to let em know I grew up in North College Hill and it right down the street. Like my compass have me eye balling moving back to North College Hill because I got an award winning rap and can do the Sarah Palin as Mayor of North College Hill. Like my main motivation for moving to North College Hill from Mount Healthy is to do the Sarah Palin. Basically. You know what you can do when you mayor of a small town? Do you? When it your backbone at the back of the game YOU YOU can build the tallest building in the world ON THE PLANET anywhere you want. When you THEE MAYOR of a small city you can tell STEVE the ubran planner that yep we're going for it tallest building RIGHT HERE IN NORTH COLLEGE HILL ain noooooooooooo one to stop you. Like it would be the never ending Kickstarter Project that would do it. Like create your own kickstarter fund and just give people stuff for giving you money just yeah if I was mayor of North College Hill I would be installing a skyline. There. Fuck you. Get bent. Tell me one more thing abou Grandiose ideas you non thinking piece of meat.

Like if you need a model for an MMORPG like this. I would fucking play this a couple times a week online if I knew it was available. Like what if you took a shot and the shot bounced around for like 15 minutes before it died or forever not sure how much ram this would take up.

Like what if we were allowed to solve our problems with TENNIS BALLS anyway we want. Like when the Bill of Right's was first written it never said shit about THROWING TENNIS ball right AT someone. Like if Thomas Jefferson could have incorporated TENNIS BALLS into the legal system. It would have done a world of good. Like I mean if we need to get it out of oursystem we do like the great peaceful city like if people want to really know what it's like to live in world peace it's like it is in this city like once a year this city does this and then they never have a problem. We can do this with tennis ball and naw ya'll too stupid even for that. We better off with tomatos because someone would fuck around and throw a tennis ball in the face of an elderly person now they get the option to throw a tomato at the face of an elderly person and we good. We just need something explicitly exactly like this to cure our race relations problems AND the mofo police have to participate in uniform so that we can mob em with tomatos too. The day the police get mobbed with tomatos and no one dies nigga is the day we start going in the right direction. How much crime and anger you think in this city when they do this every year? When you doing something like this and it that random you doing world peace. Like a baseball game involves a lot of mind ccntrol in that you are not allowed to participate you are not one of the specials in the tomato throwing sport once a year we all Gods not just the people the old man decided were. Like this like the opppsite of a riot like for the cities' that race riot they have to make up with each other in the opposite of a race riot. There this is like kissing and making up. There. People need to kiss and make up. Oh no. We need more than hugs. We talking kisses and making up.

what about this game. KILLING.

ROCKSTAR VIDEO GAMES PRESENT KILLER WHERE YOU ARE EITHER A WHITE MAN KILLING NIGGERS ALL DAY EVERY DAY OR YOU'RE A NIGGER KILLING ANGLO SAXON's ALL DAY EVERY DAY. Like it's an MMORPG and like you can be white or black if you black you strap up with your assault rifles and start killing white people and like if you a white in the black neighborhood you strap up and start killing niggers. Like if there was a most racist video game it might improve race relations by presenting THE example of the fuck we not gonna do like if there was a video game that let you TAKE OUT your frustrations and like it was ficitonal because it was obvious it was something we were not going to do and it was like niggers killing white people and white people killing niggers and like between whites and blacks it was like a war to see who was the most racist and it was the nigger or white that killed the most people of the other race and like if you killed soemone from your own race like you had to start over as an infant in the game. Like that was the rule. Don't kill people from your own race. Just kill niggers or just kill whites. Like if it was a Rock Star game that was well meant to piss off the PTA and sell cross demographically forever as an MMORPG something like that where you could pick white or black online and the goal was to just kill people of the opposing color. Yeah if it took place in a city and the teams were races and they just killed each other the game. Not entirely sure why I can pitch this but this ain even offensive as Call of Duty to a fucking 70 year old man. Be a 75 year old grandfather and have your grand child asking you to play a game with him and next thing you know you're back da fuck in Iwojima which is sort of the most fucked up situation you can have on this planet.

It's not that I hate niggers It's that I'm mad over some nigger shit that some niggers done with their nigger souls. Like the time Hakiym told me he needed money for flyers and promotions for something and I gave him the money and then we got in the car and I had walk around brendamours asking HIM for money to buy a juice with because he had all the money and was buying shirits with it and pants and I'm like NIGGA I GAVE YOU ALL MY MONEY SO YOU COULD MAKE MONEY NIGGA AAAAAAAAAND YOU BUYING SHIRTS. Like i was as mad as my mom the day I told her I needed some money for the movies and then I invited her over to smoke weed with me she was beyond pissed that day. Like it be NIGGER shit that piss of a european like nigga I get that you need to promte yourself here's some money like nigga da fuck you take me WITH YOU so that I could witness you buying juice and cookes WITH the money. Da fuck kind of homo sapien are you?

Naw like I was mad like I was asking my mom for some money for the movies IN her house and she reached in her purse and gave it to me and then I IMMEDIATLEY gave it to the nigga standing next to me and he handed me a $20 sack like I don't know about your mom but MY mom would be a special kind of pissed off in this situation.

Something I wrote on Reddit in response to what movie was the longest without a woman's speaking role

no church

a roman catholic church service is the longest film to have any dialogue not spoke from a woman it's a year long production


church is the longest production women have never spoken in

they meant to say church

only way out of this is for a pimp to pimp a bitch so cold she starts's preaching on the corner like go on bitch start preaching naw i don't care what you say i'm just here to make sure you say it

This website flawless. It's finished. It's not going to change. You can work with your creative department and now that I have the framework built you can begin theorizing how you want to advertise on this site. Think creatively about how you want to advertise on this website. You know your options as advertisers in the digital age. How can you work out an advertisment for me that works for both us. Alright clearly all options are open for your advertisement. Right now since this is a 0.0 web design. This is my cutting edge. I work up and down from here. This is not my last website. This is a 0.0 design this is a sum total complete work. Now that I did my part and provided a lattice structure of content. It's your turn. Work in my framework of content and integrate yourself into this in an elegant and fashionable way that highlights your intelligence. In television there are abrupt instances of advertising promoting products and it is expensive. You can reach a young fresh new market with my website right now and you can work within the rules of the internet and integrate yourself into this site. Make sense contrast counteract counterpoint or coincide with this website work into it or work out of spew hatred at it or send love just i get your general audience advertisements have to reach a general audience reach a niche market now and craft some in house out of house just know this is permanent and being paid for by me enter into my service center and integrate your brand into mine at Western Logic and make yourself at home my home is your home aside from redocrating how can you make a compelling contribution to this website while at the same time branding your brand on the readers. How can you stand out from this knowing you have access to an 800px by as many pixels as you want advertising space. This is not paper there is no limit to the amount of space you can take up. How would you work with me to use as much or as little space as you want or a comfortable amount of space and you can always view source code know what i know give me the code give me the content and it goes like in surgical steel razor blade precise. If you want to be with the most traditional enstiled website on the internet you want to advertise with Nicholas Lawson Dot Com Nicholas Lawson Dot Com provides a genuflection towards advertising industry executives and junior advertisers where the rest of the internet spits in their face for everyone that ever spit in advertising's face over what it does to send it's children to college Nicholas Lawson is here ready to suck advertising's dick to put it in modern cave man nomenclature in other words I am willing to fully prostrate myself before the God of Advertising as the greatest thing there has ever been in exchange for a partnership not with any single advertising firm but with advertising itself. thank you for your time. i look forward to working with you. The Name is Nicholas. I'm not the new kid in town. You can reach me @ 513 521 2239 consider this a utility from the State of Ohio it's not you that has to pay to advertise on this website it's the taxpayers.

Like there basically two kinds of accounts. 20 years ago there was like 1 kind. Now people think if you want to do a legit website you need to know Javascript, PHP, and MYSQL or a whole host of other computer science strategems for manipulating data. Well you can do it that way but realistically you only need to know Javascript, PHP and MYSQL if you want to develop a website that is going to give people accountsa and admin panels and egregious amounts of generated pages and the such. If there a lot of automation on your web page yeah you need to know that stuff. Like if you want to be in the Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon genre YEAH YEAH you gotta know all of that and you have to know how to creatively code and you have to know that there's a chance no one will give a fuck because it looks awful and serves no real purpose and has no niche. Twill take ou 25,000 hours to know if that's something that will work or not and you need a team of like 15 people. There's also the HTML CSS website which is the website style you want to sell to damn near everyone but computer science PHD students. Like if you want to compete with facebook you yes yes you do need a PHD in computer science and it becomes your Post Doc work. If you want to compete with say ME you need to take a 15 minute class in HTML and CSS and then it's prett much up to you. Writing, Audio, Photography, and Film that's 90% of what I do. I write. I photograph. I record audio. i film and to an extent i scrape and staple which is where I grab shit from the bonus bin of bing and throw it on my site because I think it's hot. So yeah you can compete with Facebook BUT yeah you need to be in your Computer Science Post Doc I mean let's be honest when Mark Zuckerbetg was dropping out of harvard he had a Post Doc in Computer Science just on the what he knows level not on the books like. Like yeah I mean part of the reason Facebook Facebook is because Mark Zuckerberg muffucking went to harvard. Like he ain to phoenix internetaional like dropping out of harvard with a Facebook goal in mind is like graduating from Computer Science with a Post Doc at UC. Like different schools have different strengths and getting into harvard basically means you a doctor in of philosophy at least in 98% of the world hat's what harvard gives. damn good reason to get in. You can fail at harvard and win everywhere else like no one gives a fuck if you graduate from harvard and you a god just because you went there. I graduated from UC and I ain shit because well it's Uc. I get it. Like my style of web design can fit the needs of everyone that wants a website. I mean you can look at it like your work is never done in web design or you can get to the point where you done finito. Like let's say you a restaurant with all kinds of stories to tell you might not want to finish with your website so you might want a website like mine. You might be General Electric and not want to tell your stories. Clearly you have a reason to be finished. Some people and their websites need to realize NO there is no finished for your website. Nigga it's a website it's NEVER done and some people need to be like NIGGA YOU LUCKY I HAVE MUFFUCKING COMPUTER all i want is my phone number at my business name dot com that's all I want it for dot com lookin. I just want people to be able to look up my phone number really fucking easily and that's it and I don't want to pay more than $25 for my website forever. There. Those people exist too. The people that fucking hate computers.

Like Mark Zuckerberg could be accused of being a computer scientist. Like someone that takes a computer and applies science to it and in the process develops something that is evidence of HOW computer science got started. If you recall and view some documentaries it's pretty clear how computer science got started. Some people wanted to know what their computers could do. Yeah a computer can do all of his. I like my style of web design because I think it's what a website was built to be. Like I can do web design in 1990 fuck it just fine. Like the day WWW comes out I can start working. Mark Zuckerberg has to wait until an ENTIRE LIBRARY of fuctions are developed by some guy. Like I tend to think my website is a brand of PURE when it comes to the internet. It's a website in line with the ethos and theory of the internet and it seems like it and it looks like it. It's da fuck what this thing was built for my website. FACEBOOK is a work of computer science. They are on the cutting edge of what a website CAN do MY website is an example of what a website is SUPPOSED to be. Facebook can be accused of being something that should be on a local drive in a lab at a post doc facility in Iowa under lock and key that only Government Officials know about. It can be accused of that. MY WEBSITE can be accused of being a mofo website. A think that Tim Berner's Lee intended to exist. Tim Berner's Lee did not intend for Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest or Amazon to exist because mofo HE never thought a computer scientist was going to invent PHP it was done by some guy. It even has a some guy story to it. The commerical internet was developed by some guy the whole time. MY website is based on W3C standards and conventions and you may have qualms about my content but that's sort of the whole point this is a conversation piece. Yeah I sort of hope it gives people something to talk about. That's why it's standard controversy based on observation. A lot of stuff you already know about just talked about in a way you never heard before which is how to do a lot of things. Facebook for example is in my opinion taking his too seriously. They want 7 Billion facebook accounts. I don't need accounts I just need readers and quite frankly 7 Billion readers makes me feel uncomfortable. I just stare at the people that develop things that everyone needs and sometimes if I wonder is it something that everyone needs or something you want everyone to need. I see a difference. LIke I think the things that eveyrone needs are done. Like the lightbulb and the dishwasher and like I think our needs are and have been taken care of and I just look at the new people developing the next round of NEEDS as thoguh their dna was born too late. I don't need facebook. I think the internet was the last thing we need and we really only need to take it as seriously as a lighbulb.

If you ever in my apartment and hear me refer to Mark Zuckerberg as Lil Flip flippantly DON't WORRY about it. It has to do with a certain XXL magazine. To do him like Lil flip would be a dream come true. I don't know if it's possible. But like I am the king of the internet. There TI the king of the south Lil wayne the best rapper of alive Jay Z the king and I'm the king of the internet and I want this to go down like the TI Lil Flip thing in XXL. I just do. I just don't think it's possible but i'm bored and having a narrative helps. If I treat Mark Zuckerberg like Lil Flip my life has more meaning. There.

Like they lucky they came out with the internet or i would have had lines around the block to use my computer. Like without the internet it gets to the point where people pay by the hour to use my computer and we have premeires of shit and like you get an our to use it then you gotta come back the next day. Like if this was on local drives my name would be People Just Look at Him. They lucky they came out with the internet. They ain really willing to admit there is NOTHING to do cept the shit we do.

I am sort of surprised by the fact that if I wanted the global reach I have in 2016 in 1980 I would have needed government clearance. Now I can get what I need to reach an entire planet really as just some guy to be a certain way like now some guy can do business anywhere on the planet for like $200 american dollars and $20 a month in internet bills. Sort of interested to me that the day I entered University all of my tools were considered Top Secret by the US Government the day I was born. Not sure if there even adults left on his planet. They might have all died or only show up every 1000 years or something. I don't really know. I JUST know something fucked up about this electronics age. I'm not happy with it.

On some Vegan shit like I got my diet negotiated dwon to no no I don't want to eat a cow it wants to sleep with me in the barn and no no I don't want to eat the pig it it wants to climb on my lap and no no i don't want to eat chickens there this girl that says they make good pets. So what do I eat. Honestly I think I can survive having eaten ONLY chicken eggs and the rest of the food chain. What I am aaying is an egg isn't a thing yet so if we can survive from eating just eggs nigga da fuck let's do that. Nigga we gotta stop eating these animals something tells me we would live longer AND they would get to live. Nigga the more that get's to live on earth the better earth is. Nigga waking up on earth should be a glorious experience for anything that GOT a nervous system;. All i am saying is that blood needs to get along.We got blood in common. Blood needs to get along with blood. That needs to get to the point where it makes sense. In the universe blood is an element too and in the universe there's less of it than water. There.

Like that I think this is fake is that we still talking about what we eat. I can't believe I live in this ime period. I feel too how do I say it I feel too 4000AD for 2016AD I just feel like I am here to help. I don't know you came at me a certain way so now I have this extended memory of being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder NIGGA NIGGA NIGGA NIGGA NIGGA there ain shit wrong with me except my brain trying to figure out how to help the only grandiose thoughts I have are in regards to MOFO coming up with way to help.

I want to take some Graduate Historically African American University Students to the Louvr'e on a Field Trip and explain to them that while their people were figuring out what the prime number of oxen to have was we were working on creating titanium white oil paint just to give them an idea of how advanced a people they are in the presence of. When it comes to Europeans the Louvr'e is like our headquarters as Europeans and all that's there are the docents and the work that keeps getting our work done. I would say the main difference between Europeans and Africans is that Europeans REAL detail oriented people and Africans sort of into more casual sort of high level things. Like I don't think Africans realize how detailed Europeans are. I don't think Africans realize it's the European that has discovered and seen a single atom with their own eye. I think you can get an average African to commit suicide if you gave them a certain tour of European accomplishments I think that Africans in the United States in 120 years are more likely to commit suicides than European American it will be around 4 generations from now when all this even's out and we settle down and Africans have the option to study African History or European History and it be an African that studies European History that would kill themselves especially if it was focused on the non military history. Yeah Europeans have their goons. We treat our goons a certain way so they don't complain about being goons and everyone else goes about their life and creates things like this internet that might be the first thing we invented that more impressive than a piece of fruit. Not more impressive than a fruit seed or a fruit tree but more impressive than a piece of fruit. I think if Africans were more detail oriented they wouldn't be so helpless.


Post Post Script Basically All the Real Shit That has to Do with Hip Hop and or Gansta Rap Church

Just to be a certain way if there was a show called Gangsta's Going Hunting and it was on television and it was a show about an inner city gang that goes into the woods of the country and they go hunting Gangsta Style with like Semi Automatic Weapons and Glock and like Uzi's and shit like if when Gangsta's Go hunting they out to kill dear like they ain even dress the deer they just out to kill some dear with some Gangsta Ass Weapons. Like if you can go hunting with a shot gun for deer on the discovery channel ain nothing stopping you from going hunting with a Glock or an Automatic Rifle just saying. Nigga's could be going hunting more often to bond. Like Crips and Bloods together in the woods throwing up gang signs for the camera repping their block in the muffuckin woods leaving more than 1 bullet in a dear FOR CERTAIN like gangsta's killing a dear and then killing it 12 more times with an automatic rifle at close range. My point is that this is absurd it absurd to think that africans would go hunting it almost like Europeans in the US got a monopoloy on killing shit. Hell of a thing to have a monopoly on. Deciding what dies. I'd say the American European is about 3x more fucked up than European European. I think European American's problems is that they mother fucking forgot they were Europeans and legit in terms of evolutionary sociology just sort of made it out the woods in the US. I think we should focus on civilization. Something that we can focus on now that we got roads and shit and let's say traffic lights and OH yeah of course. The internet. How many police officers go hunting? seems like something they would be into the red neck police officers that is. sort of a curious question. how many police officers go hunting?

Like The Motto Evidence that really ain nothing to do. When your cutting videos of people driving in their car and pop and locking in front of a ferrari. Like it just real clear in The Motto people ain got shit to do.


Like compared to the Motto Linkin Park has some shit to do. They got spacedships to build and mofo Graphical User Interfaces to build. Like on Earth Drake ain really fronting Drake presents you with Earth. Linkin Park. Well. They front like they got Research and Development lab that taking us into the 32nd century. Like Drake aware of what time it is. Linkin Park presents evidene they might NOT know what time it is. Leave out all the rest is evidence of it. LIke when I watch the MOtto I think to myself yeah it's Sunday I could go for a drive. Might dance with my girl in front of my car. Leave out all the Rest by Linkin Park makes me think they the band whose combined DNA is here to save the planet. Like I expect Linkin Park to be capable of doing some legit computer science work and maybe just maybe curing world hunger. I expect Drake to basically be able to deliver pizza on time. I'm just saying it how you present yourself. Linkin Park while being visually stunning lends itself to fooling people into thinking we in a different time period. It ficiton. The motto fact. Just sayin. depends on what you are into. If you are into facts between the Motto and Leave out all the rest Stick with the Motto. Just sayan.

I mean Linkin Park might have learnd about this |This thing the muffucking GANG SIGN GENERATOR like the G Lock a Function in this thing all I know is you can throw up your set and send an email with this computer like this computer we on now the practice one. We don't even take it seriously until the Chandalier a Program. NO LIE. AND THEN WE GEEKED when all our throwing up our sets and repping the hood get's us jobs at APPLE like at the interview they ask us what we know about programming with computer and we muffucking show em and like we explain what our function is and it explained with like 14 ornate gang signs for real like da fuck else it gonna look like when you throwing up Crenshaw's Bread and Butter and you writing code one gang sign at a time Like I want one to see if I can finally unlock that gang sign I ain never think of, da fuck else would it look like? like in another world true stone cold gang bangers were programmers that were ELITE and now they nigga's like I'm open to listening about the facts of reality and I ain sold on if this real or not like AND my dreams make me wonder if I just never sleep if I'm always doing things wouldn't that be how the future is? you go from class to making out with your bitch to playing dodge ball at the rec center to sleeping in Fictional Reality and playing your character there then you go back to class and you just do that and when you a real world graduate you ain dealing with this. there get bent. you suck. and i don't.| and like ran with it so like yeah Linkin Park has some fact in Leave out All The Rest but like I don't know maybe I'm not in the mood for fiction because I have so many facts to deal with. In another life where things went smoothly I'm all into Leave Out All The Rest it's just that I know it's possible it's just not possible with a 15% of the population university attendance rate and basically because ou people suck it's not possible if you were cool it would be. there. the future that gets it together is cool. like linkin park would be considered cool in the 32nd century for that video and in the 32nd century leave out all the rest is like the motto is now but like we ain in the 32nd century and really it has nothing to do with a clock or calendar it has to do with people suck and think professors are pricks politicians are evil and police officers are murderers when in reality professors are experts poltiicans are middlemen and police kill who needs to be killed and you can tell because they kill who they kill and yeah the people that they kill have family but most of the time the family ain too far from being who got killed anyways. all i point out is that the motto fact right now leave out all the rest WILL be fact it currently fiction and it the engineers if you must know that have a habit of looking at something an artist drew and are like that yeah i can build that now that i can see it. like i don't think engineers have imagination i think they just look at pictures people like me draw and they build it. i just know something. like the creative class the reason we have all this not the scientists. It the people that ask what if that brought us this not the people that said what now. Like an engineer like what do you want me to build now and like truth be told if you can draw a picture of it it can be build and you just need an engineer to do it. like an engineers strenth might not be breaking rules but show them something that broke the rules and they show you how to make it possible. like i think engineers are going in a direction. i think their dna is working together. do we have a choice. nope. but they have a purpose. to build all the buildables. mnst of us live in the motto world but like i mean even linkin park even lives in the motto world but show the moto to an engineer they ain gonna start rapping and dancing show leave out all the rest to an engineer they start working on the protoype to something linkin park nutted in your face with. true story. here. I personally think if you really want to time travel you basically have Hollywood work in creating protypes and you ake 40 hours of sci fi prototype work from hollywood's finest and you legit install a movie theatre at MIT and you generate HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH 5 HIGH's quality science fiction for MIT students and you just wait. Know ahead of time engineers have 0 imagination nothing confuses them except people with imaginations but you show them something they can build it so long as it followes the laws of gravity and maybe not even that. I seen some things. Basically if you want the stuff show the stuff you want to the engineers at MIT and wait. You'll get your stuff. If MIT tooks requests we could find the future.

I was inpsired to think this, what if a legit time machine was something that flew in circles at the speed of light around the earth? Like it move so fast that everyone on earth aware of it and we just call it the Time Machine because like the laws of physicics tell us they experiencing something. Like what was it that time travelers experience flying at the speed of light? What if it was in orbit around earth?

I'm getting it in. The word nigga that is. Just I am fascinated that the difference between a racist and a non racist is whether you use the word nigga. Like you could mistake me for a racist because of this website but then on top of that maybe i have a problem with not being allowed to be a racist too. Like nigga I mean you out there FAMOUS for gang banging and I'm not allowed to be like well I don't think I like niggas just based on their reputation. Like you you trying to tell me I can't be racist nigga? Nigga for halloween Ima dress up as a clans man with a custom burning cross in his hand just standing on the corner. Like nothing funnier than racism to me. Nothing. Racism the funniest thing to me because it pointless. Like there. Like racism funny. That about it. Like who am I talking about when I am being racist? The niggers that fuck shit up. Really. If you really think about it when I am quote unquote being racist who am I being racist towards? The cosby family on the corner that goes to work and sells insurance or the glock toting thug downtown? When a European in america be racist who he talking about he talking about who needs to be talked about. When a African in the United States being racist towards Europeans who he or she really talking about? The European lawyers that defend blacks and keep them out of prison or the whiggers the white trash and the red necks that make the world a worse place to live in? Question I have is why ain people seeing his boolean operation going on here. Like if you talking about racism ain you talking about the people that the problem? Like when I'm talking about niggers ain I talking about niggers not doctors and politicians and shit? Like when I talk about white trash ain I talking about some uneducated pieces of garbage on this planet that make meth in a bath tub looking white trash. Ain racism to be glorified since it's purpose is to make the garbage feel like garbage in the interest of getting the light bulb to go off like once like OH yeah time to go to school. Like there is beautiful language for the beautiful people and ugly language for the ugly people and that just the way it is.

The worst feeling in the world is when you got some denk philosophy on deck and you about to lay it down on our website and just at the moment you get your text editor open it muffucking disappear from your cortex tissue. That the worst feeling to me. Like it be like if Martin Luther King Jr. were about to sit down to write a speech and he forget the phrase I HAVE A DREAM and like that happen to me all the time in a manner of speaking. My ok shit my run of the mill i mean his rhetoric let's be honest. Like if anything i am not really making statements like let's be honest i'm not studying surveys or doing studies on the population to make these comments. Like the Census Bureau ain involved there's no standardized test scores here like in A Bell's Curve like this just all coming from me and sometimes when I be trying to lace my hottest lines I have applications closed and the whole point of opening the application is that I have soemthing hot to write and just as I open the application it disappears and I am left sitting here like with a blank page and nothing to write when just 4 seconds earlier I had some shit that you can call like the FINAL WORD or the LAST WORD on something like it just seems like all of my club bangers get erased from my memory. Like all I know is that yeah I don't know what I didn't write now but I just remember thinking that can't be fucked with and it's always my shit that can't be fucked with that i notice disappears from memory. Just something an author notices.

I feel like I'm the old man in this. Like my psychiatrist is the old woman. Only difference between me and his man is I light my pipe. Real Talk. Sort of a fucked up situation to be in for real. When people's opinions become the law. It's when someone's opinion of someone is the law and they ain break the law and the still have to go to jail under the pretense that they in a quote unquote HOSPITAL geeeeet the fuck out of here. 24 times I was a night of sleep away from being fine and 24 times I was told to fuck myself that I had bipolar. I really feel like if I stone cold tell you there is nothing wrong with I am going to go out into this world and be just fine when it comes to mental health nigga' don't you dare come at me with your psychology when you don't fucking know shit about consciousness. When you can't explain how the brain works but you know how to solve my BIPOLAR disorder nigger get bent and die with your low grade theories. When you a psychiatrist and you working with a science cool no problem but when you and i can read a latest article and know for a fact you're not a fucking scientst nigga you're an artist nigga. Da fuck? Only reason I do what I am told is because a psychiatrst has the police on payroll and works for the state otherwise hell yeah I tell you to bent. Brenda my case manager a trick bitch loser that 4 times now has recommended lolita to me the book about a man that marries a woman so he can fuck her 12 year old kid ... pedophilia i am talking about working with a system that recommends i read pedophilia the state of the art in banned literature and my last psychiatrist recommended i read charles bukowski and i read enough about him that he basically hated people and they fail to realize that NIGGA I AM ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE NIGGA nigga i been quoted i been applauded and it when someone recommends you read LOLITA and you point out you ain into but you like hey what if you read my website and they look at you like you shit on their shoe like nigga who the fuck is you you ain no LOLITA AUTHOR you ain no CHARLES BUKOWSKI ... and to the state of ohio i'm just like da fuck if i ain nigga ... like when you get to the point that you give up go with the flow just lay low ain really trying to take down a syndicate by yourself when you ain got the credentials but you know you know you know psychology basically some facebook business plan where they doing business when they ain finished like they ain DONE in psychology they ain got it down to a science it's a field of study right now but there this one part of psychology and psychiatry that they ain really understand yet and they giving me pills and shit and put simply IT'S DA FUCK IS CONSCIOUSNESS? like they don't know and i were to bring up i think i am telepathic with myself not with other people but with myself they would think i am a lunatic and i would be into the hospital for months. I'm singled out for something i have no control over you neanderthalic fuck wit drug abusing loser gneration of degenerets the lot of you is going to end up in the shittist old folks home you can imagine like literally all you get from me in the old folks home is artificial potatoes. You have no clue how much work you gave us to do becasue of the workd you didn't do. I might just have bipolar to the state of ohio but i am a god damned leader to more people than i am not and if they would do their job it would be one thing but it's when i need to go to therapy to discuss my time in the hosptial that i want to let's not say kill let's just work with a longer timeline and say cut elderly housing funding let's put it that way i'm in favor of a generation of peoping going to the old folks home and being treated really badly. i'll be in favor of that. live long and prosper. it's not that you did it to yourself. it's that you did it to me.

Evidence that I am telepathic with myself is that from my brains perspective it's never fucking moved in relation to itself it's muffucking been in the same position it's entire existence and everything has moved around IT from it's point of view. You ever REALLY think about the brain's point of view how from fetal stages to elderly status the brain is in the same position the entire time. It's just always in the same position it's the outside the brain that moves and for you derelect Greates Generation MOTHERFUCKERS you weren't the greatest generation no one prepared for you or anticipated you the real greatest generation get's prepared for AND it something you can only really do once and it wasn't you so fuck you. Second of all from my brains perspective and from your perspective it's in the same position forever and that leads me to believe something you won't be able to imagine without me drawing a picture that our brains are the way they are because they are all self centered things and that since they are in the same position with themself they can communicate with themselves throughout time like when you remember something your brain goes back to that point and looks around and like the brain is a time traveling eyeball and if you shit on me or prescribe me fucked up drugs for this i'll just point out that you can't name a field of study in the 21st century that didn't start out with some klnd of postulation or number of postulations and that's all this is. You're done. You're fired. Get out my office. I'm in charge now and so is the rest of my generation. Good Bye.

Naw as far as kids go I think I would do different things than hit them like psychological things like send my boy out to mow the lawn after he did something fuck it in winter if need be and then he comes in and i'm like now go out there and mow it again. WHY? because you fucked up so you have to mow the lawn again and make another sound and you have to mow it a 3rd time now go. Stuff like that. I was hit as a kid but I think I would be more creative in my discipline. More love building things. Giving them special memories just not the memory of me hitting them. BECAUSE I KNOW THEY FUCKING BECOME ADULTS! nigga get the fuck out of my face that i even have to do this. Like my kid might fuck up and have a memory of being the only kid muffucking mowing the lawn in the midwest wanna talk about fame. My kid will probably fuck up and then he gets the story of being the only person in like 30 states to be mowing the lawn on a certain day. Stuff like that. When you know it's time to discipline them so naw fuck no you are not using gasoline you just have to mow the lawn blades ain even working and it like November and he the only thing mowing the lawn and for certain the only thing mowing the lawn with a mower turned off just a legit punishment. Mowing the lawn without using gas. My current favorite. Kid comes in from mowing the lawn I break out a map and am like see these states right here all of these states. No one is mowing their lawn in these states. Now you're famous. Fuck around and become notorious for hitting your sister again and I have you digging holes and planting paw paw trees in the back yard AND you get to be notorious for that. My kid in my house can at any given time be famous or notorious when and his punishments have to do with things that I let him know he the only one and give me a map so I can show you he the only one in these states doing something letting him know out of all these people because of what you did I gotta come up with a reason to make you famous fuck around and do it again and I have to find a reason to make you notorious. Here. And my kid learns a lesson about fame and the difference between fame and notoriety. Fuck around and bully someone and I lock you in the closet for 4 hours. There they ain invent strict till they made me. AND I have a pair of hand cuffs for EACH of my kids when they are teenagers. Let's say my kid is the bully at school the bully comes home the bully get's put in hand cuffes the bully get's chained to his bed. When the bully shits himself or pisses himself he can be let go. I don't put up with bullying and I have a feeling my kid could be a bully.